Punish me “Boss”

I went in to work this morning, really hoping I’d see my “boss” as I had been day dreaming about the whole naughtiness of him fucking him, and of course I had also been thinking of his beautiful, big cock!

I dressed for the occasion; a see-through white top, a tiny black skirt, stockings and high heels.

I had been in my office about an hour when I saw him walk past my door and go into his office. I waited a while to let him settle into his day… After a check over in the mirror I left my office, walked down the hallway and went straight into his office.

“Hi boss. How are you?” I asked.
“Hi Alice. I’m good thanks. How are you?”
“I was doing okay boss but I’ve just remembered I completely forgot to bring that project brief in you wanted today” I explained.
He looked at me. “That’s ok Alice, there’s no rush at all…” I interupted him. “You know…” I walked over to his desk “you can punish me for getting things wrong.”

He looked confused. “What do you mean?” He asked.
I lent over his desk, and pulled my skirt up to my thighs. My bare ass sticking out into the air. “I mean, if I do something wrong you can punish me. Bad girls get spanked” I explained.

The door to his office was still open. “Alice, someone will see. You can’t do this…” I interupted him again and jiggled my booty.

“In that case you better punish me quickly” I told him.

“I don’t know… I don’t know what to…” He stuttered.

“Bad girls get spanked” I told him again.

He walked around to me, slamming the door shut on his way, and gently placed a hand on my ass. “Mmmm” I said seductively. “I’m sorry I forgot the project brief Boss.”

Then, all of a sudden – slap – the palm of his hand struck my right ass cheek, sending a shiver all over my body.

“I’m so sorry boss”
He spanked me again. The same cheek. “Ahhh” I moaned out in enjoyment. “Don’t gorgyet the other one boss” I told him, raising my ass slightly.

His hand struck against my other ass cheek. “Ahhh fuck” I cried feeling my juices flowing to my pussy.
He spanked me again. “You’re naughty” he shouted at me, which just made me desperate for his cock!

“I’m so sorry boss. Maybe you should just try and fuck some sense in to me!” I pleaded.

I felt him behind me, fumbling around with his belt buckel. As he pulled his trousers and boxers down his big, hard cock popped out, slapping against my ass.

“Mmm you’re hard already. Fuck me boss” I told him.

I was so fucking wet that even his massive chick slipped deep inside me with ease!

“Ahhhh fuck yes” I cried out loudly.
He put his hands on my thighs and started to fuck me hard and roughly with that beautiful, beastly cock of his. He felt fucking incredible and I could feel my juices flowing onto his cock.

He spanked me again. Hard. “Yes. That’s it boss. I’m so sorry” I cried out. He spanked me again, and again and again, all whilst pounding me so fucking hard!

“What if someone walks in Boss?” I asked him. This just seemed to spur him on. Excite him even more. His cock fucking me and throbbing inside my dripping cunt.

I came hard and didn’t appreciate until after just how loud i had been “YES, YES, YES,” I shouted as my orgasm took over my body.

His hands grabbed at my ass hard, he sank his cock inside me as deep as he could and filled my cunt with his jizz!

It was such an exciting quickie and I fucking adore his big, monster cock!

I left his office and walked back to mine. As I sat at my desk, completing my work I could feel his cum dripping out of me on to my chair.

I couldn’t help but think of ways I could be naughty and in need of punishment again…

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