The other night I was home alone. Bot Wes and Suzi were out and I was killing time. I tried to get a little work done bus soon got distracted, being the queen of procrastination it was only a matter of time before I was wasting time on Twitter/Facebook etc. While I was on Facebook I received a message on messenger off Dean. I went to college with Dean and fancied the shit out of him! Despite my best attempts nothing ever happened. He’s been a Facebook friend since the beginning but apart from the odd ‘like’ I’ve never had any interaction with him really.

I opened the message instantly. “Hi, how are you? Can I video call you please?”

I thought for a second and just thought ‘fuck it’, I was bored anyway and I was intrigued in what he had to say. Seconds later the phone started ringing. I answered, looked into the camera and said “hi”

Dean had aged well. He still looked so fucking sexy but was sporting a lockdown beard and scruffy hair.

“Hi. I was just thinking it had been years since I have spoken to you. I’m trying to reconnect with people during Lockdown to stem the loneliness. How are you doing? What are you up to?”

I answered all of his questions, and gave him a brief description of my “throuple” situation.

“Wow, that sounds incredible” he told me.
“What about you? Are you married/kids?”
“Yeah I’m married. She’s at work. No kids though. You know me, I refuse to grow up too much.”

That sounded about right… With my camera in hand I wandered to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of wine and then went and sat back on my bed while we chatted.

“You look fucking wonderful” he said. Incredibly I blushed a little bit.
“Thank you. You’re looking good yourself” I told him.

We chatted for ages, catching up and I guess getting to know each a little bit. I moved a cushion in front of me on the bed and rested my phone against it. As I shuffled around, trying to reposition myself into a more comfortable position I leant forward – forgetting that I was wearing a very loose vest top.

“Shit, I almost had an eyeful then!” He said excitedly.
I laughed “haha I’m sorry. I was just getting comfortable.
“No need to apologies! It would have been nice” he said smirking.
“Oh, you’d have liked that would you?” I asked him.
“Fuck yes!” He said decisively and instantly.
“Well now that would be naughty, what with you being married and everything.”
“That’s very true” he said before letting out a loud and deliberate sigh.

I paused and thought for a second… “Although, I do kinda like naughty” I said with a little grin.
“Mm me too” he replied.

I lent forward a little and made sure I was in shot. I slowly lifted my vest up and took it off. My tits, complete with erect nipples instantly fell out.

“Wow! Fuck!”
“You like what you see?” I said as I ran the palm of my hand over my tit, grabbing it lightly.
“I fucking love it” he replied.
“Well, I’m very pleased. I could just sit here and chat to you topless then” I said laughing.
“Fuck. Yes, please. I’d like that a lot!”
I looked at him on the phone. He looked sweet but sexy. I noticed his hand was just out of shot.
“Are you playing with yourself?” I asked him.
“Uh, uh, well I’m…”
“You’re playing with yourself aren’t you?”
“Yeah. I’m sorry. You’re so fucking sexy though.”
“Don’t apologise, show me” I told him.

He hesitated for a few seconds then rested his phone down on what I presume was a coffee table. He grabbed the bulge in his trousers. “there you go” he said to me.
“Mmmm looks nice but when I say show me, I mean, really… show me”
I grabbed both my tits in my hands and squeezed them as he stood up and pulled his cock out. Rock hard, it sprang out of his pants.
“Mmmm fuck, that’s a nice dick” I told him. He sat back down on the sofa, his dick still in plain sight.
“You like it?” He asked as he gently and slowly stroked it.
“Mmm very much” I said, flicking my hard nipples. “In facet, one good turn deserves another…”
I pulled at my little skirt and panties and tugged them off me. My bare pussy right in front of the phone camera.
“Fuck. You look amazing.”
“Thank you”
“Are you wet?”
“I’m not sure, just let me check.” I ran my hand down my body, slowly and precisely until it was on my pussy. I slipped my finger inside me. “Yep. I’m soaked. So fucking wet.”
“Fuck, good girl” he replied.
I kept looking down towards the phone to take a look at him stroking his cock, and then laying back down to play with myself a little more. The more I watched him pleasuring himself as he watched me the hotter I became. My pussy was gushing.

I reached under the bed and pulled out one of my favourite vibrators – a pink bunny. I put it in front of the camera. “Look what I’ve found” I said as I bit my bottom lip.
“Fuck. I would love to see you use that” he told me, but my eyes were firmly on his raging hard-on.
“That’s good news, because I love to use it.”

I lay myself back, turned the vibrator on to its highest setting and rested it on my clit “Ahhhhhh fuck” I instantly cried out in pleasure. I could hear him moaning and as I looked down I noticed him stroking his cock harder and faster than before. He looked so fucking hot, and his balls looked full!

I grabbed at my tits and went between resting the vibrator on my clit to sliding it deep inside me. I could hear him moaning. “Fuck, that’s amazing” he was saying. “You’re going to make me cum” he said. “That’s what I’m best at” I replied. I heard him take a screenshot “Sorry, it’s just for me” he said. “That’s ok, I want a copy too though” I told him…

As I arched myself back it all became to much and I gave way and reached a huge orgasm “Ahhhhh, ahhhh, yes, ahhhh yes!” I was crying out as I let my orgasm take over my body.

I never pulled the vibrator away from me and opted to just rest it on my clit, buzzing away while my soaked pussy recovered. I looked down at my phone, he was stroking his member so fast. So hard. He had lost control and just as I was approaching another orgasm I watched as he clenched his cock hard in his, squeezed himself and shot his jizz everywhere. “Fuck yessssssss” I moaned as I watched him and bought myself to another orgasm!

This definitely wasn’t how I had intended spending my evening, but fuck I had loved it!
Just before we hung up I said to him “I was desperate to fuck you at college. Maybe when this is over I can come meet you and really conquer you?” I said with a grin. “Fuck Alice, I would really, really love that!

In one video call I went from barely speaking to an old crush in years, to cumming in front of him. Never underestimate the power of technology!

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