SPANKS (and a little Intern)

Yesterday was the end of a really long, difficult week at work – not made any easier by the scorching weather. My day was made so much better though when I found late on that my husband Wes was returning from work!

He said he might be a little late so rather than go home he’d meet me in a bar. I had been fantasising all week about being spanked hard and I knew he’d be as keen as. I was!

I got ready wearing – well, barely anything… The thinnest black dress with a pink cupless bra (selfie from last night at the top of the page). Honestly, I knew my little tits would be falling out all night and I didn’t care one bit. I knew my husband would fucking adore it!

I got to the bar, sat down at a table and ordered myself a glass of Prosecco and a shot of vodka while I waited for him. I glanced around, and even though the bar was quiet I definitely had a few eyes on my new dress… Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long until Wes walked in. He looked so fucking hot wearing his suit trousers, a white shirt and a waistcoat. Fuck I had missed him!

He came and sat by me. “Hi baby” he said. I didn’t even need to respond with words. I lent towards him and we snogged. For an age! I couldn’t get enough of him and his hand on my knee was sending goosebumps all over my body!

He ordered a drink which we drank whilst we sat at the table, chatting and flirting – we seem unable to keep our hands off each other after Wes has been away for any length of time! I wanted him so bad!

“I don’t suppose you’ve got any cigarettes?” He asked me after a while. We’re both very casual, social smokers, but I had guessed he would want one after a long drive home. “I bought you a pack” I told him smiling. He kissed me. “You’re the fucking best” he told me which made me grin ear to ear…

We ordered another drink each and then took them outside to the garden so we could smoke…

“I’ve had this thing this week” I told him… “I’ve wanted a spanking so badly”. “And you’ve not found anyone to give it to you” he replied smiling. “No, no, no I’ve wanted it from you. I’ve been such a bad girl”. He paused and took a swig of his drink and a lomg drag on his cigarette before stubbing it out in the ashtray. “Well, we’ll have to do something about that” he told me. I gently tugged at the front of my dress and my tit fell out on demand, giving him a good view. “Fuck, come with me” he said as he stood up and held out his hand for me.

I got up with him and we walked to the very end of the beer garden. It was a little more secluded as it was a little darker, but certainly not private. He sat down in the middle of a bench. “Come on then” he said to me sternly. “What here?” I asked. “Right here” he replied to me. I slowly moved towards him and lay over his lap. The second I was horizontal over him both my tits fell out. Exposed and there for the world to see should they look or pass by… His hand ran up from the bottom of my leg until he got near my booty. He gently and slowly pulled my dress up, revealing my booty and a tiny thong. He grabbed at my butt. I knew he had missed it. And then “SLAP” across my right ass cheek, followed by “SLAP” across the left one. “Mmmm” I moaned. “Harder baby please” I begged. He started spanking me hard and firmly. Each spank a little harder and stinging a little more. “Ahh fuck” I cried out probably too loudly. He didn’t stop. He kept spanking me. Taking it in turns on each cheek. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, so much so that I could feel the wetness between my thighs.

He finally stopped and pulled my dress back over my ass. I stood up, my tits still out right in front of him. My ass was stinging, but it felt incredible. I sat on top of him, my knees either side of him and we kissed. Long. Passionate. Sexy. I rocked back a little rubbing my pussy over the bulge in his trousers. I could feel his firmness. He gently kissed my exposed tits, flicking my nipple with his tongue as he did. “We should get out of here” he told me. “Fuck, yes, I want you” I replied.

We quickly left the bar and rushed home. The front door slammed behind us and we didn’t even make it up the stairs. He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me again. His hands running all over my body, eventually finding my tits that had fallen out of my dress again! I hastily undid his trousers, reached inside and pulled out his beautiful weapon. As I tugged on it, his hand ran down my body and onto my soaked cunt. He slipped a finger inside me which momentarily took my breath away, before yanking my thong off which fell to my ankles.

He span me around and gently pushed me towards the stairs. I knew what he wanted… I lent forward, bending over them. My ass stuck in the air. Within seconds his bulging cock was fucking me deep and hard. Like a primal instinct. “Fuck yes” I shouted as he pounded me and started spanking my sore ass cheeks again. “Ahhhh ahhh ahhh fuck” I could barely contain myself. “I’m going to cum” I screamed out as his cock throbbed and slid in and out me… I came really fucking hard, and as I was going weak at the knees, I felt him grab my ass with both hands, as his cock twitched hard inside me and filled me with his jizz…. What a fucking homecoming!

Oh fuck! I nearly forgot to say!!! In bed I was telling Wes about Robbie our new intern. I was explaining how I’ve been teasing him and how he can’t look away yet gets so excited and embarrassed.

Anyway… Wes is convinced he’s a virgin! Surely not though? Not that there’s anything wrong at all with being a virgin, it’s just you don’t tend to meet many 20+ year olds these days who are…

I’m going to make it my mission to find out…

2 thoughts on “SPANKS (and a little Intern)

  1. Goodness, I could feel the heat and the longing in this read.

    (and what a mission you are on…..I BET he IS a virgin..just think what you could teach him, “Mrs Robinson”!


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