A Good Girl…

When Wes returned home the other day after he had finished work I walked up to and kissed him. I was only wearing one of his oversized shirts and as I hugged him his hands immediately reached around the back of me and grabbed at my bare booty.

“I need to shower quickly” he told me. “Maybe you can wait in the bedroom for me?” He asked. I kissed him again. “I’d love that” I replied. I took myself off to the bedroom and waited for him to have his shower.

I decided to keep the shirt on as it felt a little naughty but I did undo a couple of extra buttons so my tits were basically falling out from it.

When I heard the shower stop I did what any good little slut would do and got on all fours on the bed – my ass facing towards the entrance of the bedroom. My bare pussy there for him to see, touch, tease and fuck!

He walked into the room and I gave my booty a little shake. “Fuck, that’s a good girl” he said quietly. Those words – those fucking words, sent me into a sexual frenzy. I felt my pussy instantly soak and my body filled with goosebumps, making my nipples erect. I watched him in the mirror that was on the wall in front of me. He walked over to me slowly, and deliberately, naked and semi erect. I watched him as he got to the edge of the bed and then knelt down on the floor. He reached up running his hands under my shirt and over my back. He was still wet from his shower. When he was down on his knees he kissed my ass cheek, then the other. His hands ran back down my back onto my booty and he grabbed it, pulling my cheeks apart a little. He moved his face forward, stuck out his tongue and started to lick me. “Fuck!” I said loudly. He nuzzled his face deeper into my ass and his tongue started to lick at me at what felt like a hundred miles per hour. I could barely contain myself as his tongue flicked at my clit. Then he spanked me. “Good girl” he said again and out of nowhere I came. Hard and loud!

He didn’t stop licking me, his tongue running over my soaked cunt. I was about to come again – I could feel it building up, then he briefly stopped. He grabbed at my ass harder and pulled my cheeks further apart. Then his tongue, really slowly ran up from my pussy to my asshole. He flicked it with his tongue and then slipped his tongue into it. “Fuck yes baby” I cried out. I reached an arm underneath myself and started to rub my pussy as fast as I could, occasionally slipping two fingers inside myself. In no time at all I had a huge orgasm and collapsed down slightly on the bed. But while my ass was still in the air he was still going to lick me… “Fuck me baby” I pleaded. “I want your cock inside me. I want it now”

I watched in the mirror again as he stood up. His cock erect and rock hard now. He stood behind me, grabbed at my ass again and his throbbing dick entered me with ease. “Ahhh, ahhh, ahh yes” I moaned as he started to slide himself in and out of me. It felt fucking incredible – I could feel every vein in his dick and it was pushing me closer and closer to my third orgasm. “Fuck me hard baby” I begged. He spanked my right ass cheek hard and started to fuck me hard and fast. Getting harder and faster with every long stroke. He reached underneath me, grabbed at my shirt and abruptly tore it which sent the buttons flying off everywhere. My tits immediately fell out and I grabbed at them, feeling and pinching my hard nipples. “Harder” I begged, and he did just that – fucking me hard and deep until I had my biggest orgasm of the evening!

As I came he started to slow down, sensing that I was quite literally fucked and in need of catching my breath. He gently and slowly slipped a finger inside my tight ass. It took me a little by surprise but I loved it. As he slid his finger in I felt his cock throb inside my pussy – it excited him! The harder he started to finger my ass, the harder his dick started to pump me again. “You want my ass don’t you baby?” I asked him. “Yes” he replied slipping his finger deep inside me. “Take it baby. Fuck me in the ass!” I wanted it too!

He bent down and licked my asshole again, getting it nice and wet. He then pressed his palm down hard on my booty, picked his cock up in his other hand and squeezed the tip of his cock inside. “Ahhhh!” I screamed out. This pleasure/pain is everything to me! He pushed himself into me slowly. Centimetre by centimetre until he was deep inside me, his tight balls pressing up against my booty. I put my hand under my body again and reached for my soaked pussy. I instantly sank two fingers inside myself, and then he started to fuck my ass. In and out, slowly and carefully to start with, but the more he stretched me, the harder he fucked me until I was screaming in joy, as he fucked me hard, breaking his hands away occasionally to spank me. “Such a good fucking girl” he said to me again, which drove me insanely close to cumming again. I kept looking at him in the mirror in front of me. His sexy body. His face full of pure ecstasy. “Fuck me hard baby” I told him, and he did just that. Putting both hands on my ass he drew his cock out and then SLAM, in and out, hard, long, deep strokes of his beautiful cock. It took less than a minute for me to orgasm and almost as soon as I had finished, he pulled out of me, stroked his big dick twice and then came all over my ass. So much fucking cum! Everywhere! It was perfect!

That is how to greet your man… I was a good girl, and I loved it…

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