Who Licks Better?

The other evening, after work I had taken a long shower. Wes went in straight after me as I headed to the living room to sit down and dry off in my towel, while I smoked a cigarette and drank a cup of coffee.

A few minutes later Wes walked in butt naked – he always does this. For some reason after a shower he likes to “naturally dry off” so never uses a towel! He sat next to me and gave me a little kiss. I find it hard to take my eyes off him at the best of times but when he’s set there stark naked and dripping wet it’s even more difficult! I could clearly see him perving on me as well, with only a small towel hiding my body.

After another few minutes Suzi walked in, wearing her night gown. “Why’s everyone almost naked?” She asked. Wes and I both laughed. “I feel left out” she said as she took her nightgown off and sat on the armchair. Two sexy, hot, naked bodies in the living room with me. I was pretty sure this could get very sexy, very quickly.

Wes picked my coffee mug up from the table and took a big sip of it (he literally always drinks my coffee). “Who do you two think licks pussy better – men or women?” He innocently asked.
“I’m not sure really. They’re both completely different I think” I replied.
“Yeah I think it’s different too” Suzi added.
“So you couldn’t say who is best?” He asked again.
“I don’t think so hun. I love both” I confessed.
He smiled (fuck, I love his smile!) “We should find out” he said with that cheeky and sexy smirk spread across his face.

He got down on his knees between my legs and pulled at my little towel until it was on the floor. He kissed my inner thigh. Then gently kissed my bush. A peck on my clit was next. “Fuck, yes, let’s find out” I said. He held on to my thighs and ran his tongue over my pussy. It felt amazing. I put my legs over his shoulders as his mouth muzzled into my pussy. His tongue flicking and licking my clit as he started to slide a finger inside me. “Ahhh fuck, that feels amazing” I told him. I looked over on to the armchair and Suzi was playing with herself. Her eyes glued onto us.

As his tongue licked away at me I felt myself get wetter and wetter. I closed my eyes, lent back and let my huge orgasm take over my body. It was fucking beautiful! When he finished he sat back up on the sofa next to me. “Fuck that was amazing” I told him.
“Thing is though, who does it better?” He asked. Suzi got up, walked over to me and knelt down exactly where my husband had just been. She rubbed my clit a little with the palm of her hand and then started licking away at me. It was definitely softer and slower than the way Wes had gone down on me but it felt just as nice. I reached my hand out next to me and took my husbands cock in my hand – stroking his long, hard shaft slowly and smoothly. Suzi slipped two fingers inside me and within minutes I had orgasmed again!
“So who was better” Wes asked, his dick still in my hand.
“I loved both. I’m not choosing” I replied.
“Perhaps we need a second opinion” he told us.

He stood up, kissed Suzi and sat her down on the sofa. Just like he had done before with me, he sat between her legs. Kissing her softly to start with before his tongue caressed her clit and pussy. His finger had only been inside her for a few seconds when her body shook and she came! We stood up and took me by the hand to pull me up. “Your turn” he said. I got down on my knees, while Wes sat down, and resumed the position. She was soaked and her juices tasted amazing. I too made her cum after a few minutes of licking her out.

“Who’s best?” Wes asked her when she had caught her breath.
“Fuck. I can’t answer” she said. “It’s a draw. I love both” she added.
“I can settle with a draw” Wes said laughing and sipping at more of my coffee.

“The only question now then is who’s better at giving you head?” I asked him.
“Ha, no fucking way am I choosing” he said.
I laughed. “Perhaps it’s the same and would be a draw again” I said. “Maybe it would be best if we were both doing doing it at the same time?”

I looked at Suzi and that’s all I had to do. She walked over to me, knelt down beside me and kissed me. I looked up at my husband sat there and smiled. I took his cock in my hand, which was still rock hard and kissed the tip. Suzi then also kissed the tip. We kissed each other again before simultaneously licking each side of his dick. “Fuck” he cried out. I took him in my mouth and stroked away at him as my mouth ran up and down his cock. I pulled away and Suzi took it in her hand. Taking him all in her mouth, a little faster than I had. For the next several minutes we continued to take turns taking him in our mouths. Only breaking occasionally to kiss each other, before both tonguing his cock again. Suzi had her hand on his balls massaging them and I stroked his cock as we placed it in our mouths. “Ahhh fuck, I’m going to cum” he cried out. I took it out of my mouth and we both started licking his shaft again. His balls tightened and his cock pumped his jizz all over our faces! Covering us. It was like it was never going to end. So much fucking cum!

I looked at Suzi and she looked so sexy with his cum all over her face. I lent towards her and kissed her, long and hard, before licking some of his jizz off her face.

I looked up at Wes. “We just going to call it a draw then?” I asked smiling.
“Fuck yes!” He replied.
Suzi and I both giggled before kissing each other again…

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