The Story of… Caleb Part 1

Well, my first new blog post of the new year. I bet you thought I had been a good girl over the break didn’t you?

This one was a real surprise to me, in more ways than one!

I guess technically this should be Part 2 – let me explain. When I was in high school, after a party one night I fucked this guy from my year. His name was Caleb. He was a skinny, emo guy, and as hot as he was, despite his efforts I decided not to see him again as I was really into one of his friends… This upset him and he never really spoke to me again.

I was somewhat shocked when on New Year’s Day I had a Facebook friend request off him. I had a peak at his profile and I was shocked. He is now an absolute hunk. Muscles on top of his muscles! The complete opposite of what he once was. I accepted the friend request and we chatted infrequently a little on Messenger, just catching up etc. He still lives in Manchester so we were both a little surprised we had not seen each other around.

At about 9.00pm he video called me through the app. Wes was out and I was a little tipsy so I decided to answer his call. I can’t even explain how massive he looked! I don’t normally go for muscle men at all but he looked really hot…

Suffice to say after an hour or so of drinking and chatting I ended the evening stark naked on my sofa, legs spread, fucking myself with a vibrator as he watched! This girl don’t change!

The next afternoon he sent me a text asking if I’d like to go around to his. I know I really shouldn’t have with current restrictions etc but I had been tested two days previously so I could visit a relative and he has weekly tests with his work so I was confident we were both clear. I thought about it and replied “Yeah, I’d like that. Text me your address and I’ll be over in an hour or so xx”.

I showered and got dressed. Opting for a loose black mini skirt, a revealing tight, red vest top and some high heels. I decided not to put any underwear on, after all, what would be the point? I knew why I was going there…

A little late I arrived at his flat about 2 hours later. I knocked on the door and he opened it and kissed me on the cheek. I was in awe of him. He was a tank of a man. “I can’t believe how big you got” I told him. He laughed. “Bit different to high school” he replied… He poured us both a wine and we stood in his living room drinking, catching up and flirting. We obviously both knew we were going to fuck and you could cut the electricity with a knife…

He took my glass of wine off me and put both glasses on the sideboard before walking back over to me. I looked up at him, towering over me. “Show me these muscles then” I quietly said to him. Without hesitation he took his top off and threw it to the floor. His arms were fucking huge! I ran my hands over them gently and slowly. “Wow” I said as my hands felt the enormity of them. He put them around me and pulled me close. His hands reached around the back of me and he rested them on my booty. He was so huge, it felt like his body was swallowing me.

He leant down and kissed me. A long, passionate kiss that felt wonderful. While our tongues tangled he ran a hand over my tiny red top, slowing down as he got to my erect nipple, which made me involuntarily moan out load. “Fuck” I whispered to him. I unzipped my black skirt and it fell to the floor. He ran the palm of his hand over my body until his finger tips got to my pubes. I wanted him. Needed him. “Take me to your bedroom” I said to him. He grabbed me just under my ass, stretching his arms around me and lifted me over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. My booty in the air! He proceeded to carry me down the hallway and into his bedroom, where he lay me on his king sized bed.

He lay on top of me and we kissed again. Our hands wandering all over each other. We rolled over so I was sat on top of him. I smiled as I looked at him and then leant forward to kiss him. His hands instantly went around the back of me and grabbed at my naked ass. I started rubbing myself over his crotch. My pussy running up and down the bulge in his jeans, feeling him getting harder and harder. He pulled my top up and my titties fell out. He grabbed at them straight away. “Take them off for me” I said, pointing down at his jeans. He lifted me slightly and wriggled out of them. I took a look. “Fuck, I’d forgotten how big your dick was” I told him. “Do you have a condom?” I asked. He reached into a bedside drawer and handed me a one. I quickly unwrapped it and slowly slid it down his cock, holding it firmly. I lifted my ass up slightly, moved forwards a little and sat on his cock. Taking him inside me inch by inch. I cried out immediately. He felt wonderful! As I rocked back and forth on his member, he grabbed at and played with my tits, just pausing occasionally to kiss me. I came hard within minutes and I was fucking soaked. His muscles were such a fucking turn on! “Do you think you can fuck me standing up?” I asked him. “Sure” he replied. I climbed off him and stood up beside his bed…

He came and stood next to me, looked at me, smiled and kissed me. His massive hands held onto my hips and he lifted me up to his waist. We kissed again and with one hand he held me there. I could feel his rock hard cock, throbbing up against me. He lowered one hand, and slid his member inside me with ease. It felt fucking amazing. He grabbed my ass and started to lift me up and down onto his long, hard dick. I was kissing his neck as my tits were bouncing in his face. “Harder!” I pleaded. I couldn’t stop staring at the sweat trickling down his beautiful chest muscles.

He started to lift me up and down faster and faster. My pussy crashing down onto his cock. I could already feel my orgasm building. “Fuck yes, fuck yes!’ I shouted as my soaked cunt slipped up and down onto his cock. “You’re going to make me squirt if you keep doing that” I whispered into his ear. “Fuck, I want that” he told me. “Just pull out of me exactly when I tell you to then.” That’s how it’s always worked for me…

He starting licking and biting my nipple as he easily lifted me up and down. Fucking me hard like some kind of obsessed animal.
“Ahhh, Ahhh, Ahhh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Pull out now” I screamed. As he lifted me off his cock, holding me in mid air, I felt my body relax as I squirted fucking everywhere. Covering his muscley chest and dick in my juices. “Put me down” I said to him with urgency.

I got on my knees, ripped his condom off and I couldn’t swallow that dick quick enough. Deep throating him as I stroked his big member. He was absolutely covered in my juices! Fucking soaked!

I grabbed his balls and as I felt them tighten I pulled his cock out of my mouth, stroked it hard 3 or 4 times and he came, and came, and came some more, all over me – returning the favour and absolutely covering me in his spunk! “Fuck, that was so sexy” I told him, looking up at his giant body. “Fuck, you are so fucking minxy” he told me. “Oh hun, you ain’t seen nothing yet…”

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