Hotel with Tim

It had been so long since I had seen Tim, as he recently moved a little further away. The second hotels re-opened I contacted him and we arranged to meet – He even treated us to a luxury 5 star hotel!

I travelled there Wednesday morning and arrived a few hours before he was due. I checked in to our room, poured myself a glass of champagne, showered and got myself ready to meet him in the hotel bar.

I bought some new, sexy, black underwear – a little see-through bra and a thong, stockings, high heels and a short black mini dress that had a zipper all the way up the front.

I went downstairs to the bar, sat at a table and ordered myself a vodka and lemonade and a bottle of beer for Tim. As I waited I started to get butterflies. It had felt like forever since I had seen him and I was super excited. I started to wonder what version of Tim would turn up – the one who I met originally who was so nervous and shy, or the one I had turned him into – the one who would bend me over in a hot tub and fuck me in the ass!

As soon as he walked in I noticed him. Well groomed, with a nice suit. I walked over to him. “Hi baby” I said before giving him the biggest kiss. He put his arms around me, smiled and said “I’ve missed you so much.” “Me too” I replied with a smile before kissing him again.

We sat down at the table and had a few drinks, flirting constantly – this was definitely the more confident Tim here.

We had nearly finished our current drink so I popped to the toilet to fix my lipstick. When I got back I sat on his lap and kissed him. As his hand stroked my thigh I felt it! That massive cock was bulging underneath me – desperate to escape his trousers. I wanted it so much. “Shall we go up to our room?” I asked him. “Yes!” He replied instantly, like he couldn’t wait any longer. We paid our bill, left the bar and got into the elevator. As soon as we were in there we started passionately kissing, our hands all over each other. His massive member getting harder and harder as I fondled him. Once we were on our floor we left the lift, walked down the short corridor and went in to our room…

As soon as the door shut we jumped into each other’s arms and couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I ran my hand over his massive bulge and felt it twitch under his pants. His hands reached for my ass and he squeezed it firmly. I stopped kissing him and took one step backwards, away from him. I smiled at him and bit my bottom lip as I really slowly held the zipper at the front of my dress and unzipped it. It fell to the floor revealing my new underwear. “Fuck” he said as he checked me out. “You like it?” I asked. “I fucking love it” he told me, unable to take his eyes off me. I slowly turned around to show him the back, my big booty held in by a tiny thong. He gently spanked me. “Mmmmm a little harder please” I told him. He obliged. I turned back around and started kissing him. I grabbed at his cock. “I’ve missed this. I want to see it again” I told him. I slowly got down on my knees and undid his belt and trouser button. I pulled at them, bringing them to the floor. He was wearing red boxers that were completely filled by his massive cock. I ran my hand over it and I felt those butterflies again. I was equally excited and nervous.

I pulled his boxers down and his cock jumped out. “Fucking massive” I accidentally said aloud which made him laugh. It wasn’t a lie either. This is by far the biggest cock I have ever fucked. I kissed the tip which made it twitch towards my mouth. I wrapped both of my hands around it and started to take him in my mouth as I stroked him lightly. “Ahhh fuck” he said under his breath as he leant back slightly. I couldn’t stop looking at his cock. I am completely, fucking in awe of it…

I stood up and we kissed again. His hand ran down my body and onto my panties. As his fingers pressed the cotton of my panties against my pussy I moaned. I was soaked. Drenched in fact. He slid a finger under the side of my panties and it slipped straight inside me. “Ahhh fuck” I whispered before kissing him again. I put my hand on his erect cock and stroked it lightly a few times. “I want you” I said to him. I nodded towards the luxurious bed and he took the rest of his clothes off and lay on the bed. I walked over to him and slowly pulled my panties down. I ran my hand over my pussy. “I’m so wet for you Tim.”

I got onto the bed and straddled over him. I leant forward and kissed him.I could feel his cock twitching and pressing against my lower back. “Are you ready for me?” I whispered into his ear. “Yes. Yes” he replied with an urgency. I reached down and picked up his cock – it always amazes me how heavy it is! I raised myself up a little and sat on him. The tip of his cock entering me. “Ahhh fuck” I said as I tried to take him all inside me. I leant forward and we kissed as his hands moved onto my thighs. I was slowly taking a little more of him inside me, until he was deep – so fucking deep! “Fuck you feel so good baby. So hard and so fucking big!” He smiled. “You feel fucking amazing” he told me. I reached around my back and I unclipped my bra. I slowly took it off, letting my tits fall out. As soyn as he saw them he smiled and took them in his hands. Squeezing them and flicking my nipples with his fingers… I started to ride him a little faster and I could feel my pussy gushing. He grabbed at my ass “You can make me cum so easily” I told him laughing a little. But I couldn’t suppress it anymore and as I started to ride him harder I came, moaning loudly. “Ahhh, ahhh, ahh fuck yes. Fuck!!!!!”

I got off him and lay down on the bed. “Come get me baby” I whispered to him. I spread my legs and he got on top of me. Our kissing resumed and his hands grabbed and groped at my tits. He then reached down and took hold of his cock which slid inside me with ease. “Ahhh you feel so good baby” He started thrusting in and out, with long strokes that were sending goosebumps all over my body. The more turned on he became, the harder he fucked me and I came again within minutes. I could see the sweat building up on his beautiful body and his muscles tighten as he continued to fuck me deep. “You’re going to make cum” he said to me. “I want that. Cum inside me please baby” he started to fuck me as hard as he could and this was the the most absolute pleasure/pain experience that I have ever had. But I loved it. He thrusted deep inside me – so deep it took my breath away – and then I felt his cum filling my soaked cunt as he collapsed on top of me…

We barely slept at all during the night. We fucked – constantly. We had shower sex, he bent over the sofa and fucked me from behind (which I made him take a photo of) and we even fucked up against the window. I was literally just stood there in my little thong, looking out the large window as he came up behind me and fucked me, lifting my leg slightly so he could slide in nice and deep with my naked tits rubbing all over the cold glass for everyone and anyone to see.

We didn’t stop… We even fucked first thing in the morning before we said our goodbyes. I left feeling so fulfilled – I can’t wait for our next adventure together. My next adventure with that amazing, wonderful, massive dick!

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