Photo of the Day

You enter the room and I’m stood there in my bodysuit. You smile at me so I turn around and carefully pull the bodysuit up, revealing a little more of my big ass.

You walk over to me and give it a gentle spank “Ahhh” I cry out before sticking my ass out for another.

Your hands reach around me and you grab at my tits. I pull the top half of the bodysuit down revealing my erect nipples. You stroke them immediately, moving as close into me as you can.

I can feel your bulge pressing up against my ass. You’re tyock hard aren’t you? Fuck it feels big. Fuck, I want it so fucking much!

Why don’t you pull that big cock out and fuck me? Show me how much you want me. Show me how hard I make your dick. You’re going to love how wet you’ve made me…

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