Sleepy sex with 3 in a bed.

Because Suzi had moved in with us temporarily and we were (and are) having conversations about becoming a throuple, last month Wes bought us a super king sized bed and mattress. Honestly, it’s fucking delightful and we all fit in there together perfectly. In fact the three of us have slept in there since the day it arrived. Usually Wes sleeps in the middle, but sometimes we alternate depending on what time everyone’s gone to bed etc.

Last night Wes slept in the middle and we were all fast asleep by 1.00 am ish. At some point during the night I rolled onto my side and cuddled into Wes, who was also lay on his side, facing me. We were definitely both more than half asleep but he put his arm around me as he always does.

I’m really not sure what happened, but I definitely kissed him first, then he kissed me back. Still half asleep, there we were snogging away. All of a sudden I felt his hand squeeze my ass cheek, and that certainly waked us both up a little. I can only presume he was having a sexy dream, because when I lowered my arm and reached for his dick, it was rock hard! I gave it a little stroke and he started to open his eyes slightly. We kissed again and he kept on grabbing at my butt.

As I started to stroke him a little firmer we were both starting to wake. When I pulled my lips away from his I whispered “I want you”. His hand moved from my ass, over my body and onto my pussy. He slid a finger in. I was soaked. We kissed again and when we finally stopped I whispered “I really fucking want you”.

He rolled on top of me and he didn’t even have to touch his hard dick for it to enter me. The head slipped in and with a slight push he thrust himself inside me. Stretching my pussy with his big cock. “Fuck” I whispered as I reached around him and put my hands on his ass, pulling him close. Pulling him deep inside me.

He was fucking me with long, thrusts and I was already getting carried away. We kissed again. It was perfect, like we couldn’t keep our hands and mouths off each other. As I lay on my back I looked to my left and noticed Suzi there, fast asleep, her tits hanging over the top of the duvet. To be honest, being half asleep and all I had completely forgot she was there!

I felt slightly awkward about it for a whole second before my body gave way to my husbands thrusts and I came quietly. More kissing – our tongues teasing and playing with each other. Like a sexy, hot dance. I dug my fingernails into Wes’s back gently and he started to thrust harder and harder. I bit his bottom lip as he pulled his cock out slightly, and then ‘thud’ he thrusted into me as hard as he could. His hips moving up and down onto my body as his cock fucked me hard. He grabbed my tits and started kissing me passionately – he was definitely awake now! “You’re going to make me cum again” I told him as he continued to grab at me, and fuck me with all of the energy he could muster. As I felt the heat of my orgasm cover my body, he grabbed my thighs, thrusted inside me one last time and came inside me. We kissed again before he rolled off me and lay back down on the bed… We were both back asleep within minutes.

When I woke this morning Wes had already left for work. I told Suzi that we had made love while she was asleep next to us, and she just thought it was the hottest fucking thing! “You should have just touched me up” she told me!

We cuddled for a bit before she asked me to tell her exactly what had happened – which of course I did. As I told her she played with herself until she bought herself to orgasm! This is definitely how all nights should end and how every morning should start!

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