The Minibus…

So I’m sat on a minibus with fourteen of my work colleagues, on our way to a swanky hotel in Birmingham for a 4 day work conference/retreat.

I’m writing this as we make our way there and I can’t help but smile at what I see around me.

I can see Brendan, a few years older me, chain smoker, great cock who I fucked at last year’s Christmas party in the toilet because I was drunk and horny.

I can see Cole my boss. At least he likes to think he’s my boss, especially when he’s fucking me. Loves to spank and he’s hung like a fucking horse.

There’s Elijah in here. A married man, short fat cock, who I had an affair with for over 6 months. I was definitely his dirty, little secret and despite the shortcomings in his private area he absolutely mastered the art of making me squirt.

Robbie is directly to the right of me. He still can’t take his eyes off my tits. The 20 year old virgin who I’ve had absolutely filthy dreams about since I found out he has never fucked anyone. No idea what his cock is like, he’s always covering it, trying to hide his boner.

Mandy is here too. 15 years older than me and married for 12 years. She’s hot with great tits. Despite her being “happily” married, it didn’t stop us fingering each other in an alleyway behind a club a few years ago…

This bus – I’ve seen pornos start like this. Honestly, work or no work this trip has the ability to turn in to a right little slut fest if I’m not careful…

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