The Story of Elijah Part 9: A Story of Two Parts

So I had a really sexy evening yesterday and this is very much a story of two parts.

I’d put it off so long but it had got to the point where I had to go in to my office to get some things off my computer. I haven’t seen Elijah in an absolute age, and to tell the truth I’ve not bothered texting him much either, because, we;;, if I can’t see him what’s the point? But I thought this might be a good opportunity to see him briefly so I sent him the following text:

As you can see he was pretty keen to meet. I left our house at about 4.30, kissing both Wes and Suzi as I left and I got to the office just before 5.00. I gathered everything up that I needed and checked my emails etc quickly. As it got closer to 6.00 I was definitely getting excited. I had been craving some fresh cock and thought a hard, little quickie would be just the ticket!

At exactly 6.00 I heard the main door to our office block open. I knew it was Elijah. I walked round to the other side of my desk so my back was facing my office door. I grabbed my black skirt and pulled it up over my thighs. I parted my legs, standing tall in my high heels and waited. A few seconds later he walked through my door and was greeted with my bare booty as I lent forward on the desk. “Wow” he said aloud. I didn’t say anything. He moved close to me, behind me and he put his cold hands on my waist. He kissed my neck. “I’ve missed you so fucking much” he said to me. I pushed my ass back into his groin so it rubbed up against his hard-on. “Oh you have, have you?” I replied. “have you been fucking your pretty, little wife, pretending she’s me?” I asked him. “Yes. Yes I have” he muttered as he continued to kiss my neck – his hands wandering all over my body. “I bet you fucked her so hard thinking about me didn’t you?”, “Yes I did Alice”. He wrapped his arms around my body and his fingers unpicked the buttons on my blouse. When he undid the last button my tits fell out, spilling into his cold hands. He grabbed at them. “You’ve missed those too haven’t you?” I asked him. “Yes. So fucking much Alice”, “and this as well I bet” I said pressing my big ass into his crotch again. He grabbed a handful of my booty and squeezed it hard. “I’ve wanted nothing more” he told me.

He was still kissing me all over, and his hands were wandering all over my tits, teasing my erect nipples. “Fuck me then” I told him. “Show me how much you’ve missed me, how much you’ve wanted to fuck me.”

I felt him undo his trousers and knew he had pulled them down when I felt his erect dick press up against my ass. “Mmmm” I moaned. “There it is”. He was breathing heavy, like he couldn’t quite contain his excitement. He ran his hand up my inner thigh and then onto my pussy. My panties were soaked. He pulled them down to my knees, grabbed my waist and pushed his short and fat cock inside me. “Ahhhh you feel great” I told him as I felt his balls slap against my ass. “Fuck” he grunted as he started to fuck me with his throbbing cock. His hands were all over me, like a wild animal who had waited too long to fuck someone. “Do I feel better than your wife?” I asked him. “Fuck yes” he replied. “Mmmm you love to fuck my tight cunt don’t you” I said to him as he furiously continued to fuck me. “So fucking much” he shouted. “Ahhhhh fuck, you feel good” and he really did! “I’ve missed your cock too” I pushed my ass against him to show him that i wanted it even deeper. Even harder.

He held on to my thighs, like he was preparing and steadying himself and started to fuck me as hard as he could. “Ahh fuck yes, that’s it” I screamed out as I came hard. My hard nippled were brushing over the oak on my desk and it felt intense but fucking wonderful. “Fuck I need this” he cried out as his dick continued to pump my pussy. “Show me how much, give me your cum” I told him, getting closer and closer to another orgasm myself. He started speeding up and I knew he was so close – I could feel it. But so was I. “Ahhhh fuck, yes, fuck me” I begged. I came again and as my pussy tightened around his cock I felt him cum inside me. So much fucking cum! I didn’t think he was going to stop cumming. So much fucking cum!

He pulled himself out of me and we kissed. “Maybe we shouldn’t leave it so long next time” I said to him smiling…

Not long after I grabbed my things, left the office and made my way back home.

I got home and although it was still early the house seemed to be in darkness.There was no one in the living room, so I walked to our bar room and was surprised to see no one in there. I went up the stairs, knocked on Suzi’s bedroom door and put my hear around the door – it was empty too. I walked down the corridor and into our bedroom. A night lamp in the corner dimly lit the room. As I looked over to the bed, I saw them both lying there, naked on top of the covers – both fast asleep. As I looked closer I could see that Suzi had Wes’s (now) flaccid cock in her hand and spunk all over her tits. “Fuck” i thought to myself. It just looked so hot!

I creeped around the other side of the bed as there was more room next to Suzi and I started taking my clothes off. “Hi” she whispered. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you” I whispered back. Once I was naked I lay on the bed next to her and she kissed me. “Looks like you two have had fun” i said to her smiling. She kissed me again. “We fucked earlier and then when we came to bed he gave me the best oral I’ve ever fucking had!” She told me. I giggle quietly. “yeah he’s pretty fucking good at it” I responded. “i gave him a handjob afterwards.” I ran my finger over her tit collecting some of his cum on them and then licked my fingers. “I can see that” I said to her. She laughed and kissed me.

“What about you, how was your evening?” She asked. “It was good. Elijah fucked me from behind on my desk” I told her. “Fuck that’s so hot” she interrupted. “I’m so fucking full of his cum”. She ran her hand down my body, giving me goosebumps, and rested it on my pussy. “Mmmm let me feel” she said. She slid two fingers inside me and started playing with the cum that was inside me. un bing it all over me, using it as a lube on my clit. “Fuuuuuuck” I whispered as her fingers started massaging my clit. We kissed each other – a slow, passionate kiss. I pulled away briefly and ran my tongue over her tit, clearing up my husbands spunk. Elijah’s cum was covering my pussy and her hand, and trying to be as quiet as I could be I came again as she sank her fingers deep inside me…

I lay there and fell asleep too for a couple of hours. When we woke it seemed silly us all being in bed together and not making the most of it…

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