Xmas Party

I always love our Christmas Party we have in the office. It’s the one time when everyone is up for some laughs and silliness together so I was gutted to hear this year that we weren’t having our regular party because of the restrictions. What they decided to do instead was have several very small parties over 3 nights, to limit the number of people etc. We all had to draw names out of a hat to see who was going to which party.

I have to say here, I was a little sad to find Elijah and I weren’t going to the same party. It’s been a while since we fucked and over the last few years it’s become a personal tradition of mine to fuck someone at the Christmas party – just for fun! The previous two years I fucked the same guy and the year before that I ended up fucking this hot temp woman who was working with us. 69’ing her on my bosses desk was a personal highlight!

I saw the list of names going to the same party as me – it was a small list, and to be perfectly honest no one really jumped out at me. Perhaps I’d have to give my sexy little tradition a miss this year…

I got the early slot so straight after work was the start of our small party. They’d bought some nice food in and loads of booze so although it was going to be very different I was still excited about it. I got changed into a tiny black dress, with fishnet stockings and high heels. Now, when I say a “tiny” dress, that’s probably an exaggeration! I had not tried it on before I bought it and it was really, really fucking tiny! But it looked hot even if it did barely cover my ass cheeks. I got changed in my office and the dress was so tight my panties just weren’t going to work with it. A no panties night then! Fine, although very risky given the length of the dress.

I headed out to the main room and met the others from my party. It was a small group but I could tell it was going to be fun when we started doing shots before even a glass of wine had been poured! I have to be honest, although I thought it was unlikely I was looking at everyone wondering if I could, or should fuck any of them! Fuck, I was wishing Elijah was there! There was Jennie, quite sexy, curvy, but I have no idea what her relationship status is, or even if she is in to girls… Brendan was a possibility too. Again I didn’t know too much about him as we often work different days. He was always trying to impress me though and I have definitely caught him staring at my tits before and then trying his best to hide his erection!

We all started drinking, laughing and generally messing about and having fun. The more tipsy we became, the more silly we became. 3 of us myself, Jennie and Mike even went all cliche and photocopied our butts! At the time with the drink flowing it was very funny, and definitely a little awkward when I had to explain to them that I had no panties on! My photocopied butt is the top picture of this post…

As the music played loudly I ended up sitting on a chair next to Brendan. He made a comment about my photocopy. “Nice booty” he said pointing to the print. I laughed “It’s not like you haven’t stared at it before!” I said with a smile. I found out a bit about him. He’s single, lives with a single female friend – apparently they have never fucked which just seemed a little mad to me, but each to their own! I’ve always been able to tell that Brendan is attracted to me; the lingering looks, his eyes constantly on me and of course the erections! But I had never really been interested. Don’t get me wrong he’s a really nice guy, just not necessarily my type, although at the party I was definitely seeing a different side to him that I really liked…

There was loads of flirting going on, slight touching of legs, long looks etc and the more alcohol I consumed the more I thought about fucking him! Whether I should or not is of course a different question!

I downed my drink, got up and headed to the toilet. When in there I had a look at my phone and there was a message from Elijah. “Hi Alice, hope you’re having a great time. Wish I was there with you.” I took this selfie of myself and sent it to him with a text:

“Wish you were here too. Like, right here with me, now having your way with me.” I clicked send, looked again at the selfie I had just taken and wondered if I should do it… I pulled up the contacts in my phone and found Brendan’s number. I wasn’t actually sure if it was his number as I had known another Brendan before. “Fuck it” I thought to myself. I composed a message that included the selfie and a “Why don’t you come and find me?” message and pressed ‘send’. I still wasn’t sure if I had done the right thing. Would I regret this? Would he turn up? I put the toilet lid down and sat on it and waited… Nerves filled me and I started wishing I had my drink with me…

Not even a minute later and I heard the main door to the bathroom open. “Alice?” I heard him whisper. I gently pushed my cubicle door open a little and said “I’m in here”.

He walked in, shot the cubicle door behind him and looked at me sat on the toilet seat. “Fuck” he said out loud. I made eye contact with him and as I parted my legs to expose my bare and naked pussy, I just said “Eat me!”.

Not another word was said. He immediately got down on his knees and started licking my pussy. I was already soaked. “Ahhh” I moaned as his tongue perfectly flicked my clit. It felt amazing. You taste wonderful” he told me. “Don’t fucking stop” I replied pushing his head further into my soaked cunt. By the time he slid his index finger inside me I was already too far gone and with some loud moans I came hard…

“Fuck. That was good. Stand up” I told him.
He stood in front of me and I hastily undid his belt and pulled his boxers and trousers down. His hard cock pinged out like it had been desparate to escape. It was a really nice cock, which I have to say surprised me a little – I’m normally such a good judge of this! I took hold of it, leant forward and took every inch of him in my mouth “WOW, FUCK” he said very loudly. I proceeded to give him a sloppy blow job until I was too excited and needed him inside me. “Fuck me” I told him as I took his dick out of my mouth…

He knelt down on the floor, took hold of his cock and pushed it inside me. “Fuck yes!” I knew we were being loud but I didn’t care. He reached for my tits and as he did I lowered my dress straps so they fell out into his hands. Fuck he felt so good! As he squeezed my breasts and started to fuck me with long hard strokes, I looked at him before kissing him. “You’re going to make me cum” I told him as I was getting breathless. This seemed to spur him on. He started to fuck me even harder and my body exploded into a massive orgasm. I have to say – he was so much better than I had ever imagined!

We kissed again and then I pushed him away from me a little. I stood up. “You need to fuck me from behind” I said as I turned away from him and lent up against the wall.

I felt his hard dick press up against my ass, and I put one foot on top of the toilet seat. I felt the tip of his cock on my pussy lips before it entered me. It felt so fucking nice and deep!

He grabbed me by the thighs and started to fuck me. His balls slapping against my ass. Every stroke getting a little harder, and harder and harder until “ahhhhh fuck yes, that’s it!” I came again all over his lovely cock! As I came I clenched my pussy, and evidently this was enough as it took him over the edge and he shot his load all inside me! It was really fucking hot.

I stood up and straightened my clothes up. I could feel his cum inside me. I pulled down my dress and opened the cubicle door. “That was fucking…” I interupted him, put my finger over my mouth, looked at him and said “Sshhh”. I kissed him on the lips, pushing my tongue into his mouth, then walked out and went back to the party!

I was honestly surprised how good he had felt and how much I had enjoyed his penis. I’m very glad that this is one Christmas tradition I was still able to uphold!

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