Hot Tub Tim Machine

Note. You can read the whole ‘Story of… Tim’ here.

I was in a bit of a grump Wednesday. My husband, who has done so much work on our house recently, converting a room into a bar/club and installing a hot tub in the garden, had to go away for a nights work with a colleague of his, Rachael. I wouldn’t normally mind this in anyway but I was feeling sorry for myself as we’re in lockdown and I had enjoyed our time together… For the record I’ve never met Rachael, but my husband has fucked her lots and she’s smoking hot!

Anyway while my husband was packing I was acting a little like a spoilt brat, knowing I had nowhere to go. He came downstairs to say goodbye to me and kissed me. As he hugged me he said “Don’t worry baby it’s only one night. Besides, I’ve got you a present.” I was definitely intrigued. “A present?” I asked him. “Yeah a colleague of mine is dropping round some paperwork I need for the rest of lockdown this afternoon.” I was more than a little confused. “Oh right” I answered. We kissed again and hugged. As he was walking away he shouted across the hall “I love you baby, Tim will be around late afternoon with the paperwork.”

I couldn’t believe it. What a wonderful present! I was immediately excited and I immediately regretted acting the way I did. “I love you baby” I said. “Have a wonderful time with Rachael. Let me know all about it.” With that my husband walked back, kissed me again and then left the house for his over night stay.

I spent the rest of my morning doing my hair, nails and make up and wondering what I was going to wear. It had seemed like ages since my last encounter with Tim and his monster dick…

At around 3.30 I received a message. “Hi hun, at your front door xxxx -T” I smirked with excitement when I read it and replied back instantly “Hi handsome. I’m in the back garden. Doors unlocked, come on through xoxo”

I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I waited. I heard the door open and close and knew he’d be walking out at any moment. Tim knew where my back garden was, from our first lockdown where we had masturbated in this very spot.

The patio door opened. “Jesus, it’s freezing out here” I heard him say. “Not in here” I told him. He followed my voice and turned to see me shoulder deep in my new, bubbling hot tub. “Fuck it’s good to see you” he said. I smiled. “Hi handsome. How are you?” I asked. “Cold” he said rubbing his hands together. “It’s lovely and warm in here, you should hop in” I splashed at the water a little. He laughed. “I’d love to but I don’t have any trunks with me” he told me.

Slowly I stood up in the hot tub, revealing my naked, wet body to him. The chill in the air hit my tits instantly and my nipples became erect from the attention. “You’re only allowed in here naked” I said before biting my bottom lip and sitting back down in the lovely warm water…

He took his clothes off and when he finally peeled his boxers off I giggled a little. It still shocks me just how big his cock is, even when it’s flaccid!

When he was completely naked he got in and sat opposite me. “Hi” I said, smiling. “Hi. This is fucking lovely” he replied. “Isn’t it just” I said checking him out…

We chatted for a bit and I reached into the attached cooler (yes, it’s that ace) and pulled us both a beer out. Me being me, it didn’t take long for the conversation to take a sexier turn… I reached out my foot and stroked his leg with it. “Have you fucked anyone since we last slept together?” I asked. He went bright red which made me giggle as it reminded me of how he was when we first met. “No I haven’t” he answered. “But it was ages ago baby” he looked at me “I know but I’m not as confident with other girls as I am with you. Besides, I don’t want any of them as much as I want you” he told me smiling.

I moved forward and found his cock under the water. He was already stiff. I grabbed it. “It’s such a shame not sharing this beast with others though” I told him before leaning in and kissing him. He put his hand on my face as we passionately kissed, my hand gliding up and down his massive dick, feeling him getting harder and harder. His one hand was all over my wet tits and I couldn’t help but think how fucking magnificent his cock felt. I wanted it so much!

Tim’s hand went under the water and slipped between my legs, which I parted for him. The combination of the water and his hand massaging my pussy was driving me insane, and I could tell he was enjoying himself as I felt his cock throb in my hand. I paused from kissing him briefly “You want me don’t you?” I whispered to him. “So fucking much” he answered.

I let go of him and moved away. I turned around so I was leaning against the hot tub. My arms resting on the top of it. “Take me handsome.” I said sticking my booty out of the water.

Tim moved up behind me, his hands reaching for my thighs. I felt his cock brush up against my pussy and ass, so I reached down and slipped him inside me. “Ahhhh fuck” I cried out immediately. From behind he gently eased himself inside me. Slowly, inch by inch by inch. Stretching my pussy until his monster cock was completely inside me. “Fuck. You’re so fucking big!”

He felt amazing. He held onto my thighs and started to slowly fuck me. The motion of water moving against our bodies. It was like being fucked in slow motion and it felt wonderful. The water was splashing up and hitting my tits. The feeling, the sound, it was more than I could take. After only a few thrusts I came hard. “Don’t stop fucking me” I pleaded mid orgasm as he reached an arm around the front of me so he could stroke my slippy, wet tits. As soon as I came I could already feel myself building up to my next orgasm. I was noisey and I didn’t care. “Ahhh fuck Tim. Yes! Fuck! Fuck me with your huge dick baby” I reached a hand down in front of me and started stroking my clit. He leant forward and gently bit my shoulder which sent goosebumps all over my body. His breathing was getting heavy and fast and his long hard thrusts were getting harder and harder. “Ahhhhh fuck you’re going to make me cum again!” and he did. I came so fucking hard! The cold of the outside, the heat of my orgasm – it was so fucking intense…

After I came he kissed my neck. His long, hard dick still fucking me relentlessly. “Slow down, I don’t want you to cum just yet” I told him. I turned around slightly and kissed him. Our tongues playing with each other as I struggled to hold back my moans.

I reached around the back of myself and pulled his dick out of me. He kissed and bit my shoulder again. I twisted my head slightly to talk to him. “That was fucking wonderful, but it’s not the only place I want you…” I pulled myself up a little higher on the side of the hot tub, grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. “You know what I want baby” I told him. He kissed me and then I felt him push the very tip of his dick into my asshole. He grabbed my thighs again and thrusted forward, pushing an inch or so of himself inside me. “Ahhhh” I cried out. “Slower baby. You’re too big to go that fast.” He kissed my shoulder and started to push his monster dick inside my tight ass, really slowly. Centimetre by centimetre. Stretching my asshole. “Fuck, that’s it baby. That’s what I want. I want your big dick in my tight ass” He continued to gently push himself inside me, my hands still pulling my ass cheeks apart for him, until he was completely inside me. I thought I was going to cum instantly. The biggest dick I’ve ever had in me, and I love it every fucking, filthy time!

I moved my hand back under the water and in front of me and immediately found my wet cunt again. I started to stroke myself hard and as he started to thrust a little harder I slipped two fingers inside myself. “Ahhh fuck baby. That’s it. Fill my ass with your dick” he was puffing and panting and groping me. I came so fucking hard again I thought I was going to collapse over the edge of the hot tub. By now his dick had stretched me enough and he was fucking my ass hard, his hands all over my tits while he kissed my shoulder and neck. I had just recovered from my last, massive orgasm and another crept up on me, and I came again. My pussy clenching my fingers as I came. I couldn’t take anymore and could tell Tim was so close… I gently pushed him away. “Sit on the edge of the tub” I told him.

He instantly leveraged himself up. I smirked again when I saw his massive, erect, throbbing cock. I stayed in the water and moved between his legs. I took hold of his cock with both my hands and kissed the tip. “Ahhhh” he moaned as I licked it. He lent back a little and I took him in my mouth. As much of him as I could… His cock filling my mouth while both my hands stroked his long shaft. I could feel it throbbing against the palm of my hands. He moaned loudly as I lowered my one hand and grabbed his balls. I squeezed them as I felt his cum fill my mouth and hit the back of my throat… I made sure I swallowed every last drop! He tasted wonderful… I stroked his cock a couple of times before licking all the excess cum off it. I had still barely recovered from all of my orgasms!

I moved forward and we kissed again. “It’s so fucking good to see you again” I told him. “Fuck, you too. Amazing.” He replied.

I gave his dick, which was now softening but still huge, a little shake “you need to start using this a little more. It’s far too good to not unleash on the world!”

He jumped back into the tub and we cuddled and kissed, and stayed there for at least another hour…

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