Welcome Home Big Dick

Wes surprised me Wednesday afternoon by coming home from work 3 days early and I was so excited! I miss him so much when he’s not here.

I was in the kitchen making myself a coffee wearing a pair of big, black panties, a black vest top and some knee high socks. As I was filling my mug I heard the front door open and close so I walked out into the hallway and there he was! Looking as sexy as ever, still wearing his suit (he looks amazing in a suit).

I looked at him smiled, and I think I even squealed like a little girl a little bit. Then he gave me my usual welcome: “Hi Tiny Tits” he said with a smirk that makes me go weak at the knees. I ran over to him and jumped up, wrapping my legs around his body. He held me there by placing his hands on my booty. “Hi Big Dick” I replied before giving him a long, sloppy snog…

As I kissed him I remember thinking how fucking good he smelt – he always smells fucking amazing.

We were kissing so much, like we didn’t want to part. I felt his cock press up against my ass as he held me there, my legs still wrapped around him. “I can feel your boner” I told him as I took a brief pause from kissing him. “I’ve missed it” I told him. “Oh it’s definitely missed you too” he replied before resuming our sloppy kissing.

He carried me all the way from the hall to our living room continuing with the constant kissing. Once we got into the living room he slowly lowered me to the floor. Our kissing now became a little harder, a little more intense and I quickly pulled his suit jacket off and dropped it to the floor. I then began to unbutton his shirt as quickly as I could. I was in a rush – I was so fucking horny for him. When his shirt was on the floor I pulled my mouth away from his and maintaining eye contact throughout I slowly got down on my knees in front of him. I seductively bit my bottom lip when I was in place, right in front of his big bulge. I unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his trousers and pulled them, along with his boxers down to his knees. His big, hard cock bounced out and pointed it towards me. “There’s my big dick” I said looking up to him and smiling.

I kissed the end and it twitched the second my lips touched it’s soft skin. I then took him in my mouth and started sucking him exactly the way he likes it: slow, up and down, my tongue flicking his head while my hand grabbed at his tight balls. He was rock fucking hard and I had been telling the truth when I had told him how much I had missed his big dick! His thick, veiny cock was throbbing in my mouth and I felt his balls tighten in my hand. I thought for a second that he might cum there and then, filling my mouth, but instead he put his hand on my arm and pulled me up…

We kissed again, still hard and sloppy and then he lifted me again, moving me a few steps across the room and laying me down on the sofa. He was stood up above me and he wasted no time in grabbing the waistline of my panties and pulling them off. He smiled at me when he saw my pussy and uttered words that soaked me: “Fuck I’m having this pussy!” He got down on his knees on the floor, lifted my legs a little and pressed his face into my vagina and started to lick away. I swear to god, nobody goes down on me like he does! I moaned loudly as his tongue worked its magic over my soaking cunt and I came in what seemed like seconds! As I came I wrapped my legs around his head, pleading for him not to stop!

When he eventually pulled away he looked up at me. His stubble was glistening from my juices. “You taste so good” he told me. “Come fuck baby” I pleaded. He got up and climbed on top of me. We kissed and I could taste and smell my juices that had covered his mouth and face. I wrapped my legs around his body, reached down to grab his cock and it slid it inside me. His cock is just like the most perfect fucking fit. “That’s what I wanted” I told him as he started to thrust in and out of me. My hands were all over him, running over his amazing back and grabbing at his ass, pulling him inside me as deep as I could. I felt my breath getting away from me and every stroke of his big cock edged me closer and closer to orgasm. “Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhh” I cried, “please don’t stop” I begged him. He started to fuck me harder, like he knew I was close to the edge and was determined to take me over it. “FUCK YES!” I screamed as I came all over him. He kissed me and I grabbed at his ass as I caught my breath.

“Your turn now, sit up” I told him. He pulled himself out of me and sat on the end of the sofa, his massive erection pointing towards the ceiling. I got up off the sofa and sat over him. I rocked back and forth so his cock waa brush up against my clit, then I took hold of it again and slipped it inside me. “Fuck” we both said at exactly the same time. I kissed him and then sat up so I could take my vest top off. As soon as he saw my titties his hands were all over them. Touching them, teasing them. I leant forward to kiss him again and his hands found their way to my booty. He grabbed at it and I started rocking back and forth faster. I was moaning loudly “Ahhh, mmmmm, yes, yes” and the more I moaned, the more he grabbed at my ass. Like he was desperate for me to ride him hard. I whispered into his ear “You’re going to make me fucking cum again”, “That’s what I want” he answered, pulling me down harder onto his cock. “I’ve missed your pussy. I’ve been desperate to fuck you” he told me, and the dirty talk threw me into a huge orgasm. I didn’t want to stop though because I could tell how excited he was so I kept on moving, bouncing up and down on his cock. “Where do you want to cum baby?” I asked him. He gently bit the bottom of my ear (a huge turn on for me) and said “All over those beautiful tits please.”

I got off him and asked him to stand up again. Another sloppy, hard snog and I got back down on my knees. I kissed his cock all over, it was covered in my juices and it was literally fucking throbbing. I put my hands on his thighs, kissed the tip and then very slowly deep throated him, taking every inch of his gorgeous, sexy cock into my mouth. I kept it there for a few seconds before I slowly pulled it out and started wanking him off as hard and fast as I could. He started moaning loudly and I could feel he was about to burst. I knelt up a little higher, pointing my tits up towards him “Ahhh Fuck” he said loudly, and then I felt his warm cum shoot all over my tits. I kept stroking his dick and he kept cumming and cumming and cumming. It was never ending and I was fucking covered – and honestly nothing turns me on more than that! When he’d finally finished ejaculating I licked his cock, making sure I swallowed any of the excess cum…

We both collapsed on the sofa, naked and in each other’s arms… We stayed there for a while until we were ready to go again…

Nothing is better than when big dick gets home.

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