The Story of Elijah Part 6: Dirty Little Secret

I had to go into work this morning to pick a few bits up from the office so I’m able to work from home for a couple of weeks.

I knew Elijah was going to be there so I wore a tight black mini skirt and a see-through white vest top with my favourite pair of high heels…

I’d not actually spoken to him properly since I sucked him off in the work kitchen but I was desperate to fuck him as I didn’t know when I’d be seeing him next. Earlier in the day I had sent him a photo of a cheeky clevage shot and he had replied with a pic of his bulge.

I got into the office and noticed him sat at his desk straight away. I walked into his office. “Hi stranger, how are you?” I asked. He got up and walked over to me. “Fuck, I’m better now I’ve seen you” he told me before kissing me. The kiss seemed to last an eternity, like our tongues didn’t want to part. I grabbed his crotch “I can tell” I told him. He kissed me again, this time his hands made their way around the back of me and firmly clenched my big booty. “Mmm that feels good” I told him. “The ass grab or the cock?” He asked smiling. “Both” I whispered into his ear…

I briefly pulled away from him and moved towards his desk. Bending over it as I got to it. “Fuck!” He cried out. I raised my one leg and rested my knee on the desk top, before pulling my mini skirt up, revealing my ass and pussy.

“Take me baby, I’m really fucking wet!”

I heard him walk over to me and his hands touching my thighs sent goosebumps all over my body. I could feel him fumbling around with his trousers before I felt the hard tip of his cock brush against my pussy. He slipped it inside me and I gasped. His hands found my tits as he started to fuck me.

I was so fucking wet I could feel my juices running down my thighs and his cock was bringing me gloriously close to orgasm. It’s at this moment that I realised something; As far as he is concerned, as a married man in a monogomaus relationship, he is now involved in a full blown affair! This is the second time we had fucked and we showed no signs of slowing up!

His cock was fucking me hard and his hands were grabbing at me like it was the last time he would ever see me. I couldn’t help but think about the affair. I was his dirty, little secret, and I really fucking loved that!

As he spanked my ass hard I came. A massive orgasm that crept up on me and made me wetter than ever. It was too much for him to take and three more pumps and I felt his dick throb inside me and his load fill my pussy…

“Fuck that was hot… I’m gonna keep this cum in there all fucking day. Maybe even masturbate with it still inside me later.”

I turned around and we kissed again.

He looked at me. “I do hope you’re going to have to pop into the office at some point again” he cheekily told me.

I bit my bottom lip. “I definitely will. I’m sure I’ll leave my laptop charger here by mistake.”

I pulled my skirt down and left his office before grabbing my things.

As I walked outside and started my journey home I could feel his cum inside me, warming my still soaked pussy.

When I got home I kept my promise: I got on the bed, stripped off, parted my legs and put my fingers into his cum. I massaged my pussy and minutes later I was cumming again.

Fuck… I think I’m going to enjoy being a dirty little secret…

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