Me, Him and Her.

Friday night was amazing! Wes had been working really hard recently but he had decided to take the night off to have some drinks with Suzi and I – and oh, we knew what was going to happen! Suzi had mentioned a few times that she wanted to fuck Wes again and we knew this was going to be the night!

Wes and I were getting ready in the bedroom. He was just wearing a pair of boxers – and oh my god I fucking love seeing him in his Calvins. “What shall I wear?” he asked me. “I think you should just wear that” I told him with a smile. He laughed and agreed. “I’ll tell you what” I said, taking my dress off, “I’ll just wear this” I said revealing my tight little black thong and black bra.

We walked into the living room in our underwear and poured three glasses of wine and three shots of vodka. We took a sip of our wine and Suzi walked in. She laughed when she saw us; “Oh well, I feel over dressed” she said. She immediately peeled her dress off showing us her super sexy red underwear. She sat on the sofa with us and we started drinking and chatting.

She couldn’t take her eyes off Wes and it was driving me wild. I couldn’t wait to watch them fuck!

After a while I got up and poured us all more wine. Once I had put the bottle back down I walked over to where Suzi was sat, knelt down on the floor and kissed her. A long, sexy, slow kiss. As we snogged I opened one eye to look at Wes – I instantly noticed the bulge in his boxers! I looked at her “Kiss him” I said. She smiled, looked at Wes, lent in and started kissing him. They were rabid, like they had both been desperate for it. I put my hand on his bulge as they kissed and felt his huge, throbbing dick.

The site of them kissing was amazing and I felt myself get really wet between my legs. I took hold of Suzi’s panties by their waistband and pulled them off over her sexy, long legs. I lent forward and gave her a peck on her pussy. “Ahhh” she cried out without her tongue leaving my husbands mouth. I held onto her thighs and moved a littler closer. I ran my tongue up her vagina until I got to her clit which I started to flick with my tongue. “Fuck” she said under her breath. I smiled and looked up – Wes was taking her bra off. Her lovely tits fell out and he cupped them in his hand. I moved away from her pussy, shuffled along a little bit and pulled Wes’s boxers down. His cock sprang to greet me, hard as a fucking rock. I took him in my mouth and rubbed Suzi’s clit with my right hand. This is where I stayed for several minutes, swapping over; sucking Wes off them moving to Suzi’s pussy and vice versa. All three of us so fucking turned on! Every time I went to Wes’s cock I’d start fingering Suzi hard and she was loving it!

I stood up, lent in to Wes, who stopped kissing Suzi, I put my hands on his face and kissed him, reaching down and stroking his cock at the same time. I then lent into Suzi and kissed her, reaching down to feel her soaked pussy. I looked at her. “Fuck him. Please fuck him. I want to watch” I said. “Mmmm my pleasure” she responded before kissing me again. I took off my bra and panties and walked across the room and sat on the arm chair – raising my one leg over the side so my legs were spread. Suzi stood up and climbed on top of my husband. She reached down and took his cock in her hand. As she started to do that, I ran my hand over my body and onto my pussy. I was fucking drenched!

She sat up slightly and sat on his dick, squeezing it into her tight pussy. “Fuck, you’re big” she said to him, as she took him inside her. They started kissing again and I started to finger myself. I was so excited – watching the two of them was incredible! His hands all over her naked body, watching her going up and down on his cock, I came really quickly, and so did she! Almost in unison which made us both giggle… Wes lifted her off his cock and told her to bend over. She got up on to the sofa, on all her fours. He stood up behind her, held her hips and slid himself inside her. “Ahhh fuck yes!” She cried out as he spanked her! Fuck it was so hot and my pussy was like a fucking fountain! Wes was fucking her so hard and my fingers were working overtime on my pussy! Suzi came really hard and when she caught her breath she looked at me and said “get down on here”. Fuck I was ready for this…

I walked over and lay on the sofa, spreading my legs. She instantly buried her face in my wet cunt and started licking me out. Every thrust of my husbands cock made her tongue run over my clit. “Ahhh fuck, yes, fuck ahhh” I cried out as I put my hand on her head and pushed her face into my pussy. I came so fucking hard again – looking up and smiling at my sexy husband fucking my female fuck buddy!

Suzi looked at me “I want to watch you two fuck” she said. I got up and sat on the sofa, spreading my legs, inviting my husband inside me. He crawled over to me and rubbed his cock over my pussy. Suzi quickly grabbed it and sucked it, deep throating him – before pushing it into my pussy. “Ahhh fuck yes, I need this” I cried out to my husband. He started to fuck me hard. I grabbed my tits as his cock pounded me. Suzi moved up on to the sofa and sat next to me. She turned to me and kissed me as her hand wandered down her body and on to her pussy. “I’m fucking soaked” she said to me as Wes fucked me to orgasm! She kissed me again. “Where do you think we should have him cum?” She asked me with a smile. I kissed her. “How about all over us?” I replied. “Fuck yes!”.

Wes pulled out of me and Suzi and I walked to the middle of the room and knelt down next to each other. “Come here baby” I said to my husband. He walked over to us – his big cock, rock hard. Suzi took it in her mouth first, sucking him off as she stroked him. Then I took it off her and did exactly the same. Wes could barely hold his cum back, moaning and groaning as he watched us share his dick. As I went to put it back in my mouth he looked down at us and said “I’m going to cum”. Suzi nudged up even closer to me, so our nipples were touching. I stroked my husbands throbbing cock and he shot his load all over us. Hitting our faces, tits, everywhere! It was so fucking hot! We were covered!

That night we all slept in our bed, with Wes in the middle. I woke early in the morning and smiled as I saw Suzi sprawled all over my husband. I got up and went for a pee and made us all a coffee. When I returned to the room Suzi was under the covers sucking his dick. I pulled back the cover. “Oh my. Morning guys” I said smiling. “Hi” Suzi replied, smiling with my husbands hard cock in her hand. “I looked at it, looked back at her and said “It’s my go first this time” before climbing on top of him and taking him all inside me….

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