Shower Anal

Last night I was taking a shower, listening to some music as you do, minding my own business.

I was washing shampoo out of my hair and heard the shower door open. I wiped the bubbles from my face, turned around and saw Wes step in the shower. “Hi” he said to me softly before pulling me close and kissing me. “Hi” I replied as he moved his lips away from mine. He reached for the bottle of shower gel, squeezed some out on to his hands and rubbed his hands together to foam it up. Then he put his hands on my thighs and started massaging it into me. Wiping it all over me, covering me in bubbles.

His hands ran up my body and rubbed the lotion into my tits. His hands slipped over me and ran across my nipples. As his hands slipped all over my tits I felt my pussy get instantly wet.

He reached for more lotion and squeezed more out onto the palm of his hands. I reached down, making sure I didn’t break eye contact and felt his cock. Hard and throbbing – just the way I like it.

He kissed me again and whispered into my ear “turn around”. I did as he asked, because I wanted it too.
As I turned around he started rubbing the lotion into my ass, grabbing at my cheeks as he did it. He lightly bit my shoulder and I turned my head slightly to kiss him. I could feel his cock pressing itself into the bottom of my back…

I lifted my leg slightly onto a small step we have in the shower and his dick instantly rubbed against my pussy. “I want you so fucking much” he said to me. I reached down and with the slightest touch of his dick, he was sliding inside me. His hard cock flinching and throbbing as he held on to my thighs and started to fuck me. As he ran his hands in front of me to squeeze at my tits, I pushed back at him letting him know I wanted it deeper. “Ahhhh fuck” I cried out as his cock filled my pussy. A few more hard thrusts and I was cumming. He held on to my ass as my orgasm shivered over my body and made me weak at the knees.

After I came he continued to fuck me with long, deliberate strokes. His balls felt tight and full as they slapped against my booty. “I want you in my ass” I told him. He reached for the lotion again. Poured it over his hands and gently started to finger my tight asshole. “Yes” I whispered to him. “Fuck me baby” I pleaded. He pulled his dick out of my pussy and slapped it against my ass a few times. Then I felt the tip squeeze my asshole open. “Ahhh” I cried out in a mixture of pain and excitement. I turned my head again to kiss him and as I did he would push a little more inside me, then a little more – until he was deep in my ass. I gasped for air with the first stroke of his wonderful cock…

He rested his hands on the top of my thighs and started to fuck me. I reached down with my right hand and started to stroke my clit, firm and hard. Wes was fucking me hard now and as his big dick stretched my ass I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming again, “Ahhh yes, fuck yes, yes, yes” I cried out loudly. “Fuck me baby” I pleaded as I tried to catch my breath. He bit my shoulder – harder this time and I came. I rested the cheek of my face on the cold shower tikes to cool myself down. But he kept fucking me. His hands slipping and sliding all over my soapy body.

He fucked me hard, every thrust was making his cock throb. I could feel every vein. He then moaned loudly and I felt him shoot his cum, deep into my asshole!

I pulled away slightly and turned to face him before kissing him and collapsing my body in to his…. Showers really are better when someone else is in with you!

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