Missing the Swing

The lack of swinger parties has been the thing I have missed most during the recent lockdowns.

I miss what they do to all of my senses. The excitement before an event or party, the imagining of what is about to take place. The butterflies as I walk to the door ready to enter.

The happiness I feel as I enter a room full of people who want to touch, taste, feel and fuck each other. Everyone ready for an adventure.

I miss looking around the room and eventually settling my eyes on the person or persons I want to fuck. Then the inevitable butterflies that follow as I go over to introduce myself. Fuck, I miss it so much…

The last swinging party I went to was amazing and I’ve thought about it so much recently. It was in a huge hall they had hired out and it basically turned into one massive orgy. I ended up being bent over a table, my dress lifted above my ass and my panties pulled down to my knees as a bull of a man fucked me from behind. At the same time another man was stood in front of me and I was sucking him off.

Both men were so hot. Great physiques with wonderful hard, veiny cocks. To top it all off, to the left of me I could see my husband sat on a chair being sucked off by a sexy, short haired brunette!

The harder guy 1 fucked me, the faster I sucked off guy 2. It was so hot. My tits falling out my dress as I got fucked hard by his beautiful dick! My pussy was soaked and I knew I was going to squirt, I could just tell…

What was amazing was both men came at exactly the same time! Filling my mouth and my pussy with their cum. As guy 1 pulled out of me I squirted all over the floor!

It was so fucking amazing. I think I ended up fucking 2 other guys at different times that night too!

I had no idea back then that it would be so long until I got to go to another party!

I can’t wait for them to restart. I plan on being naughtier than ever!

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