Oh, Jimmy…

My friend Jimmy came over Friday night for a visit and I was super excited. Jimmy was my flat mate at college who I hadn’t seen for almost two years as he lives the other end of the country now and is pretty settled down with a girlfriend. We always get ridiculously drunk together, and always have the most fun! Jimmy is a bit of a “lad” but I adore him. He’s always talking about how many women he’s had, how big is cock is – that sort of thing. But he’s a real sweetheart.

Despite my history of turning friends into “friends with benefits” nothing has ever happened with Jimmy. Not even a single snog. We’ve always flirted loads, but that’s always been it. He’s like my best buddy. I think one of the reasons why we never slept together, despite our drunkenness is the fact that he used to be engaged to a very good friend of mine – so it kind of put us off.

He arrived at mine at around 5pm and we gave each other the biggest hug! It was so good to see him. Then after a brief catch up he dumped his bag and we headed to the bars in the town centre.

We started playing stupid (but fun) games over shots of tequila and we were definitely flirting. We held hands as we walked around the town etc. We’re just playful. Of course at one point he mentioned his “big cock” as he inevitably does. “I don’t even think it’s that big” I told him laughing. “Not as big as your butt” he replied…

By 11.00 and after several bars we were extremely tipsy but even more giggly. We were gutted that we couldn’t go to a club (they’re all closed in the UK) so we finished our drinks and got an Uber back to my house where we put some loud music on, poured some drinks and started dancing. We’re definitely pretty juvenile when we’re together, but as I said we have so much fun.

I remember during our dancing I did a little slut drop for him “Damn, you’ve still got it Alice” he said… About 2.00am one of us had the great idea of having more tequila shots! At around 2.30am we were both cuddled up in a slump on the sofa – this is often how our nights ended. At around 3.00am I suggested we go to bed as we were both worse for wear.

I went to the bathroom, got undressed and put one of Wes’s large T-shirt’s on. By the time I got to the bedroom Jimmy was already in bed. We used to always sleep in the same bed after drunken nights out. I climbed in, lay on my back and everything started to spin – that’s the worse feeling! I had a glass of water and lay on my side which seemed much better!

As I rolled over I lifted my head slightly and Jimmy put his arm underneath me, cuddling me. “I’ve missed this” I told him. He gently kissed me on my forehead like he’s done a thousand times before. “I’ve missed it too Alice”. There was silence for a few seconds and then I noticed he was topless. I laughed. “Are you naked!?” I giggled. “You wish! I’ve got boxers on” he told me. “Hmmm” I questioned. I jokingly ran my hand down his body and placed it on his groin. He was indeed wearing underwear, but something else popped into my mind. “That’s not a big cock!” I shouted at him before pulling my hand away. He laughed with me. “It’s a grower” he assured me. “Ahh that’s what they all say” I said before snuggling in to him.

He was silent for about a minute, still hugging me, then out of the blue he said “See” I wondered what he was talking about. “What do you mean ‘see’?” I asked him. “Feel it now” he told me. I laughed and nestled into him a little more. I ran my hand back down on to his briefs. “Oh wow. You are a grower” I said as I felt the rather large bulge. He chuckled “I told you”. I didn’t say anything for a few seconds, then I lifted the cover back a little. “I want to see it” I told him. “Really?” He asked me. “Yeah I want to see it, but I’m definitely not fucking you” I told him as I smiled…

With his one arm still around me, holding me close, he used the other to take off his briefs. In fairness it was a really lovely cock. Definitely not the biggest I had ever seen (see Tim) but lovely and it would definitely be considered “big”. It was also veiny (which I love), and it’s fair to say it was throbbing. “It’s a lovely dick” I said to him. “Why are you so excited?” I asked nodding towards it. He laughed again, “It’s kinda hard not to be, what with my hand about an inch away from your naked butt” I laughed too, “Pervert!” I called him. After a brief pause I looked at him again, “Can I touch it”, “sure” he told me. I felt like I needed to add “But I’m still not going to fuck you”. I put my hand around it and it immediately throbbed in my hand. It felt really veiny, and being completely honest, it was turning me on loads. I stroked it a few times and then let go of it and we lay there, with the covers down by our ankles, me just wearing a t-shirt, and him completely naked with a large, erect cock!

We started talking about which of the bars we had been to were our favourites and after a few minutes, without really realising what I was doing, I took his cock in my hand and starting gently stroking it as we spoke. “You sure you do like touching that a lot, considering you don’t want to fuck” he said laughing. I laughed too, and let go of it. “I’m sorry. It’s a nice dick, and you know me – it’s like second nature”.

“I’m going to sleep” I told him, knowing we really shouldn’t do anything as I didn’t want us to regret anything. He kissed me on the forehead again and said “night, night Alice.” I rolled over on to my other side, to get myself to sleep. Of course, after about ten minutes I started thinking about his cock. Was it still erect? Was he still awake? If he was still awake I knew he would be thinking about it too – I could just tell. I was making a mental list in my head of reasons why we shouldn’t fuck but honestly, I think I had already made up my mind.

“Can you spoon me please Jimmy?” I asked. “Sure” he replied, rolling over and wrapping his arm around me. It answered my question too. He was still hard, I could feel it digging in to my butt. He kissed my neck lightly. He has done that so many times in the past, but this time it was different. It felt different. I wanted him. I knew it. I also knew he wanted me too. I pushed my butt back in to him a little, trying to make it look innocent, like I was just trying to get comfortable, and I felt his rock hard cock again. As my ass brushed against it slightly I heard him say “Ahhhh” under his breath as quiet as he could…

I shuffled myself, just slightly, spreading my legs a little. I reached down, and with the slightest touch, the tip of his cock slipped inside me “Ahhh” we both said simultaneously. It felt incredible, and I was absolutely fucking soaked for his rock, hard cock. “I didn’t think you wanted to fuck me?” He whispered. “I can’t help it, if it just slipped inside me” I said with a little giggle alongside a moan as his cock edged deeper inside me. “I’ve always wanted to fuck you” he told me. “Really?” I asked. “Yeah for so fucking long. I’ve wanted to fuck you so hard. I’ve wanted to make you cum” I pushed my ass back towards him sinking him deeper into my wet cunt, “Now’s your chance” I told him.

He put one hand under my hip and wrapped the other one around me, going straight under my t-shirt and on to my tits and erect nipples. He squeezed at them, and as he started kissing my neck he starting thrusting in and out me. Long, deliberate strokes. “Fuck, you feel incredible” I told him getting more and more turned on. I reached an arm behind myself and grabbed on to his hip, feeling it as it moved with every thrust. “Fuck you feel amazing too” he said. He started fucking me a little harder, and I got that warm feeling over my body. His dick working away at me while he kissed my neck and squeezed my tits. “Ahhh ahhh fuck I’m going to cum” I said, getting breathless, before “Ahhhhhh fuck yes” I grabbed at him – anywhere I could, as I came for the longest fucking time! It went on and on and on, and he never stopped fucking me. When I recovered he slowed down “Can you get on your back?” He asked, “Of course” I replied. I pulled away from him, lay on my back and spread my legs…

He got up on top of me and his cock found my pussy and slipped inside without any guidance at all. He lent forward, looked me in the eyes for a few seconds and then we kissed! Our first ever, proper kiss! It felt great too. As we were kissing he started moving in and out of me. His cock stretching my pussy, his hands all over my tits again! I briefly pulled my lips away from his “fuck” I said. “Why the fuck haven’t we done this before?” I asked. He laughed, “Tell me about it!” He said before kissing me again.

“Fuck me hard Jimmy, fuck me hard with that big cock” I begged him, already getting a little breathless again. Then WHAM! He started to fuck me – and I mean he really started to fuck me! As hard and as deep as he could manage that was making us both moan out loudly. I could here my pussy squelching against his cock because I was so fucking wet, “that’s it, fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can.” He was moaning loudly but his cock was still throbbing. I wrapped my thick legs around his body and came almost as soon as I did! He kissed me again, still fucking me so hard and now our kissing was hard too. Deep, messy, and the occasional gentle bite of each other’s lip. “Fuck!” he cried out. “Where do you want me to cum Alice” I knew exactly what to answer because I knew exactly what he liked. We had talked about it so much during our flirty conversations in the past. I looked at him “Pull out and cum all over my cunt please” I told him…

I could see how happy and how excited that made him feel. His fucking had been relentless and I knew if he could just hold on for another minute I would cum again. “You’re going to make me cum again” I told him, which seemed to do the impossible and make him fuck me even harder. I grabbed my own tits “Ahhh fuck YESSSSSSS!” I shouted as I came, really fucking hard! He had got me to that point and could take no more himself. After a couple more pumps, he pulled out, lent back a little, stroked his cock and shot a full and heavy load all over my pussy and clit – covering it…

“Fuck that was amazing” he said as he rolled off me. “Fuck yes” was all I could muster. He spooned me again and we fell straight asleep. When I woke up the next morning we were both in exactly the same position –  his cum had dried all over my pussy and I loved the feeling of it…

Jimmy stayed Saturday night too, and as we had enjoyed it that much we ended up fucking each other again – twice!

I hope it’s not this long until the next time I see Jimmy, after all, it seems now he has become another friend “with benefits” and with a cock like that it will be a definite benefit to the both of us!

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