Sex & Loving in Las Vegas

When Wes and I got married a few years ago we decided to do a 6 week tour of America for our honeymoon. We had the most incredible time, and although it was all amazing, things got a little extra special the last week which we were spending in Vegas. Everything about it was sexy, some of it seedy even – but I love that.

For the last part of our journey we had rented a convertible and in the glorious Nevada heat it felt amazing. We were about an hour from Vegas, driving through the dessert with the roof down. I was a little tipsy as I was drinking miniatures in the passenger seat while Wes drove. It was so hot at one point I took my top and bra off. The sun glistened on my tits and instantly made my nipples hard. Wes loved it too. At one point a lorry driver drove by and seeing my nakedness he beeped his horn. Meanwhile Wes definitely had the horn! His erection was as obvious as the heat and every now and then while he was driving I’d pull it out from his shorts and stroke him slowly. It was super sexy. He literally had a boner for the rest of the journey.

When we got to Vegas, we checked in to our beautiful hotel, showered and changed, and then hit the bars. I adore bar hopping in new cities with Wes.

Once it got dark we thought it would be fun to go to a strip club – there’s obviously no shortage of them in Vegas but it took a while to find the right one. You see, I love seedy strip bars. It’s something that really turns me on. The seedier the better. We eventually found one that was perfect. A little grimy, dark with lots of neon. It was actually much nicer inside but I was in the mood.

We had some drinks at the bar – I always like to take my time before I choose a girl for a lapdance, to make sure I make the perfect choice. Usually Wes and I would each pick a girl and we would both have seperate lap dances but we had decided to get a joint one this time – it was our honeymoon after all…

I had been horny all fucking day and it was really starting to boil over. Being in the club, looking at the beautiful women and I couldn’t take my eyes off Wes. I was constantly kissing him, touching him up and generally hanging off him… A couple more drinks and we chose our girl. A really sexy, curvy brunette. We paid her the money and walked into a booth and sat down next to each other holding hands.

As soon as she started dancing over us both, our excitement hit it’s height. She slowly took her bra off – her tits were fucking perfect. Curvy and perky. I glanced over to Wes who was still holding my hand, his erection under his trousers was throbbing, I could see. As I watched her dance, and watched my husband, my panties became wetter and wetter. I was soaked. What I wouldn’t have given for Wes to fuck me right there in front of her.

She took her red panties off, showing us her shaven vagina and slowly turning around to show us her beautiful, round booty. Fuck I was so turned on.

We left the booth and had one more drink at the bar. I started to kiss Wes passionately. “I need to get back right fucking now” I whispered to him. He took me by the hand and we started walking out the door. Just before we left, our lap dancer came over to us and handed us a business card. She called herself ‘Carma’. As she gave us the card she said “I do some escorting too”.

We got back as quickly as we possibly could. As soon as we had slammed our hotel door behind us, Wes had me pinned up against the wall in the hallway, kissing me, his hands wandering everywhere. He went up my short dress and as he touched my panties I thought I was going to cum instantly. “You’re so fucking wet” he said as he grabbed at them and pulled them down. Rushing I undid his belt and unzipped his zipper. I reached in and pulled out his big, hard cock. Still kissing me he grabbed my thigh and lifted it up around his waist. I reached down and took his cock. It slid inside my wet wonderland easy. It felt amazing. We fucked hard, hands all over each other. Within minutes we both came. I came so fucking hard, and as I did I felt his cum fill my pussy… We both collapsed on the floor.

After a few minutes we got a drink each from our mini bar.

“We should call her” Wes told me.

“Carma?” I asked..

“Yeah. We should call her and both fuck her”

I didn’t need any convincing. Minutes later Wes had called her and arranged for her to come to our room at midnight – about 2 hours to wait. This gave Wes time to pop out and buy some champagne and vodka and me time to shower and ready myself.

After my shower I put on a short, red, silk dressing gown I had bought earlier in the trip. It didn’t cover much at all but felt wonderful against my naked body. After a few minutes Wes returned and went for a shower while I waited for him on the bed…

He came out the shower, dried himself off and slipped into his sexy Calvin Klein boxers and then lay next to me on the bed. It wasn’t long before we were curled up together kissing and fondling each other. I could feel his erection pressing against my belly and I moaned aloud as his hands cupped my tits…

Then it was time. A knock at the door. Wes jumped up, his erection still so obvious. I got up too – fastening my silky gown back up. Wes answered the door. “Hi there” I heard her say. She walked through the door looking like a goddess. A long coat covering her outfit and an amazing pair of black high heels. She kissed Wes and said “Hi baby” then walked over to me. Kissed me on the lips “Hi sweetie.”

Wes gave her an envelope with the money, which she counted quickly before putting it in her purse. I poured her a glass of champagne and passed it to her. She took a big sip and then took her coat off revealing her beautiful body, only covered by some fishnet stockings a red bra and a pair of red, crotchless panties. She looked fucking incredible and I wanted her immediately, but I decided to wait…

“What can I do for you both?” She asked. I walked across the room and sat on an arm chair. “I’d like to watch you suck my husband’s dick please” I told her.

“Mmm of course” she replied, as Wes sat himself down on the edge of the bed. Carma slowly and seductively got down on her knees in front of him and tugged at his boxers a little until his still erect cock sprang out. “Mmm lovely” she whispered. She kissed the tip and started taking him in her mouth as my husband arched back and groaned. Sat on the chair I felt so fucking turned on watching them. I undid the tie of my silky gown and seperated it. As I spread my legs I noticed her look over at me with a mouthful of my husband’s throbbing cock. I ran a hand down my body and onto my pussy – I was already soaked and two fingers slipped inside me with ease. “Ahhh” I cried out as I started fingering myself as I watched them. I was starring at them and I could tell Wes was getting worked up. His amazing body tensing up, his cock twitching and throbbing. I put my foot up on the edge of my chair, parting my legs even more so I could really finger fuck myself. I came within seconds and I didn’t take my eyes off them once…

As I recovered, I stood up and took my gown completely off. I walked over to them and got down on my knees beside Carma. I took a hold of Wes’s cock and whispered to her “This is how he likes it” I took his cock from her mouth and placed it inside mine. I sucked him slowly, caressing his tip with my tongue as I came up. I took his cock out of my mouth, looked at her and said “You see?” She smiled and kissed me. Her tongue tangling and dancing with mine. When we stopped she looked at me “I see” she said with a smile. She took my husband’s dick back in her mouth, copying exactly what she had just seen. Wes was groaning and I knew he couldn’t contain himself. I looked at Carma, “Can he cum over our faces?” I asked her. “Sure, that would be hot”. I took his cock from her and started stroking him hard and fast. I felt his balls tighten and his cock throb before he shot his warm load all over our faces, covering us both. I looked at her, at the cum running down her face. I licked some of it off her cheek before passionately kissing her again, then she did the same to me…

Wes got up and fetched a towel for us to wipe our faces before sitting on the armchair where I had just been making myself cum. “Can we play now please” I asked Carma. “I’d very much like that” she replied with a smile that could have soaked my pussy if it wasn’t already dripping wet.

I lay on the bed and Carma climbed up on top of me… Lay on top of me she started kissing me. Our hands all over each other. I knew Wes would be enjoying the view of her curvy booty. She kissed me all over, making her way down my body, really slowly. She teased my nipples with her tongue before moving down lower, and lower and lower until eventually she was kissing my pubic hair. I thought I was going to reach orgasm immediately as she flicked my clit with her tongue before licking up my own juices. I held onto my tits and watched her lick me until she bought me to a thunderous orgasm… She climbed off me and lay by my side. I looked over at my husband. His cock was in his hand and rock hard again.

“I want him to fuck me while I go down on you” I told her. “That sounds amazing” she said as she smiled.

Carma was already lay on her back and as I got up onto the bed on my fours, she immediately parted her legs showing me her trimmed, tight pussy. I kissed it gently. Then I kissed her thighs before holding onto them and burying my face between her legs. “Ahhhh fuck yes” she screamed out. The next thing I knew I could feel one of Wes’s hands on my ass and I could feel him entering me, stretching my pussy. I paused briefly. “That feels so fucking good baby” I told him as his cock went deep inside me. I continued licking Carma and I had now slid a finger inside her. Wes was fucking me and it felt amazing. The harder he fucked me the harder and faster I licked out Carma. I could hear her moaning and her body was getting fidgety. I slid another finger inside her and bought her to orgasm. As she came, her pussy became wetter and wetter. Wes was obviously enjoying the view as he was pounding me hard. It was all too much to take and I came really fucking hard! As I came Wes stopped and pulled out… I knew he didn’t want it to end just yet…

I looked at Wes “You want to fuck her don’t you?” I asked. “Yes” he replied instantly. I looked at Carma “You want to fuck my husband?” She smiled “Yes I do. His cock is lovely”. I reached down and grabbed a condom I had already put on the side cabinet. I unwrapped it and gently and slowly rolled it onto his bulging cock. “Where do you want her?” I asked him. “I want her on top” he answered without hesitation. Wes lay on his back on the bed. Carma jumped straight up and straddled him. Fuck, it looked so hot. She picked up his dick and pushed it inside her “Ahhhhh fuck yes” she moaned. Wes reached around her back and unclipped her bra releasing her beautiful tits. I knelt up on the bed next to them, watching every movement. Every thrust. As he grabbed her tits I started to play with myself. I lent down and kissed my new husband, my fingers deep inside my cunt. Then I moved up to Carma and kissed her as she was moaning and rocking back and forth on his dick. He had his hands on her ass and as she lent forward and started kissing him, I came everywhere. It was just too much to take.

When I recovered I kissed Carma again and then sat on my husband’s face, facing her. His tongue was making really quick work of me. I reached out and grabbed and fondled at her breasts then we started kissing each other. Slowly and passionately as her pussy rode up and down his big, hard penis. The more turned on she became, the more turned on I was, and watching her orgasm was one of the best feelings! I couldn’t hold it in either and I reached orgasm as Wes’s tongue flicked my clit and licked my pussy…

I climbed off my husband and as I did he held onto Carma and rolled her onto her back. His dick never left her. He started fucking her hard, I could see his balls slapping up against her and her tits bouncing around. She came again really quickly. I lay next to her and put one hand on her pubic area so my fingers could play with her clit and my other hand on my pussy so I could play with myself.

“Where do you want to cum?” I asked Wes knowing he was getting close… “All over you both” he replied. He fucked her for a couple more minutes then pulled out. I reached for him and pulled off his condom. He knelt up and strated stroking his cock. Myself and Carma were both masturbating watching him. Just after we both came I watched as his spunk left his dick and fell all over our bodies, covering our tits and stomachs…

He collapsed in-between us and we both rolled over to put an arm across him. We stayed there for the next half hour or so recovering and delighting in what we had just done…

This was our first threesome as a married couple and what a threesome it was!

Oh Vegas – how I love you ❤️

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