Photo of the Day – Short Skirts

You watch me getting ready in our hotel room. Your eyes are glued to me…

I put my new skirt on and you comment about how short it is but I know you love it really. I know it’s going to drive you wild. Staring at it all night – and imagine seeing all the other men staring at it too. They’re going to want it. Want me. But I’m all yours tonight.

Fuck, I’m going to tease you and make you so hard while we’re out. Bending down in front of you. Sitting on your lap, and then when we get back to the hotel room – when we finally get back, I’m all yours…

Now you can do everything you’ve been imaging. Grab that ass. Pin me against the wall and take me from behind. Fuck me with that big, excited dick of yours. Ahhhh you know you’re going to make me cum so fucking hard…

It was worth the wait wasn’t it. Worth the tease… I’m always going to wear a short skirt for you…

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