Cum on my Bush

One of my favourite things about having a bush is when men cum on it. It feels fucking wonderful!

Last night hubby and I had a shower together. We were teasing and playing with each other for ages – bringing each other to the verge of orgasm before pulling back. After the shower I lay on our bed to dry off. My husband Wes walked in, looked at my naked body and said “Oh there’s no way you’re not getting fucked now!” I laughed. “Come fuck me with your big, hard dick baby.”

He knelt up on the bed and slid himself inside me. My pussy was still soaked from all of our shower foreplay. “That’s it fuck me baby” it’s not an exaggeration to say I came hard after about 6 thrusts of his beautiful dick… He was fucking me deep and slow and I could tell from the way he was grabbing me he was about to cum…

“Cum all over my pussy baby please” I pleaded. He pulled his cock out of me and sprayed his cum… In fairness most of it ended up on my tits and chest but a few drops ended up on my bush and it felt great… I just kept it there all evening, letting it soak into my pubes!

Fuck I love it when guys cum on my bush… Where’s your favourite place to cum?

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