Fuck Me To Sleep

I couldn’t get to sleep at all last night, I don’t know why but it was frustrating me. I had tried all of the normal faithfuls; reading a little, getting up for a bit, listening to some soft music etc but absolutely nothing was working and it was closing in on 3.00am.

Fed up I decided to lie on my side and cutch up into my husband, who had been asleep for hours, lay on his back. As I nestled in to him I put my arm around him, and as I did my elbow gently brushed up against his penis. He was erect. Throbbing. I gently put my hand on it. He didn’t move. He was in the deepest sleep and I was desperate to know what (or who) he was dreaming about!

As it always, inevitably does his hard-on made me feel really horny. I gently rolled back his foreskin and stroked him slowly. He made a sweet little groan but still didn’t really stir. His dream must have been incredible because his veiny dick was throbbing in my hand!

I went under the covers and crawled down the bed, resting my head on his stomach. I lightly kissed the tip of his dick which made it bolt up to meet my mouth, but incredibly he still didn’t seem to wake. I lifted it up slightly in my left hand and placed it into my warm mouth. I started sucking him off, still really gently, as my hand stroked the length of his cock. This is the point I heard a couple of moans from him. I picked up the pace just a little, taking more and more of him in my mouth. I could already taste the pre-cum.

Suddenly I felt a hand under the covers and on top of my head. I knew he was awakening now. He groaned loudly followed by an “oh fuck”. He then started to move his hips up and down. Slow at first but getting harder and harder and harder until he was fucking my mouth. I was gagging on his beautiful cock and I could tell he was really excited but I wanted some before he came!

I pulled the covers back and sat on top of him. I was so wet my cunt took his big, dick in easily. I leant forward and kissed him. “Morning sweetheart. Having a nice dream then weren’t you?” I whispered to him before kissing him again. “Not as nice as this” he replied as he placed his hands on my ass.

I sat up on him and arched my back slightly, rocking backwards and forwards and up and down on his cock. He felt fucking wonderful! I leant forward slightly and put my left hand on his upper chest, my other hand I moved down my body and onto my pussy, finding my clit instantly. As I slid up and down on his cock I started to play with my clit – hard and fast, the way I like it. “Ahhh, ahhh yes!” I cried out, edging myself closer and closer to an orgasm. I started to fuck him harder and harder – my ass crashing down onto him. His hands were grabbing at my butt and as I continued to play with my soaked pussy I felt my orgasm build until “Ahhhhhhhhh fuck yes!!!!” I came, really fucking hard!

He grabbed my ass to hold me still and started pumping me hard – moving his hips up and down so he could fuck me really deep. “Fuck yes!” He cried out loudly as I felt his cum fill my soaking pussy!

I stood up to climb off him and as I did his cum trickled out of my pussy and landed on his cock – it was really fucking sexy! I got into bed, snuggled down next to him and finally fell asleep!

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