Suzi moves in – A Woman’s Touch

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen that my friend Suzi has moved in with us temporarily. She has been on her own since Lockdown 1 and was going stir crazy, so after we all received negative tests we decided she should move into one of our spare rooms for the next couple of months.

I met Suzi on a night out early last year, we hit it off straight away and ended up going back to my place where we had sex before both fucking my husband! It was crazy hot… Link here.

She turned up on Friday, with her suitcase, looking great! We kissed and hugged before I showed her around our house (including our new bar room) before settling her into her room. “Do you fancy a drink tonight?” I asked her. “Fuck, I would love that, Ive not drunk with anyone for months!’ She replied. “Perfect, we can start in the bar room at 7” I told her. I was super excited. I had not felt a woman’s touch in months and months and I really miss it.

Wes had already told me that he needed to work in his office for most of the night as he had an important case he was preparing for, so I got ready for 7 and could literally feel the butterflies in my stomach. I wore a little black, skater skirt and a velvet black bra top, finished off with a really sexy pair of black high heels. I walked into the bar room put some music on and poured us both a glass of red wine. I then sat on one of the bar stools and waited for her. It didn’t take long – less than a minute and she walked in looking absolutely stunning. She was wearing a loose white crop top, her nipples pressing up against it and a pair of big, black PVC panties, along with stockings and heels. I knew she wanted this as much as me now!

“Wow” I said to her as I looked at her. “You look fucking fantastic” I said, unable to take my pervy eyes off her. “Thanks so do you” she replied giving me a little kiss on the cheek. She sat on the bar stool next to me and faced me – our knees touching, we were so close… We chatted and drank for a bit, and flirted a lot! We were definitely just biding our time until we could get it on!

After our third or fourth drink she looked at me, put her hands on my thighs and said “So when do I get to fuck your wonderful husband again?” I smiled, put my hands on her legs, looked her in the eyes and replied “whenever you want to baby?”. She smiled, paused for a second and then said “And what about you? When do I get to fuck you again?” I felt myself get instantly excited. “How about now?” I replied before leaning in and kissing her. I stood up so I was a little closer to her and continued to kiss her some more. Our tongues teasing each other. My hand starting to slide up over her panties and onto her thighs. Her hands were around me, just edging up my skirt and brushing against my ass cheeks. I briefly stopped kissing her. “Let’s go somewhere a little more comfortable” I told her before taking her by the hand, and walking down the other end of the room to the large corner sofa. We sat next to each other, as close as we could and we started kissing each other again.

Her hand was going further and further up my skirt and was so, so close to my pussy. I ran my hand under her crop top and found her erect nipples on her wonderful tits! She moaned as I ran my fingers over them. Her hand slid a little further up and reached my pussy. I was already soaked. “Ahhh fuck” I groaned as her finger ran over my clit. “Mmm no panties. My favourite kind” she said as she ran her hand over my pussy. “Fuck” I said aloud. “I want it” she told me. “Take it” I replied. She got down on her knees on the floor and lifted my skirt up to my waist. She kissed my pubes, then kissed my clit before running her tongue up my pussy. “Ohhh fuck!” I shouted as I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her into my cunt. She paused briefly. “Fuck, you taste great! I’ve missed this” she said before licking away at my pussy again. “Me too” I replied, trying to keep my composure. I could feel the warmth taking over my body. My moaning was getting louder and I was breathing faster. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I said as I could feel my orgasm reaching me. She slid a finger inside me as her tongue continued to play with my clit “Ahhhh fuck!” I cried out as I came hard.

She took her top off revealing her beautiful titties, and then she reached around my back, unclipped my bra top and took it off. She knelt up a little and started kissing me again. Our nipples touching as I caressed her. I was so excited, I had missed this so much! As we kissed her fingers found my pussy again. She slid one in and I gently bit her lip as it entered me. “Ahhh fuck” I said again. I leant back and she started fingering me slow and purposefully. “I’m starting to feel selfish” I told her as I grabbed at my own tits. “Just enjoy it” she replied with a smile. She slid a second finger inside me and I knew I would come quickly. “Harder’ I asked her. She slipped a third finger inside. My pussy was soaked and you could hear the wetness as her fingers started fucking me. “Fuck, you’re going to make me squirt” I told her. “Mmm I’d like that” she said smiling. She started to finger fuck me harder and harder and harder – her thumb working my clit at the same time. “Oh fuck” I cried out. I tapped her on the wrist, and she knew exactly what it meant. She fingered me hard one more time before pulling out of me. I cried out and squirted everywhere. I couldn’t fucking stop! My body was trembling. She smiled and sat back on the sofa next to me. We kissed again. I tugged at her panties and pulled them down a little. She took them off for me and I immediately placed my hand on her pussy. She was soaked too and as we kissed I slid a finger inside her, my other hand was running all over her tits. “Yes” she called out as my finger slid inside her.

I got on my knees, on the floor and retuned the favour. She tasted amazing and as I licked her she wrapped her legs around me. I grabbed her by the thighs and pulled her close. My tongue started working quickly and forcefully on her. She came really fucking hard all over my face! But I wasn’t done yet. I carried on licking and fingering her until she couldn’t take anymore. Arching her back and cumming again. “Fuck that was amazing” she said to me. “I have a present for you” I told her. I walked over to our treasure chest of sex toys, opened it and pulled out a 7inch, purple strap on that I had bought for the occasion. She took one look at and said “Fuck yes” as I started strapping it onto myself.

“You look really hot with a dick” she said as I slowly made my way back over to her. I got back on my knees, looked at her and bit my bottom lip. “Please fuck me” she pleaded. I took the dildo in my hand and squeezed the head inside her. I leant forward and we started kissing as I inched the big dildo inside her until it was deep! I started to fuck her, holding her by the thighs and still kissing. Big, hard thrusts were taking her breath away and the other end of the dildo was rubbing my clit as I fucked her. I fucked her hard, relentlessly until she came, crying out, screaming in pleasure!

I got back on the sofa and we sat there naked, the cock still attached to me. We cuddled for what seemed like hours and it was fucking wonderful!

About 2.00 am we said goodnight and went to our beds. Wes was in bed when I got into the room. “Sounds like you two enjoyed yourself” he said. I smiled. “Oh you heard us?” I asked. I immediately climbed on top of him, stroked his dick until he was hard and rode him, whispering into his ear, telling him exactly what we had done to each other! We both came quickly before collapsing and sleeping.

Something tells me I’m going to really enjoy having a super hot woman around the house!

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