The Story of Elijah Part 10. The Final Chapter

I was back in work yesterday and I knew Elijah was going to be there as he had sent me some texts over the weekend. I had already decided I wasn’t going to fuck him. This sounds harsh, but I’ve kind of had my fun with Elijah now, and I feel pretty done with it. The fact I have been fucking my ”boss” as well made me come to the decision to just cool it with Elijah for a bit. But it couldn’t hurt to have a little fun, could it?

I dressed for the occasion in some killer high heels, stockings, a tight, mini skirt and a white blouse.

I’d not been in my office for more than a couple of minutes when he walked in, making sure he shut the door behind himself. “Hi” he said, smiling as he walked over to me. He kissed me and immediately grabbed my butt. I could already feel his erection pressing up against me as our tongues caressed each other. I wanted to tease him – sometimes there’s nothing naughtier, and I was definitely in a naughty mood…

He had to leave then as he had a meeting, and there were people around, but I made sure I continued to tease him throughout the day. Every time I went to the bathroom or stationary cupboard I would send him a sexy selfie. Revealing a little more with each photo. The one above is one of the first I sent him, bent over, giving him a good view of my big booty… If I got a spare minute I’d quickly wander into his office and lean over his desk, giving him a glimpse of my bare titties. I swear, every time I saw him he had a raging erection, and it was really turning me on! I could feel his eyes on my ass every time I left his office.

The last photo I sent him from the toilet, I was standing in front of the mirror with my blouse undone so my tits were hanging out, my mini skirt was pulled up to my waist and my pussy was on show!

As soon as I returned to my office he walked in with a pile of paperwork over his crotch. I knew what he was doing! “Hiding something there?” I asked him nodding to the paperwork. He threw it down on my desk. “Yes” he said, rushing over to me – the bulge in his trousers pointing the way! He kissed me. It was a long, sexy, passionate kiss and his hand found my ass again.

“I want you so fucking much” he said. “I’ve been hard all day.”
“I noticed” I replied before kissing him again. “But I can’t fuck you anymore” I whispered into his ear.
“What, why not?” he sounded panicked. Worried even. This was fun!

I undid his belt and ran my hand under his trousers and boxers grabbing firmly at his short, fat cock which throbbed in my hand at the slightest touch. I started kissing his neck as I wanked him off slowly under his clothes.
“I just can’t” I whispered.
“Fuck. Why?” he asked again.
“You know Cole…”
“Our boss Cole?”
“Yeah that’s right…” I kissed his neck again, still firmly wanking him off and picking up the speed a little.
“What about Cole?” he asked me.
“I’ve been fucking him. I’ve been fucking him so much.” I told him.
“What? Really?” he sounded really surprised.
“Yeah I have, and do you want to know something? He’s fucking huge. He stretches me. He has a massive fucking dick that gets me so wet!”

Despite telling him all of this his cock was still throbbing in my hand as I kissed away at his neck.

“He’s fucked me everywhere… Last week he fucked me on this desk?”
“Really? Fuck!” he cried out.
“He did. Can you remember when you fucked me here?”
“Yes of course… ahhhh fuck!” he said in pleasure.
“Mmm you made me squirt everywhere. I bet Cole will learn how to make me squirt though, especially with that massive dick of his!”

Everytime I finished whispering to him I would return to kissing his neck.

“I’m probably going to fuck him later this afternoon again” I whispered, wanking him off harder and faster. “Mmm I’m going to get him to bend me over, and spank me like a naughty girl while he fucks me with that huge dick!”

I kissed his neck again and as I did I felt his body tighten “Ahhh fuckkkkk” he said as I felt him cum all over my hand and his pants! It was really fucking sexy.

I pulled my hand out and looked at the stain on his trousers.

“I can’t believe it’s over.” he told me, looking sad and a little pathetic.
I kissed him on the cheek. “For now” I said smiling, teasing him even more…

As he left my office, hiding his jizz stain I couldn’t help but think that this was probably the end of the story of Elijah. I thought back to it’s beginning, the huge amount of sexual tension there was between us. I thought about how sexy I had felt when he told me he had a wife and I realised I was the dirty, little secret. It had been loads of fun, but variety is the name of the game for me. There may be a few sentences left to write, hell, if I’m bored there may even be the odd paragraph here and there, but for the most part our story is over. Onwards…

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