The Story of Elijah Part 7: Squirting

I had to pop into the office yesterday, and of course, i knew Elijah would be there… I had fucked Tim a few days ago but I had been thinking about Elijah a lot. I loved that I was his “dirty little secret” and I had been enjoying the naked photos we had been sending each other…

I went into the office dressed really slutty – even for me – I was wearing a very thin red dress that had tiny straps and fell just above the knee. This is definitely a dress I would normally wear to go to a club, and one which is so thin, you can’t wear underwear beneath it.

By the time I had walked to my office, the cold had made my nipples really erect. I could feel it when I was outside. Once I got in and took my jacket off it was VERY visible. My nipples looked like fucking bullets and I was desperate for Elijah to touch them.

Sunday night he had sent me a photo of his hard, short, fat cock with the caption “I want you!” I had gone to sleep thinking about it and I woke up in the morning absolutely soaking wet, which I had noticed during my usual early morning masturbation session.

I walked straight into his office and he hadn’t even heard or seen me. “Hi handsome, it’s your dirty little secret” I said leaning up against the door frame. “Fuck! Hi, how are you?” He rushed up from his desk and over to me. We kissed instantly and my erect nipples were running up against his shirt. “I’m good thanks” I finally replied.

We started kissing again and I undid the zipper on his trousers, placed my hand through the hole, up his boxers and firmly held onto his cock. He hardened in seconds “Oh you’re ready for me” I said. “Feel how wet I am!” He put his hand under my dress and up my thigh until he reached my pussy. He rubbed it a little. “Fuck. No panties… you’re soaked” he told me. “Yeah I am. What you gonna do about it?” I pulled away and walked over to his desk, pulling my dress over my booty as I walked away from him…

I got to his desk, bent over it and lifted a knee up on the top, just like I had done previously. “Eat me” I demanded. As he walked over to me he was already taking his trousers and boxers off. His erection pointing towards to me… He knelt down on the floor and buried his face in my ass, licking my pussy. “Ahhhhh fuck yes, that feels good” I placed my hand on my tit – my nipples were still like fucking bullets. “Lick my ass Elijah” I felt his head move up, he put his hands on my ass cheeks – pulled them apart a little and starting licking my asshole as his finger pounded my pussy. “Ahhhhhh, mmmmm, yes that’s it!” I knew I was so close to cumming. “Fuck me Elijah, fuck me hard…” I didn’t have to ask twice…

He stood up behind me, placed his hands back on my ass and slipped his cock inside me with ease. I was still so close to cumming. “A little harder please baby” I asked. He obliged. His strokes getting harder and a little faster. I could feel my orgasm building and I knew it was going to be a big one… “Fuck me baby, fuck me” I pleaded in-between moans. He started to fuck me hard and as fast as he could. I could feel it building and building and “ahhhhhhh pull it out! PULL IT OUT NOW!” He pulled his cock out of my slippery cunt and as I came I squirted everywhere “Ahhhhh fuck yessssss!” I screamed as my juices covered him and his desk…

I turned around to face him and sat myself on the edge of his wet desk. He looked at me “Fuck I’ve never made a woman squirt before!” I smiled and pulled the straps of my little dress down over my shoulders, finally freeing my tits. My nipples were still rock hard “Fuck, touch my tits” I said to him as I held his thighs and pulled him closer between my legs… He stroked my tits, running his hands over my nipples before cupping them, but as he got closer to reach them his erect penis rubbed up against my clit which made my pussy gush again “Ahhh fuckkkkkkkk!” I screamed.

I kissed him, reached down for his dick and slipped it inside me. I was fucking soaked and his hands on my tits felt amazing… After only a few thrusts I came hard again. This excited him even more and he started to fuck me hard again, grabbing at me wherever he could. “Cum inside me” I whispered in his hear. With one final, hard thrust I felt him shoot his load inside my soaking pussy…

I left about fifteen minutes later and started to make the short walk home. I had only got around the corner when I felt his cum trickling out of me and running down my inner thigh…

Dirty little secret? Yes please!

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