Making Love: Girl on Girl

So something happened late yesterday afternoon. Something that surprised me and definitely something that has given me a lot to think about. I made love to a woman! Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s true, I have slept and had sex with dozens of women. I’ve even had sex with Suzi loads recently. We’ve had hot, sexy, lustful, dirty sex, but we had never made love to each other before. In fact, in that sense I had never ‘made love’ to a woman before.

I walked in Suzi’s bedroom yesterday afternoon, to take her in a cup of coffee I had made. I was literally just wearing my comfies – some leggings and an over sized t shirt. When I walked in to the room to give her the coffee she was just lay on her bed watching a film on tv. She patted the space on the bed by the side of her and said “Want to watch with me?”, “Sure” I said, settling myself down on the bed.

We both lay there, chatting away and watching the film for ages. I think it’s fair to say, when I think back I have definitely started having feelings towards Suzi now for a little while. But it was when she started talking about Wes that really got me thinking. She was telling me how much she liked him and “us” and how much she has enjoyed spending time with us both. He’s also “fucking wonderful in bed” she told me. It just started me thinking about her in a completely different way, that I wasn’t really expecting!

I rolled over on to my side to talk to her, and she did the same. For a moment we forgot everything and just stared into each other’s eyes. I put my hand on the cheek of her face and she smiled. Her skin felt so soft. I leaned in kissed her. Slowly. Passionately. As we kissed her hand found the cheek of my face and we held each other there, really softly. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, but neither of us wanted to stop. The moment was intense and it’s like we both knew it was different somehow.

We continued kissing ad I never wanted it to end. Suzi briefly pulled away from my mouth and muttered words that shocked me. Looking me right in the eyes, holding my face softly she whispered “I love you” I instantly felt butterflies in my stomach and without hesitation I  whispered back “I love you too”. We started kissing again. A little firmer now. A little sexier – if that was possible. I felt her hand slide up under my t shirt, which instantly gave me goosebumps. Her hand brushed over my erect nipple and made me desperate for her! I followed her lead and ran my hand up her shirt. Just like me – no bra. I slowly and gently cupped her tit in my hand and she quietly moaned.

Her hand left my t shirt and wandered down my body. She flicked the waistband of my leggings before putting her hand under them and resting it on my pussy. We kissed, harder again this time and her fingers gently rubbed my clit. “Fuck” I whispered in her ear before returning to kiss her. Again, I followed her lead. Running my hand slowly up her skirt, finding the edge of her panties and pushing my hand through the side of them. My fingers instantly found her pussy. She was soaking wet and as I caressed her I watched as her body filled with goosebumps. She arched her back and I slipped a finger inside her and started to slowly push it in and out of her. “Fuck yes” she said as my finger slipped deep inside her.

Her fingers were now inside me too, and we were yet to stop kissing. It’s like we needed each other, and at the same time couldn’t get enough of each other. She lowered her head slightly, pulled up my T-shirt and started licking the nipples of my perky, little tits. She felt amazing and I was completely lost in the moment.

She momentarily stopped and pulled away to take her top and skirt off. I used the time to take my T-shirt and leggings off. We then resumed our positions on our side and started kissing each other again. I wrapped my leg over her as I lowered my hand onto her pussy. She was soon fingering me again and I felt the heat take over my body as I came quietly, kissing her throughout. My fingers were now rubbing her clit a little harder, I could tell she wanted it and within a few seconds of my orgasm she came herself.

We continued kissing until I pulled away and shuffled down the bed a little. I put my legs between here’s – scissoring her – and we both lay back and moved our groins. Our pubic hair and clits were rubbing against each other. We were both so wet our pussy’s were just sliding against each other. I grabbed my tits, arched my back, thrusting into her and we both simultaneously came!

I got up and we kissed again, before cuddling up to each other in our naked, sweaty state.

I have no idea where this is going to go now, but it seems obvious things have greatly changed between us as we have feelings for each other. I’m certain she has the same feelings for my husband Wes too.
I don’t know where (if anywhere) this will go, but I’m certain I’m going to enjoy it…

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