Self Squirting

It’s not often I get much time at home by myself at the moment. But Friday Wes was away working and Suzi had returned back to her flat for a few days. Friday night I had some drinks and some video calls with some girlfriends which was fun and I was definitely slightly fuzzy headed when I woke Saturday morning.

I got up and made myself coffee – wandering around the house naked, which I love to do. As I was alone I decided to have a chilled morning and took my coffee and got back into bed…

I put on the TV and channel surfed for a while but couldn’t really find anything so I picked up the remote and navigated to our porn library.

I found a really sexy homemade porno with a regular looking guy fucking this girl who had killer titties.

As tends to happen when watching porn, the more I watched the hornier I became.

I was staring at the hot woman sucking the guys dick and I thought to myself ‘Wes would love this chick sucking him like that’ and that was me gone. My hands were already on my pussy, rubbing gently at my clit. I couldn’t take my eyes of the TV and when she sat on his face it was all too much and I came really fucking hard. I thought that would be it but I was still glued to the TV. She was riding him now and I was insanely obsessed with her glorious ass. I ran my hand back over my pussy – I was drenched. Like, really fucking wet!

I threw the covers off me as I was getting hot and reached into my bedside draw. I pulled out my favourite rabbit vibrator and switched it on to it’s maximum. I lowered it onto my pussy and grabbed at my tits with my other hand. The vibration was sending shivers all over my body and as I watched this dude fuck the woman hard from behind I came again!

I didn’t even turn the vibrator off. I opted to just rest it on my leg, buzzing away on my clit. Even my inner thighs were soaked now! I knew what I wanted. What I was desperate to do. It’s something I usually only do with other people, but I know from past experiences I can make myself do it easy enough. I wanted to squirt! I wanted it so fucking much. I needed it. I also knew the quickest way to make it happen…

With the porn still playing and the vibrator resting on my clit I reached back into my bedroom drawer. I didn’t take my eyes off the porn so I felt around in the drawer until my hand was on exactly what I wanted…

I pulled out a massive dildo. Extra hard, veiny and realistic looking. This one didn’t vibrate – it didn’t need to either… I reached to my side and picked up my lube, I pulled the cap off and covered the dildo in it. I loved how slippy it felt in my hand!

I spread my legs open a little further, rested the vibrator on my stomach so it didn’t have to leave my clit and started easing the giant dildo into my tight ass “Ahhhh fuck that feels great” I said to myself as I watched my porn – the girl was now sucking the guy off – deep throating his nice cock…

With a little push the dildo entered my ass. It felt incredible straight away and at one point I thought I was going to cum as I slid it deep inside me, but I held off, I didn’t want to cum yet!

With the dildo deep inside me, stretching my ass, I picked the vibrator up and held it in my clit, giving it a little more pressure, then I slid two fingers deep inside my soaked pussy! It felt fucking amazing and I knew I was making a lot of noise! The giant dildo reminded me so much of Tim – that’s why I bought it. It felt just like his monster dick fucking my ass…

I loved the way the girl was sucking his dick and I started to finger fuck myself hard and deep, the dildo still completely in my ass. “Ahhh, Ahhh fuck, fuck” I was literally screaming out. I could hear my fingers squelching inside my pussy and I could tell it was almost time – I could feel it! I let it build and build and build until I felt ready to burst and then I sank my fingers inside my cunt as hard as I could and then pulled them out quickly! As I screamed out in excitement I squirted fucking everywhere. Covering the vibrator on my clit, the dildo deep in my ass, my hands and the bedsheets! Just after my huge orgasm I looked at the TV and there he was jizzing all over this hot woman’s face! Fuck I wish I was there to lick it off for her!

As I recovered and removed my toys it occured to me that this is possibly the best way to start days when you’re home alone…

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