Lockdown Mornings

When I’m home alone my lockdown, morning routine seems to be almost identical every day…

I wake up, put an over sized t-shirt on, go and make a cup of coffee and have a cigarette. On my way back to the bedroom I grab my laptop…

I get into bed with my coffee and laptop and fire it up ready to start my “working from home” day.

As the screen flickers on I know I should open my work emails up and get started. But there’s a temptation… Sat there staring at me on my desktop is a small thumbnail of a little highlights video I put together… I know I shouldn’t watch it… I have work to do… I’ll look at it later… Fuck it, a quick viewing couldn’t hurt, could it?

I double click the thumbnail icon and, lie down placing the laptop on the bed beside me. The video starts. It’s a clip of me sucking my husband’s dick that he shot a while ago. Mmmm fuck his cock looks good. I miss that veiny cock. I want it. Almost without knowing my hand is on my tit. Just gently stroking it over the top of my t-shirt. My nipples become erect as I watch myself take all of his cock in my mouth. Mmmm fuck I’d love to do that right now!

The next clip, which starts seamlessly is one my husband Wes emailed me. It’s footage from a hotel room of a hot, curvy brunette riding him. Mmmm fuck her ass is great. Before I know it my legs have parted and my hand is resting on my inner thigh, stroking it really gently. My eyes glued to the laptop… Fuck she’s enjoying that cock so much. She’s going to cum in a minute… I love it when he makes hot girls cum…

My hand has ran down my thigh and finds itself on my pussy… Oh my god she just came! Look at the way my hot husband is grabbing at her ass! The way his dick is moving in and out of her… Fuck, my cunt is soaking wet! All of my hand is now gliding up and down my pussy as I watch them. My juices covering my hand… Fuck he just came inside her. My god, I’d love to lick her out now. Taste them both before they both take it in turns to get me off…

The next video starts… It’s one I shot resting my phone on the TV unit. It’s my husband fucking me hard from behind. My tits shaking along with his hard thrusts…

I want that right now. His big cock stretching me as I get closer and closer to orgasm… My fingers are inside me. I hadn’t even realised! But fuck, fuck, fuck they feel so fucking good… On my laptop my husband is fucking me and spanking me hard. Oh my god this looks incredible… I put my other hand up my t-shirt and start pinching and squeezing my nipple. Ahhhh, ahhhh fuck. That feels so good.

On the video my hubby is fucking me so hard! I can hear his balls slapping against my ass… I’m now finger fucking myself, watching my laptop as my husband is about to pull out and cum all over me… Ahh fuck, fuck, my fingers! It’s feels so good. I think I’m going to cu…. Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhh fuck, yes, yes, yes!!!

That’s what mornings alone are for though right?

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