The Intern

I was in a bit of a devilish mood today. I had gone to work wearing a very see through t-shirt with a print on it, with a sexy black bra underneath. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. Nothing new there – I’ve said before, I love doing this and watching the boys reaction.

I got into work and there was a memo from my boss to see me. I was kind of hoping he would bend me over his desk and fuck me with that big cock of his, like he has done a few times before, but it wasn’t to be… It’s a shame because I was definitely keen on being spanked and called a “naughty girl” again.

When I got into his office there were a few other people in there too, so he could formerly introduce us to Robbie – a new intern who is with us for at least the next six months.

Robbie is super cute but at only 20 years old there’s not a chance of anything happening – I’m not going there! That has the word drama written all over it…

But that doesn’t stop me teasing of course. We chatted a bit in the morning where he was telling me about his life. He’s single and has just moved in to a shared house on the outskirts of town. He’s super shy, but I noticed several times he was distracted by my tits trying to burst out of my bra. I jokingly said “Excuse me, my eyes are up here” pointing towards my eyes. He went bright red and couldn’t apologise enough! The whole thing was very cute and pretty funny…

Later on in this afternoon he bought me a cup of coffee after he had made a a run to the coffee shop. “Thanks hun” I said as he passed me my Latte. “What jobs have you got for the rest fo the day?” I asked him. As he began to reply his eyes once again wandered to my tits. I smiled, but he didn’t even notice. I lifted my shirt up, quickly and briefly “You know if you want to see my tits, you could just ask” I said laughing before pulling my t-shirt back down over my bra. He went bright red and once again started to apologise. “Don’t worry, I’m only teasing” I said to him. “Thank you” he said smiling slightly.

As he left my office I said “This never happened!” He looked back at me, “Of course not” he said with a grin on his face!

I know I shouldn’t but I’m such a tease, and it was such fun… I’ll try and be better… I promise…

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