Hate Fuck Me

Hate fuck me! You know what I mean don’t you? You understand…

We’ve both been in an awful mood all day, for no particular reason other than it’s “one of those days”.

We have been snapping at each other all morning. Annoyed for no reason. The atmosphere is thick and intense. We’re shouting at each other. Screaming even. So fucked off with each other I can feel the anger in my stomach.

Then I look at you. I bite my bottom lip. The tension is now sexual tension. You rush over to me and push me hard against the wall. You grab my hair and kiss me. I moan and kiss you back. You’re still so angry your hands are all over my body and as you press yourself up against me I can feel your erection under your jeans. As you kiss me I bite your lip. Annoyed, yet crazily turned on you pull my hair. I’m sorry I was naughty. What are you going to do about it now?

You look me dead in the eye, I can see the hate, and you tear my blouse open. My tits revealed and waiting for you. You slap them, then grab them hard. It makes me go weak at the knees. Fuck! With my tits out in front of you, nipples erect, you put a firm hand around my neck, choke me and pull me to you for another kiss. I’m so fucking turned on now! I bite your lip gently again which makes you strike a hand over my tits “Ahhh” I cry out in pleasure/pain.

Your hands are constantly wandering. Grabbing my tits, my neck, my ass. Anything you can touch. You hastily and aggressively pull my skirt up. I look you in the eye and kiss you. You put a hand on my crotch, grab at my little thong and with one big pull you rip them – tearing them off my body. I slap you hard across the face and kiss you again.

Your hand immediately grabs at my pussy and you force a finger inside me. I’m fucking soaked. I slap you again. Then kiss you again but as you start to finger me hard all I can do is grab at your jeans, unbuckle your belt and pull your throbbing cock out, freeing it from the constraints of your clothes. I squeeze your balls hard and you moan in shock and pain. You grab my neck again before kissing me passionately again.

Your hands then wander down and behind me, grabbing my ass hard. Squeezing my cheeks. You lift me off the ground. “Fuck me you bastard” I say before biting your neck. You reach down with one hand and force your cock into my soaked cunt. Stretching me. The relief is instant. “Ahhh fuck yes” I cry out. I slap you around the face again “Fuck me harder!” I demand. Your hands still on my ass you start to lift me up and down onto your cock, your balls thumping against me. You can barely catch your breath but the excitement is incredible. I’m so fucking wet I can feel myself dripping down my thighs as I cry out. Pinning me back up against the wall you grab my hair again. Fucking me hard so my back is sliding up and down the wall.

I dig my long nails into your back, pulling you closer to me and harder inside me. I slap you again. You slap my tits… “That’s it fuck me with your big, hard dick” I tell you.

You start to fuck me hard and fast, my body bouncing against the wall. I can’t take anymore “ahhh fuck yes, yes yes!” I shout out as I orgasm… My body relaxes and after a few more hard pumps, you grab my hair and pull it as you shoot your spunk deep inside me!

Hate fucking. You have to love hate fucking…

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