The Story of… Elijah Part 5: Office Antics

So… I’ve had a productive afternoon…

I was back at the office today and I saw Elijah for the first time since we fucked!

He was still fine with me but I could tell it was bothering him a little. He was just a little quieter around me, like he wasn’t sure how to act. Still we agreed to have a coffee break together at 12.00ish in the office kitchen.

I looked across towards his office a few times and he was still watching me. Still fucking me with his eyes. But I knew I had to find a way to break the ice again. But I had already been thinking about this, just in case, and I was more than ready…

Just before 12.00 I headed into the kitchen and made us both a coffee. I left his on the side and walked over to the kitchen table with mine, and sat on the edge. A few minutes later he walked in…

“Hi hun you ok?” He asked.
“I’m fine thanks, what about you? You seem a little quiet” I replied.
“I’m sorry Alice. I don’t really know what to say. The weekend… I loved it. I’ve wanted it for ages. I guess it just feels a little awkward now.”

I thought back to the time I called him ‘Daddy’ in his office and remembered how much it had turned him on. This was my chance now; I could either go with the ‘let’s be friends’ speech or really go for it…

I thought about it for all of about one second. I looked at him, bit my bottom lip and uttered the words:
“Daddy, I’ve been so naughty today. I’ve come to work with no panties on.”

I raised my one leg up onto the table, parting my thighs and revealing my bare, uncovered pussy.

His eyes lit up. “Fuck Alice. What if someone walks in?!”

I looked at him innocently. “I don’t know Daddy” I replied.

He walked over to me, placed his hands on my waist and kissed me. Fuck it felt good!

“Daddy, you need to lick me” I whispered in his ear.

He wasted no time in getting down on his his knees in front of the table and burying his face in my cunt. “Ahhhh fuck yeah” I said as I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it closer to me. His tongue licked away at my pussy and the naughtiness of it all was too much. What of someone did walk in? That would be kind of hot! I came really fucking hard and really fucking loud within minutes…

He stood up and I jumped up off the table edge. I stood in front of him and kissed him. “It’s my turn now Daddy” I said as I unbottoned my blouse, showing off my red bra.

I got down on my knees, unbuckled his belt and undid his trousers. I grabbed the top of them, along with his boxers and pulled them both down. His cock was rock hard, pointing at my mouth. Desperate for me.

“Can I suck on it please Daddy?”
“Fuck, yes please’

I held his balls and placed his entire short, chubby cock in mouth. Fuck it felt good. “Mmmm I’ve wanted you in my mouth for so long” I told him. “fuck, fuck, fuck” he repeated over and over. As I sucked on him I was stroking him with one hand and playing with his balls with the other. “Your going to make me cum” he cried out.

I paused from sucking his cock. “Will you cum all over my tits please Daddy?” I asked him as I looked up at him. I stuck his slippy, wet cock back in my mouth as he continued to moan in pleasure. “Ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Ahhhhh” I knew it was time. I sat up a little, released his cock from my mouth and stroked him until his warm cum covered my upper chest and bra…

As I licked the remaining cum of his dick he looked down at me and said “Fuck I always knew you were going to be trouble.”

He was fucking right too!

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