Naked Sunbathing & Oral Sex

The sunshine makes everything better doesn’t it? It was a real hot day here Tuesday and I definitely made the most of it.

I’m so lucky that the back garden at our house is secluded and really private which meant Suzi and I could do a bit of nude sunbathing on the sun loungers, with a nice bottle of prosecco at hand. It was bliss!

Obviously with Suzi lay next to me naked it didn’t take me long to get really horny. She looked amazing and I couldn’t stop perving on her. Luckily for me she was doing exactly the same and checking me out at every opportunity.

As I sipped at my prosecco she looked at me and said “I want to kiss you so bad right now” I put my drink down on the table and reached my hand over to her. “Come kiss me then baby.”

She got off her lounger and came and lay on top of me. Our naked bodies brushing up against each other as the sun hit our skin. She put her mouth to mine and we started kissing. A sexy kiss. Subtle, slow but very sexy. I wrapped my arms around her body and reached down to give her booty a squeeze. The longer we kissed the more passionate it became. She tasted of sun lotion and prosecco and I wanted her so fucking much! My hands were running all over her from her booty to her back and then back down again. We both simultaneously moaned as we kissed and I felt myself get wet between my legs.

Suzi started moving down my body, kissing every inch of me. My lips, my neck, working her way down, where she stopped to lick my nipples that became erect instantly. Then she continued to move down, kissing my ribs, my stomach, my waist and my thighs. I was aching for her. I knew what was coming and I was desperate for her. She kissed my pubes before holding onto my legs and placing her face on my pussy. Then I felt the tongue. That incredible fucking tongue working it’s magic. My sun drenched body was covered in goosebumps and all I could do, all I wanted to do, was lay back, hold my tits and enjoy everything that was happening.

“Ahhhhh fuck that feels amazing” I told her as her tongue licked away at my clit. I was soaked and within minutes I came, covering her face with my juices.

“Fuck!” I said, breathing heavily and recovering. She moved her face away from my pussy, looked up at me and smiled. Her lips glistening from my pussy juices. She kissed my pubes again and gently slipped a finger inside me “Ahhhhhhhh” I cried out, still not fully recovered from my last orgasm. She kept kissing me; my pubes, thighs and stomach as her finger slipped in and out me, getting a little deeper each time. “Oh fuck!” I said under my breath aware that I was getting carried away again.

With her finger deep inside me she placed her head between my legs again and started to lick me. Honestly, I was so fucking wet at this point. Drenched! I lent back again, reached down and put my hand on her head, pushing her a little deeper into my pussy. “Fuck!” I cried out as her tongue worked it’s magic yet again.

I could feel myself approaching another orgasm when her finger slid inside my ass. Using my pussy juices as lube she squeezed her finger deep inside my tight hole. I immediately shouted “FUCK YES, YES, FUCKKKKK” and that’s when she started to finger fuck my ass while her tongue worked away on me at what felt like a hundred miles an hour…

I came so fucking hard again! She crawled back on top of me and we kissed.
“I love making you cum” she whispered in my ear. We kissed again. “I’m glad because you’re so fucking good at it” I whispered back…

Being a lover, I obviously repayed the favour then – going down on her until she came hard all over my face…

Fuck, you’ve got to love the sunshine, right!?

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