Friends & Benefits

I was talking to a girlfriend the other evening on Skype and as we were catching up she started telling me about this male friend of hers she has been fucking for a few weeks. It turned the conversation on to ‘friends with benefits’ and as I thought about it, talking to her, I concluded that for the most part, most of my male friends have been ‘friends with benefits’ at least one point in time. Honestly if I get platonically close to a guy it’s never long before I start wondering what his cock is like, or what he would be like in bed, or what his kinks are. The more I think about this stuff, the more I want to fuck them…

I’ve already written about a few friends I ended up fucking but realised I had never written about the story of Theo… I have to say here, despite what I’ve just said, up until this evening I had never had a sexual thought about Theo…

I was 20 years old and Theo and I both worked behind the same bar. Once a month the main roster would get a evening off and on that Saturday a group of us would all go out, drink all night and then head for breakfast the next morning. It was one of those evenings and Theo had asked if he could park his car at my flat so he had somewhere safe to leave the car once he was in town.

I was running late because annoyingly I had had to cover the day shift for another member of staff who was ill. About 6.30 I got a text off Theo. “Hi, I’m outside xxx” I replied “Door’s unlocked, I’m not ready yet, let yourself in.”

I heard the door go and he walked through to my bedroom where I opened the door. “Fucking hell Alice!” He said. It took me a second to wonder what the matter was, and then I realised I was topless. I never gave it much thought as I’m really casual about nudity. I’ll quite happily be naked around people I know. I laughed and said “Sorry I’m running really late. Have a sit down, keep me company while I get ready.”

He sat down on the edge of my bed as I stood in front of the mirror and finished fixing my hair. “I just need to get dressed quick, then I’m ready” I told him.

After I finished dong my hair, I stayed there in front of the mirror, with my back to Theo and pulled my skirt down ready to put a fresh one on. I didn’t give a second thought to the fact I was pantieless until he said “Alice!” Before laughing. “Oh shit. Sorry Haha. It’s just a butt” I said to him. After a brief pause he said “A great butt too.” “Why, thank you” I said giving it a little jiggle. I turned slightly to look at him and instantly noticed the bulge in his trousers. I pretended at first I hadn’t seen it, but then those thoughts entered my mind; what was his cock like? What would he be like to fuck? etc. I could almost feel his eyes on me and I realised I was putting off getting dressed. “You can touch it if you like” I said as I leant forward into the mirror to put some fresh lipstick on.

A few seconds later I felt two big hands on my butt. Gently squeezing my cheeks. “You like that?” I asked. “I love that” he replied. I bent over a little more pushing my booty into his crotch. “Mmmm I can tell” I said softly as my booty pressed up against his erection. I reached behind me, put my hands on his and pulled them to the front of my body and up and on to my tits. He squeezed them and my nipples hardened instantly. I could still feel his bulge pressing against my ass and twitching against me. “Take it out” I whispered to him. He removed his hands from my tits and fumbled around undoing his trousers. He pulled his trousers and briefs down and held on to my thighs. I felt his hard cock against my skin as he leant forward and kissed my bare shoulder. “You want me?” I whispered to him. “So fucking much” he replied…

I lent over a little more, resting on the shelf which held my mirror and I spread my legs open a little more. “Take me” I whispered. I felt the tip of his cock against my pussy, and as he thrusted forward slightly, he spread my opening and slid his dick deep inside me. “Fuck you’re so nice and tight and wet” he told me. He felt good. So fucking good…

Something felt naughty about it. Like those butterflies you get the first time you fuck someone new. His cock was really nice – thick and rock hard. He held on to my thighs and started thrusting in and out of me. Each stroke a little firmer and a little deeper. I looked into the mirror and watched myself being fucked for a few seconds. It looked great and felt amazing!

“You’re going to make me cum” I told him, and I knew he was. I could feel my whole body heating up as my orgasm was preparing to take over my body. He was panting and breathing fast and he was now fucking me so hard, so deep! His hands were grabbing at my thighs and ass like he was desperate not to let me go! “Ahhh, ahhh, yes, yes!” I cried out. I looked in the mirror again as I came and I felt him sink his cock as deep inside me as he could and as my orgasm was finishing up I felt his cock throb and fill me with his warm spunk! “Fuckkkkk” he shouted as he came. “Fuck” I whispered back, still trying to catch my breath…

After that I actually finished getting dressed and we headed out. There was a big group of us out and every now and then I’d catch his eye and we would give each other a knowing glance. I remember texting him mid way through the evening saying “I can still feel your cum inside me”. There was something hot about it. About none of the others knowing what we had done…

It never became a regular thing but I ended up fucking Theo a few times over the years. I still stay in touch with him now and sometimes we meet up. Occasionally it still ends up with us fucking… “Friends with benefits”? Damn right they have benefits!

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