2’s Company, 3’s a Party

Wes had told me he was going to be working Friday, and wouldn’t be back until late so in our infinite wisdom Suzi and I planned a day of drinking at home. We bought cocktail mixtures, lots of booze, wine, the lot.

I opted to wear a pink, vest t-shirt, a black mini skirt and high heels while Suzi went for a classy lil black dress.

We started drinking far too early: I was on the vodkas by 11.00am which is either a great, or not so great sign – but we had the best day with loads of chatting and fun.

At one point I had been sat on the sofa in our bar room and Suzi had being going down on me for like forty minutes, edging me constantly – I looked at the clock and it was only 1.00 in the afternoon!

We had both kept in touch in with Wes all day. At one point I even took a couple of selfies of Suzi sucking on my tits to send him (they’re the pics on this post).

By the time Wes returned home at around 8.00 we were both hammered. We were silly and looking back, probably quite annoying! We both screamed with excitement – like school girls – when he walked in to the bar. I went straight over to him and snogged him. He grabbed at my booty and said “Looks like you girls have had fun!” By this time Suzi was on her hands and knees crawling seductively over to him. I smiled when I saw her, looked at my husband and said “Can we keep her? She’s so much fun. She can be like our little pet” I said joking. Suzi barked at him. It was super cute and very sexy. By the time she reached him she kissed his groin and then stood up and snogged him. She whispered in my ear “Can I talk to you”, “Sure” I replied and she took me by the hand and walked me into the bathroom. “Get a big drink, play catch-up” I shouted to Wes as we left the room.

When we got to the bathroom Suzi kissed me and said “Can I fuck your husband again please? He’s so fucking dreamy” I kissed her, looked her in the eye and said “You can have him whenever you want. You don’t have to ask.” As we were leaving the room I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror and laughed. We were a mess! Our hair was wild, make up all over the place and smudged and my right tit had fallen out of my top!

We held hands and made our way back to the bar room. Wes was stood there drinking a huge glass of whiskey. I immediately snogged him again and Suzi followed suit once I was done…

He looked at Suzi and smiled. “Suck her tits like you did for the photo please” I immediately lifted my top so my tits fell out. Without hesitation she dived into my chest and took a tit in her mouth, flicking at my nipple with her tongue. Wes went and sat down on the armchair and watched us while he sipped his drink. Suzi pulled away from me and looked at him “Did you like that?” She asked him. “Fuck yes” he replied “Did it make you hard?”, “Why don’t you come and check for yourself” he said to her. She slowly walked over to him and sat on top of him, straddling him. She kissed him and started dry humping him. It was so fucking sexy and I could tell Wes was desperate to fuck her. He fondled with his belt buckle and finally ended up undoing it and pulling his suit trousers down a little, his big, hard cock sprang out and she instantly grabbed it, lifted her skirt and sat on top of it – taking all of him inside her. “Fuck you feel amazing. So fucking big” she told him as she started to ride him. I walked over, crouched down on my knees and kissed my husband, before moving to Suzi and kissing her. She looked at him “Will you cum inside me tonight please?” She asked. “Of course”. I sat there, taking it in turns to snog them both, playing with my pussy which was getting wetter and wetter as I watched them fuck.

I walked across the room and lent over the bar, parting my legs. “She wants you too” she said to Wes as she climbed off him. A few seconds later I felt his hands on my thighs and then with a little push he was deep inside me. Fucking my cunt hard from behind. “Ahhh fuck yes” I cried out. He spanked me hard and started pounding me. His long shaft thrusting in and out of me. Throbbing inside me. Suzi lent on the bar next to me and started kissing me. The more we snogged, the more turned on he became and the harder he fucked me. As he spanked me again I came really hard and really loud.

Wes pulled out of me, took a slight step to his right and squeezed his big cock into Suzi. I replayed the favour and started kissing her as he fucked her. My pussy was still dripping and it was so exciting to see him fucking her. She was crying out “Fuck yes, fuck me, please fuck me, give me your big cock” and it was spurring him on. He grabbed at her ass as he fucked her and I could tell she was going weak at the knees. “Fuck I’m going to cum” she shouted out. I kissed her again and felt her stiffen and twitch as she orgasmed. Wes spanked her, thrusted his cock inside her as hard as he could and came – filling her pussy just like she had asked. It was so fucking hot!

You know that old saying that says “two’s company, three’s a crowd”? Yeah, well they were so fucking wrong. Two’s company, three’s a party!

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