Spooning Sex

My husband Wes is the absolute king of knowing what I want and when I want it.

He got back yesterday from a day away and truth be told I was exhausted. I had to do an extra long shift at work so we’re ready to close Friday and then I wanted to get the house nice for him.

I went for a soak in the bath and when I got out I lay on the bed naked, as I always do to dry off.

When he got in he knelt on the bed and gave me a long, lovely kiss. “I’ve missed you” I said to him. As he quietly and slowly crawled down the bed he muttered “I’ve missed you too” before giving me a kiss – just a peck – on my pubes. “Mm that feels nice” I said to him stroking his shoulder. He kissed me there a few more times before just moving slightly lower to kiss my vagina. Mmm it felt really wonderful. Really sexy.

Then his tongue started to really slowly and very gently lick my clit. “Ahhh yeah” I whispered. He kept licking really slowly and started to run his hand lightly over my pussy. As I always do with him, I became instantly wet. He gently slipped a finger inside me and it was like I was put on charge! I felt all the energy rush back into my body!

I started to play with my tits. Rubbing them lightly, making my nipples erect as he started licking me a little firmer.

His finger was now sliding in and out me, in and out, in and out. It was getting me really fucking hot. He kissed my pubes again then came back up the bed and kissed me. As our tongues tangled my body covered itself in goosebumps…

He rolled me around onto my side so by back was facing him. He put his hand on my thigh and started to gently kiss my back all over. I was literally tingling by this point…

I felt him pull his trousers down and I turned to kiss him again. He moved my one leg slightly in front of the other, my back still against him. I pressed my butt into his groin area and immediately felt his hard cock press up against my ass.

He took it in his hand and moved it up against my pussy. Still kissing him, he edged forward slightly making the tip of his cock slip inside me. He put his other hand under my body and onto my thigh. He held on to me tightly and gently thrusted himself forward again, sinking his cock deep inside me. “Ahhh fuck” I whispered. He felt amazing. I swear, I can feel every bit of his dick – every single vein when he fucks me…

He started thrusting in and out of me, still holding me and still kissing me. As he started to fuck me harder and harder I found it more difficult to control myself. My back arched against him as I came all over his dick.

He moved his one hand up my body, stroking me all the way until he reached my tit. He grabbed at it and started to fuck me faster. I was still recovering from my last orgasm when I came again!

I turned my head to kiss him again and I could feel him losing control. His breathing was heavy and he was starting to fuck me much harder and faster. His cock slipping in and out of my soaking pussy…

He reached down, grabbed his dick, stroked it twice and his warm cum covered my body. Shooting all the way up to my tits…

He kissed my back again and spooned me as we feel asleep.

It was fucking wonderful! No one else on the planet knows what I want like he does!

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