Q&A: Swingers

As part of the Q&A’s I’ve been doing I received this question. When I thought of the answer, I felt like it needed it’s own post…

What’s the sexiest thing that’s ever happened to you at a swingers party?

Oh, there are so many. Every swingers party within our club is equally as sexy.

One time that does stand out though – a few years back we headed to one of the members only parties, for some reason and pretty unusually men outnumbered the women by quite a lot. Pretty early on in the evening I ended up in a room with 6 or 7 guys, and it didn’t take long for me to realise I could have the pick of whomever I wanted. Like, that was fucking sexy on its own to be completely honest…

When it became obvious a gangbang wasn’t going to be an option – too many just wanted one on one – I thought I’d treat myself…

“So, which one of you guys are going to fuck me?” I asked. They all replied, and all were eager. At least I can have some fun here I thought to myself…

I remember I was wearing a skin-tight PVC dress, stockings and some killer high heels. “Well, maybe you should all get naked and I’ll decide who I’m going to fuck” I told them.

I stood in the corner of the room whilst all of them stripped naked. It was the sexiest thing. I was soaked, I could already feel it! I watched each and every one of them take their clothes off until they were butt naked, then I asked them to all stand side by side in a line. It was such a turn on – the power I had over them!

When they were all stood side by side I walked down the room, checking each and every one out. I had butterflies in my stomach and that amazing mixture of nervousness and excitement that I get when I’m about to fuck somebody new. I perved on them all, imagining their bodies on top of mine. Three of them were hard already – their cocks stiff and excited.

I decided on my guy purely because I liked the look of his dick – it wasn’t the biggest there but it just had a look about it that I loved. “I’ll take you” I said to him, taking him by the hand and walking him out of the room and up the stairs. I laughed to myself wondering what the other guys must be thinking.

Ironically, as nice as this guys cock was, it didn’t do much for me. I rode him for a little bit and then bent over so he could fuck me from behind. I was still soaked but he came really quickly, before I had, had a chance to. I tried to get him hard again and help him recover but it really wasn’t happening so I went back downstairs and back into the room!

There were only three guys left in there having a drink together. They were still naked which made me laugh. I went up to the one on the sofa and whispered into his ear “You still want me?” I looked down, placed my hand on his cock and felt him harden. “Yes!” He whispered back. I pulled up my skin-tight dress a little, climbed on top of him and started riding him. This time I came really quickly, and after a few minutes still riding him, I noticed the other two guys were masturbating while they watched us. This just turned me on more and as the guy filled my pussy with his cum, I came again!

I got off him and lay on the floor. I looked to my left and invited one of the wanking guys over “You want me?” I asked him… He came and lay on top of me and fucked me so hard – another mans cum still warm inside me! He fucked me harder and harder and harder with every thrust and it was pushing me to a massive orgasm! Just as I was about to cum I looked at the remaining guy, still masturbating, and he had made himself cum. I loved the way his jizz was all over his hand and his torso, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I hade a fucking huge orgasm and this guy didn’t stop fucking the shit out of me until he also filled my pussy.

When I got up I walked over to the guy who had made himself cum. “If only you could have lasted a bit longer, I was coming for you next” I told him, before kissing him on the cheek and leaving the room – a pile of guys left in my wake…

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