In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

I have always been able to recall my dreams in vivid detail, which isn’t so great for the odd nightmare I get but it’s fucking wonderful when I have a super sexy sex dream like the other night!

This dream was set in Amsterdam, a place I’ve had several amazing breaks with my husband. We’ve hired hookers, watched live sex shows and got high on weed – the lot! It’s one of my favourite cities…

This dream started in a large red room. The red lights were blinding so I couldn’t see much, but as I looked around the room things were becoming clearer. I looked down and saw that I was naked, wearing only a pair of high heels. I was stood on a bright red, cushioned stage that was illuminated by some neon lights. I looked to my right and as my vision cleared I saw dozens of people sat there. Mostly men, but there was definitely women there too. I can remember momentarily feeling nervous. I didn’t know why I was naked and what I was doing on stage. It all became clear when I looked to my left. I knew why I was there. My nerves turned to excitement immediately. Stood there, to my left was a really tall, muscular man. He was huge and he was staring at me – like he was taking ownership of me. I looked down and he had a fucking massive hard cock! Ridiculously huge, but fuck I wanted it! I knew instantly I was putting on a sex show, and I couldn’t wait!

I walked over to the giant, muscular man. I could barely reach him to kiss him as his huge, erect penis was prodding into my stomach, but I leant forward just enough for our mouths to touch and our tongues to tangle in a passionate kiss. He held my hips and pulled me as close as he could. I looked to my right and saw the audience. All staring intently at us. All wanted us to get it on. I dropped to my knees and took hold of his monster cock. I needed both hands to pull it to my mouth. I kissed the tip and looked up at him. Taking all his muscles in. He looked amazing. I placed as much of his cock in my mouth as I could – which wasn’t a lot – but it had the desired effect. I stroked his hard dick with both hands as I sucked off his end.

I dropped backwards, laying on the cushion stage and looked up at him. He smiled as I parted my legs. My pussy, wide open for him. He dropped down onto his knees, lifted my legs and brushed my clit with his dick. I reached down and put it in place. With the slightest of thrusts the head of his cock was inside me. The audience cheered as he entered me and I looked over to them. I wondered how many had boners right this second? How many women were wet? Jealous that this monster was about to fuck me and use me.

My man kept pushing himself inside me. Little by little, stretching my pussy all the way. “Ahhhh” I cried out in a mixture of pain and the most wonderful pleasure. I didn’t take my eyes off the audience as he started to fuck me. His massive cock pounding my pussy, hard but slow.

He picked up the pace a little, fucking me with long strokes. I finally looked away from the audience to check out his beautiful chiselled body. I looked down at his massive cock, and then like a wave I came really hard. It seemed to turn my man on though and he started to fuck me faster and harder. I could hardly catch my breath. He was fucking me into oblivion. His cock just wouldn’t stop! I felt another orgasm creep over him and it felt different this time. I knew what it meant! As I was about to orgasm I quickly pushed him out of me and with a shout of “FUCK YES!” I squirted everywhere! Covering his torso  and the padded floor. It was met by applause, wolf whistles and shouts of “Yes!” From the crowd. I looked over at them, they seemed so close now, and I smiled at them as I grabbed my tits and squeezed my hard nipples…

I stood up and looked down at him on his knees. I leant down, put my hand on his throat and kissed him. He reached up for my tits, finally wanting a feel of them for himself. With my foot I pushed him down on to his back. I put my foot on his stomach, my high heel digging into his muscles. I looked at the crowd again – all nodding in approval, looking almost as excited I was. I sat on my man, reaching down and lifting his heavy, massive cock. I sat up slightly, then eased myself onto his dick. He immediately reached around me and grabbed at my big booty. I leant forward and start rinding him. My nipples brushing up against his mouth and stubble as I rocked backwards and forwards. He moaned and groaned as I started to ride him a little harder. I sat up and put my hands on his sweaty stomach and started to bounce up and down on his monster cock as hard as I could. “Fuck, yes, yes, yes” I was shouting as I took all of him inside me. His hands were squeezing my hips and I could feel it again. I knew I could cum so easily. I bought myself as close as I could, then stood up over him, rubbed my clit and squirted again, this time all over him! The audience cheered, clapped and whistled again as my juices splashed off his chest and face! I felt fucking amazing as I looked at them all!

When I had caught my breath I got down on to the floor on my fours making sure I was facing the audience members. I wanted to see them clearly. I stuck my booty up in the air and gave it a jiggle so my man could make no mistake in what I wanted! I felt his hands on my ass and I screamed as he entered me. He felt bigger than ever! “Fuck me!” I shouted to more audience applause. He did as I asked. Holding onto my thighs he fucked me, so fucking hard. I was making eye contact with audience members; There was a guy in the front row, staring at me, his wife or girlfriend was reaching across and she had his erect penis in her hand. Wanking him off as they watched us! His hand was between her thighs, massaging her pussy. By this time I was screaming so loud. His cock was throbbing inside me and I came again – relentlessly he continued. His massive cock absolutely pounding my drenched cunt. I came again! Every single member of the audience looked aroused. I could see so many trouser bulges and hands in pockets!

After I came yet again, I could feel his cock twitching and I could tell from his moans he was close so I pulled away. I crawled round to him on my knees and told him to stand up. He didn’t speak, didn’t answer, he just did exactly what he had been told! I took him in my mouth again, licking and sucking him fast and grabbing at his big balls. I looked up at him, and could tell what was happening. I pulled my mouth away from his cock, looked up at him again and smiled as he shot his creamy load all over my face. Covering me! When I had squeezed every last drop of cum out of him he collapsed on the floor. I stood up, put my foot on him again and looked down at him. He was beaten…

With cum dripping down off my face I looked at the crowd. They all applauded. All stood up – even the guy with his dick out. All clapping, screaming, shouting. This was my show and I had succeeded!

This is when I woke up. Instantly checking my face, in my sleepy state to see if it had cum on it. I could tell my pussy, inner thighs and bed sheets were drenched! What a fucking dream!

I love fucking in front of people and literally can not wait until our first swingers party so I get a chance to do it for real again! Until then, dreams will have to do – and if they’re as sexy and as vivid as this one, I’m ok with that…

6 thoughts on “In Dreams: Squirting Sex Show

  1. Great fantasy – a little more cohesive than the ones I have. And you stayed in 1 place! In my dreams the exhibitionism often morphs into me doing it in the school playground or somewhere equally inappropriate! Mega hot Alice.


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