The Story of… My Sex Tape

Ok so let me explain. Since New Years Day I’ve been doing a tweet a day on Twitter which is a confession, a truth or a sex thought etc. This Thursday I tweeted the following:

“7/365: Years ago when I was a carefree Tumblr/emo slut there was a sex tape of me online fucking two guys (separately) at a party, that had thousands of views.”

That was the tweet. I thought it deserved an explanation, so this is the story of my sex tape, which even includes some sneaky stills from the video…

I was at college studying graphic design and every weekend (and some random weekdays) through this period, when I was 17/18 we always used to have house parties. Not massive events but a few friends, lots of booze, a little weed, disco lights and very loud rock music. They were great fun and I certainly wasn’t the first to do something on tape. Our friend Craig used to video every party and I distinctly remember seeing a video of my friend Debbie sucking his cock. I think we all flashed our tits on camera too and it definitely wasn’t unusual for the boys to get their dicks out on film! It was just fun and silliness but it’s safe to say no one had actually made a hardcore sex tape. Yet…

There was about ten people at this particular party and everyone seemed to be all over the house. Most were in the kitchen chatting and drinking and some were no doubt in bedrooms fucking. I think it was about 11 o clock and I was sat on the sofa next to Mike. The music was blaring so we couldn’t really hear each other but we’d shared a joint and were doing some shots. I had never fucked Mike, but I had always been interested! After a shot he looked at me, and shouting so I could hear him he said “I dare you to kiss me”. That was the only lead I needed and I leant into him and stared kissing him. A wet sloppy, sexy kiss. I ran my hand over his trousers and felt he was hard. I wanted it. I had already made up my mind…

I got on the floor, on my knees between his legs and started to unbuckle his belt. “Fuck yeah” he said as I undid the top button of his skater jeans. Just as I was undoing the other buttons I heard the living room door open. In walked Craig with his video camera out filming! He saw what was going on and said “Shit, I’m sorry!” Before turning away to leave the room. I looked back at him. “It’s ok you can film if you want” I said to him smiling. He walked close with the camera and started filming as I pulled Mike’s trousers down. His hard cock looked wonderful. Much bigger than I had imagined and I have to say, up until this point, probably the biggest cock I had ever seen/had!

I licked the tip of his cock before putting it in my mouth and sucking him off. I felt him get even harder in my mouth. “Fuck, you’re huge” I said to him pausing briefly. I then began to take him in my mouth again. I made sure I looked directly at the camera, which was close to me, while I sucked on his big, hard dick. “I want it” I said to him…

I stood up, got on to the sofa and sat on top of him, straddling him. His hands were on my thighs but soon wandered to my ass. I reached down, took hold of his cock and placed it inside my pussy. Just the tip to start with, then I edged myself down on to him.

His big cock stretching my pussy. “Ahhhhh” I cried out, which can be heard over the loud music. As I started to ride him I pulled my t shirt up and my perky, little tits fell out and Craig bought the camera even closer. Mike grabbed at them and I started riding him harder and faster. My pussy became soaked as I came all over him. As I looked at Craig, stood there filming every second, I noticed the bulge in his trousers. I had made him hard and all of a sudden I felt like the sexiest woman in the world! I got off Mike and sat on the sofa. Mike kissed me again before fingering me, his fingers sliding in and out of me so easily! He got on his knees on the floor and I wrapped my legs around his body. He held onto his cock and pushed it inside me! So fucking deep. So fucking good. Craig was still filming everything, and it was turning me on!

Mike started to fuck me hard as I lay back on the sofa. My tits bouncing with the momentum. “Ahhhh, ahhhhh. Ahhhh fuck yes” I cried out. Mike looked at me “You’re going to make me cum” I looked at the camera. “Good, fucking cum all over me” I said. He started pumping me so fucking hard! I was amazed at how big his cock was! All of a sudden, he pulled out, stroked his big dick a couple of times and shot his cum all over my body. Covering my tits, stomach and pussy! He rested his cock on me and kissed me before moving back up onto the sofa and collapsing next to me!

Craig looked at me and still recording said “Fuck, that was incredible!” I looked at him and smiled. “Did I look good on the camera?” I asked him. “Fuck yes” he replied to me. I reached my hand out and grabbed at his crotch. “Mmm I can tell you liked it” I said. “Take it out for me” I told him. With one hand, so he could still record he undid his jeans and pulled his erect cock out. I instantly put my hand on his ass and pulled him close to me so I could take him in my mouth. “Mmmm another lovely cock” you can hear me say. As I sucked on his member I could feel Mike’s cum dribble down over my tits. It was fucking hot!

Craig arched his back and said “Fuck, take this” as he passed the video camera to Mike who started filming immediately, moving around us as I sucked on Craig’s dick. Craig pulled away from me, got on his knees and buried his face in my cunt. Licking me fast and hard. My moaning increased as his tongue flicked at my clit. “Fuck you’re soaked” he said. “What are you gonna do about it?” I asked him. He came up, kissed me and then rolled me over, bending me over the sofa, before proceeding to fuck me hard and deep from behind, every thrust felt incredible as his balls crashed against my big booty .

Mike was getting the camera really close to the action and there’s a close up of my mouth as I orgasm again! “Lie on the floor” Craig said to me, so I got up walked to the middle of the room and lay myself down. He lay down beside me and rolled me over onto my side, holding onto my hips. He entered me from behind and started to bite my neck. It was driving me wild and as he started to fuck me hard, I came yet again!

I knew Craig was losing control too. His breathing was heavy, his moans were loud and he was throbbing inside me. I turned my head towards him and we kissed. I looked up and Mike was stood above us filming us. He was still naked and hard again as he watched us fuck.

With a panicked voice Craig said “I need to cum”. I got up immediately and crawled down to take him in my mouth. I deep throated him and as I pulled him out of my mouth he shot his load all over my face!

Mike came right up to me and got a close up of my face dripping with cum!

The following morning I asked Craig for the SD card out of the camera which he gave me without hesitation. When I got home I watched it on my laptop and masturbated until I made myself cum. I loved the video and after thinking about it for a bit I messaged the boys: “You boys mind if I post this on my Tumblr?” “Fuck no. Do it!” Was their mutual response.

A little later in the afternoon I uploaded it and waited for it to convert. I checked the following morning and it had had over 5000 views and as many likes and notes! I then decided to upload it to a tube, porn site, where over the next few weeks it would get tens of thousands of plays…

Back at college and everyone had seen it and most were talking about it. I wasn’t embarrassed. In fact, I loved it. I got off on the fact that they had all seen it. All of a sudden every boy wanted to hang out with me. Wanted to fuck me. And every woman wanted to record their own sextape. It started a little trend within out parties and it soon felt like every weekend someone was doing something sexy and hardcore on camera!

The tape remained online for years. It was only taken off Tumblr when they deleted all of their NSFW content and I removed it off the porn site, only a couple of years ago when Craig contacted me asking me to as he was job hunting! This definitely started my love affair with sextapes though! Maybe it’s about time I made another one…

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