I Want To Suck You

Look at these photos. All of those lucky guys with their dicks in my mouth… That’s what I want right now…

I want to look at you naked. Study you. Wonder what you will feel like. I want to watch as your dick gets harder and harder and harder, until it’s throbbing.

Then, naked myself, I want to kneel down in front of you. You’re towering above me as I look up at you and smile. I’m so close to your lovely, erect cock and I can’t wait for it!

Still looking at you I seductively bite my bottom lip. You’re staring at me. Transfixed by my naked body. I gently take your hard dick in my hand and stroke it ever so softly. You groan. Mmm my oh my, you’re dick is so hard. So big. I bet if this was inside my pussy you’d make me cum so fucking quickly! But that’s not where I want it. Not yet anyway…

I lean forward and kiss the tip. I can already taste the pre-cum. Mmm salty… I finally put the end of your member in my mouth, wrapping my lips around it tightly. “Ahhhhh” you moan as I take a little more of it in my mouth. So hard. So big. I take more of it as I look back up at you having the time of your life. I take your balls in my right hand, squeezing them gently but firmly. Mmmm they feel so tight. I bet you can’t wait to empty them over me!

I start sucking you a little harder and a touch faster. Your big cock is throbbing in my mouth. So veiny. So thick. I run my left hand down my body and between my legs. Fuck, I’m so wet. I’m so wet for you. Sucking cock always makes me so fucking wet.

I look up at you yet again, and slowly take all of you in my mouth. Deep throating you. Worshipping your cock. You look surprised. You look like you can’t hold it anymore.

My mouth and lips start to work on your big dick again. Sucking and licking you, fast and deep. My fingers have slipped inside my pussy now. I’m so wet. I know I could cum so easily. But I’m trying to save that for after!

I take you all in my mouth again. You arch your back. I feel your balls tighten and your cock throb. I take you out of my mouth. You want to cum all over my face don’t you? Go on then, you know I fucking love that. Mark your slut with your spunk.

I start stroking your cock as fast I can. My fingers still fucking my pussy. You groan loudly, put your hand on the back of my head and shoot your warm cum all over my pretty, little face. Mmmm there’s so much of it. It’s everywhere. You’ve covered me…

I stick my tongue out and lick a bit of the cum that landed near my mouth. Mmmm it’s so tasty. I wish I could taste this every day… I play with myself until I can’t take anymore, and make myself cum while I wait for you to harden again…

Mmm fuck yes. I see you there, hard again already. Waiting for me. It’s time for ‘afters’ now…

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