So I asked for some questions on my Twitter to answer last week – here’s the first set…

How many cocks do you think you could take at once/how many would you want to?

Ahhh a gangbang! That’s the dream! I can’t think of anything sexier or sluttier. Seriously, it’s something my husband and I have spoken about so much. It’s my biggest unfulfilled fantasy and I’m pretty desperate to make it happen. As for how many I could take at once – as many as I want I guess! I’ve had countless MMF threesomes so I’m well practiced at keeping more than one cock at a time entertained!

Have you ever practiced orgasm denial and if so what it was like?

I have with my hubby. It was really sexy. We kept giving each other head until we were ready to burst then would instantly stop. It built and built up during the evening and eventually when I orgasmed I squirted. It was the biggest relief!

Do you like looking into a mans eyes when playing with his cock?

Always! I love making eye contact when giving head – especially if I’m down on my knees – that’s my favourite… I actually think eye contact is really hot and sexy throughout sex.

Have you ever masturbated in a public bathroom?

Oh fuck yeah! Literally all the fucking time at work, I even have a bullet vibrator in my desk drawer! Bars, nightclubs and shop toilets have all been places of relief for me too. It’s naughty which just makes it really sexy.

Have you ever fantasised about fucking one of your teachers?

Ah damn! My English teacher at High School was so fucking dreamy. I remember masturbating while I thought about him all of the time! Damn, I wanted to fuck him!

What does your perfect one night stand look like?

It’s not really a ‘look’ I go for, although it is important. But its more of an attitude. If I see someone who has ’Big Dick Energy’ I just think to myself “Oh fuck yeah, you’re going to satisfy me over and over.”

Have you ever woken up humping your pillow?

I have haha, quite often too! Sexy dreams are the best!

Favourite place to kiss a woman?

Pussy of course. I love the taste of other women…

What is your absolute favourite thing a man can do to you with his cock?

I presume this means other than sex… It depends what mood I’m in. I love it if/when Wes slaps his hard cock on my face before I give him head. I also love it when guys are hard and stroking themselves, and the head of their penis rubs up against my clit. That’s dreamy…

I’ll have some more answers to other questions soon. Don’t forget to leave a comment or DM me on twitter if you have any that you’d like answering xxx

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