Eeek I met a guy off Twitter!

So before I get loads of horny men sliding into my Twitter DMs please understand that this was a one off, and definitely not something I usually do…

This guy was one of my first followers on Twitter, and I like his sense of humour so we’ve messaged quite a bit on there – chatting generally with a little bit of flirting. Ages and ages ago we sent a nude to each other. His dick is thin, but really, really long with a tiny bend in it – so I always joked with him that it was like a wiener. For the purpose of this post, and to hide his identity we’ll refer to him as ‘Mr Wiener’. We probably message each other every couple of days. He lives the other side of the country to me and is married – before anyone asks, I have no problem that he’s married – that’s up to him to decide his limits, not me…

Anyway a few months ago on a Friday night he messaged me to say he was in Manchester. He asked of I was out and I bit the bullet and told him which club I was heading to…

Like I said, I never meet people off the internet – it’s really not my thing. I love the spark and the butterflies of meeting someone new out and about, but to be honest I was out anyway, a little tipsy so I didn’t think it could hurt…

As I walked into the club, I looked over to the bar and recognised him straight away. I walked over to him wearing a full length shirt that fell just below my ass.

“Hi, how are you?” I asked.

“Alice. Fuck. You actually turned up!” He said looking a little amazed.

He bought me a drink and we sat at the bar next to each other giggling and chatting. “How’s that wiener?”

He laughed. “All the better for seeing that butt of yours” he smirked… The conversation was just general flirting like that. I asked what he was doing in Manchester etc. Turns out he was just there for a little work, for the one night.

We continued to buy each other drinks – he was drinking pints, I was drinking neat vodka and I can honestly say I haven’t laughed as much in a long time. But as you would expect, the more we drank, the dirtier the conversation began.

“I have to say…” he said looking at me “your booty is one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

I took a sip of my vodka. “Thanks, you should see how good it looks when I’m naked and bent over” I told him with a smirk… I bit my bottom lip as I looked at him. Despite promising myself I wouldn’t fuck him, I was definitely in full on flirt mode now… Which was made easier by the definite and obvious awakening of the wiener – despite his best, and cute efforts to hide it.

He started telling me about his favourite blog posts of mine, which was a definite turn on. He told me that he wanked himself off to my diary entries and photos… If I wasn’t gone before, I was now!

“I’m a massive fan of your work” he told me.

I felt myself go a little red – embarrassment isn’t something I’m custom to.

“Really? Thank you. I really appreciate that. I’ve never fucked a fan” I said with a cheeky little smirk on my face.

“Ha. Fuck! I’d love to. But I’m married so…”

“I’m only playing. I wouldn’t want you doing anything you don’t want to”. I was definitely playing with him now.

We had a couple more drinks and I was shocked to see it was nearly 3.00am. “Fuck. I didn’t realise it was so late. I should get going” I told him.

He stood up to say goodbye and he was looking awkward, like he didn’t quite know what to do. I moved close to him and kissed him. Slowly and passionately. It made my body tingle. “You haven’t even invited me back to yours” I sneakily said to him.

“I have a hotel suite up the road. We could have a little drink there.”

“Perfect”. I grabbed my clutch bag, took hold of his hand and we walked back to the hotel together.

In his room he grabbed me a miniature bottle of vodka from his mini fridge and opted for a bottled beer himself. He sat on the arm chair and I sat on the end of the bed a little distance away. We were still chatting and it didn’t feel like we ran out of things to say at any point. I could see him eyeing up my thighs in my short, shirt dress as I crossed my legs.

“Fuck, you look amazing” he told me.

“Thanks so much. You like what you see?”

“I fucking love it” he told me.

I stood up and staring at him I undid 2 of my buttons so he could see the very top of my bra. “What about now? You still like it?” I said smiling.

“Fuck yes’

“And now?” I asked again undoing more buttons revealing my bra completely. He looked in awe. Excited and barely able to contain himself.

I undid the last of my buttons and let my dress fall to the floor revealing my white, laced bra and little white thong.

I turned around slowly and bent forward giving him a view of my booty. “This is what you really like isn’t it?” I said, slowly pulling my thong to the side.

“Fuck yes!” He cried out.

I walked over to his chair, knelt down in front of him and asked “Would you like to kiss me?” He instantly leaned forward and our tongues met again, passionately kissing each other. I put my hand on the crotch of his trousers. “I think the wiener wants to say hello” I said as I undid his belt.

As we continued to kiss he grabbed his waistband and pulled his trousers and boxers down. “Hello wiener” I said with a sexy smile on my face. I put my hand straight on it and grabbed at it. The thin, long cock was rock hard and ready for attention. I lowered myself slowly and gently slipped it inside my mouth, my hand cupping at his balls as I took all of him in my mouth. “Fuck” he cried out arching his back. I pulled it out of my mouth and kissed the tip.

“You have a condom?” I asked him.

“Fuck! I don’t!” He replied.

“I’ll check my bag” I grabbed my clutch and emptied it onto the floor. A condom fell out. I checked the use by date and it was fine. “Perfect”.

Ripped it open, put the tip of it in my mouth and went back down on his cock, rolling the condom onto his member as I went down taking him in my mouth.

“Fuck, that’s amazing!”

“I know, right” I winked at him.

I got up off the floor, dropped my panties and walked over to the bed. I got on all fours, my ass pointing towards him and I gave my butt a jiggle. “This is what you want isn’t it?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw him approach me. He gently ran his hand over my ass. “Fuck” he said to himself. He spanked my left ass cheek. “Ahhh yes” I called out. He spanked my right cheek. “Fuck me baby” I pleaded. Then I felt the tip of his cock open up my pussy. His long, long cock going deep inside me. I immediately cried out in pleasure. He grabbed at my ass with both hands and started to fuck me. His cock felt great. “That’s it baby, fuck me good.” He spanked me again as he took looooong and hard strokes in out of my pussy. I was soaked. “Fuck me harder” I pleaded again. His long strokes became harder and harder and harder, his tight balls bashing against me. “You’re going to make me cum baby” I grabbed my tits as he fucked me, pinching my nipples. “Ahhh fuck yes” I screamed as I reached orgasm. I pulled forward until his dick had left my pussy.

“Lie down” He instantly lay on the bed and I climbed on top of him. I reached down, lifted his dick and slid it inside me with ease. “Fuck yes” we both said in unison. I leant forward practically shoving my tits in his mouth. As his tongue teased and played with my nipples his hands groped my ass. It felt wonderful. I sat back up then arched my back and leant backwards, leaning back so he could view his cock fucking my pussy. I came again and I knew he was close.

I climbed off him, peeled his condom off and took him in my mouth. His breathing became heavy and he was panting and moaning. I paused briefly

“Mmmm I want this wiener to cum in my mouth” I told him before going down on him again. I cupped his balls in my hand and deepthroated him, his long cock tickling the back of my throat. His body went tense, his balls tightened and he shot his load into my mouth. “Ahhh fuck!” He screamed out as he came. I looked at him and smiled as I swallowed every last drop of his cum.

I got my things together, got dressed, kissed him and left the hotel to head home. I wasn’t more than two minutes up the road when I checked my phone to see a Twitter DM:

“Fuck! That was the best fuck I have ever fucking had 😍❤️🍑”

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