The Time I Lost My Virginity…

I had been going out with Darren for a couple of months and we were as horny as fuck. We hadn’t slept together as we never really had the opportunity but we had explored and done almost everything else.

Blowjobs were part of our daily routine, as was fingering me to orgasm. But I was desperate to lose my virginity. In fact, it’s all I could think of. I had sex on my mind 24/7. If I wasn’t sucking Darren’s cock I was at home quietly masturbating – constantly…

One night, when no one else was at home I had arranged a party at my house. About 20 people turned up and I was sure this would be mine and Darren’s chance to finally lose our virginities…

The party was going well and people were nicely tipsy. I went to find Darren to take him to my room and caught him kissing another girl. I was gutted and with all the drama you’d expect from a teenager I kicked him out of my house crying…

In truth I was never that into him and I soon forgot about the whole event by enjoying my party.

At the end of the night there was three of us left, all sat in my bedroom. My best friend Sara was sat on the bed and I was sat on the floor with Rick. Rick was 2 years older than us and everyone knew he was experienced. I vividly remember sitting by him on the floor drinking WKD Blue and I remember the butterflies I got when Sara told us that she had to get going, and left us there. We were on our own and my mind was racing.

“You’re boyfriend is an idiot. You’re so hot” he told me. “Thanks” I replied, very aware that I had gone bright red.

We started kissing and I was becoming more and more turned on. I put my hand down his trousers and took hold of his dick. As soon as I touched it he let out a really cute moan. He ran his hand up my short skirt, and down the side of my panties onto my pussy. I remember actually apologising because I was so fucking wet! His dick felt bigger than Darren’s and I started to instantly fantasise about fucking him.

Before I knew it we were lay on my bed kissing each other. He took my T-shirt and bra off and slowly ran his hands over my tits. He started fingering me again and I can remember cumming really quickly.

I knelt up on the bed and crawled down a little. He immediately took his jeans and boxers off freeing his hard cock. I picked it up, kissed and licked the tip before placing it in my mouth. I started sucking him and wanking him off and I was expecting him to cum in my mouth – this is what had happened every other time I had gone down on someone. But instead, he pulled me back up the bed, lay me on my bed and kissed me. Really slowly he took my skirt and panties off. I was so fucking nervous. I was sure this was going to happen now. He reached in his jeans pocket and took a condom out. I was so fucking turned on watching him slide it onto his dick. Oh my god this was really about to happen!

He lay on top of me and we kissed before he squeezed his hard cock into my tight, tight pussy. “Ahhhh” I moaned as he entered me. “That feel ok?” He asked. “Perfect” I whispered to him. I had heard so many horror stories from girls saying how much it hurt to begin with, but this felt fucking glorious. I can remember everything so clearly; the butterflies, the nervousness, the smell of him, and especially how turned I was.

I reached my arms around him and placed my hands on his butt as he started to fuck me with long, gentle strokes. I was getting so carried away and knew he was going to make me cum. He started fucking me just a little harder, I was trying my best to kiss him when “Ahhh, ahhh, yesssss!” I came.

As he grabbed at my tits I was trying to take everything in. I never wanted to forget this and I can remember the amazing sight of him when he came, filling his condom!

I was so fucking relieved not to be a virgin anymore! I felt like a “real woman!” For the next couple of months I hung out with Rick loads. We would fuck at every opportunity.

I’m so grateful that my first time wasn’t a horror story like some of my friends had had. Most of them thought I was lying when I told them I had orgasmed during sex, but I didn’t mind. I was no longer a virgin and was just about to start my kinky, sexual adventure!

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