Bi Vibes…

The first day of our work retreat in Birmingham consisted of a workshop held for over 100 people in the hotels fancy function room.

Afterwards I headed straight up to my room to get changed for some evening drinks. I opted for a fancy, very short, backless, red, silky dress and some black high heeled ankle boots. Once I was ready I headed down to the hotel bar where we all met for some drinks. It was a fun night with a fair bit of drinking, teasing and flirting going on between everyone.

Just after 10.00 most of my group headed to their rooms to prepare for our early start the next morning. I wasn’t really feeling tired, or ready to call a night on my evening so I went and sat at the bar and ordered myself a bottle of wine…

As I was getting up on to the bar stool I noticed a woman on her own, sat at the table a few metres away and she was hot! I mean, really fucking hot! Blonde hair, curvy body, great make up and from what I could see, a very sexy dress!

As I sat drinking my wine I was sure she was looking at me – you know sometimes you can just kind of tell… I slowly turned around. I was right. I smiled at her. She smiled back, then I turned around and started sipping at my wine again.

About half hour passed and she eventually walked to the bar to order a glass of red wine. I smiled at her and checked her out. “Hi I’m Kelly” she said, extending her hand for me to shake it.

“Hi, I’m Alice” I replied. “Are you here for the conference?” I asked her.
“Yeah I’m here all week, from London” she said as she blatantly checked me out.
“That’s nice. Representing Manchester here” I told her with a smile.
“Mind if I join you?” She asked pointing to the bar stool next to me.
“Of course not, please do” I answered.

As she sat down I looked at her. She was amazing. So curvy, so sexy!

We started chatting about the retreat, workshops and our jobs etc. I was pretty sure she was flirting with me, but truth be told I find it harder to read in women sometimes. Nevertheless we were having a really nice time, and getting through a considerable amount of wine…

Eventually she said to me “Can I ask, are you gay?”
I smiled. “I’m bi” I replied.
“I see you’re wearing a wedding ring” she said pointing at my left hand. “Is he here with you?”
“No he’s not here. I am married but we’re very open” I told her, raising my eyebrows slightly.

She put her hand on my knee and gently squeezed it. “I’m bi too” she said giving me the sexiest smile which left little doubt whether she was flirting with me or not.

“What about you? Married?” I asked.
“Boyfriend. He’s here with me. We work together.”
“Nice” I replied…

As the evening went on our flirting towards each other became more obvious and a lot less subtle. At one point she stroked my bare back and told me how much she loved my dress.

As she left to go to the toilet she stood up and kissed me. A lingering peck on the lips. “That was nice” I told her as she walked off. I stared at her booty as she walked away and fuck I wanted it soooo much! I was actually in two minds to follow her to the toilet – if it had been a guy I was in to I definitely would have – but I decided against it for now…

She returned and we ordered another bottle of red wine between us. As she sat next to me she placed her hand on the top of my inner thigh. She didn’t move it, but fuck it felt good. A few times I put my hand over hers and held it until I eventually I put my hand on her inner thigh, tickling her very gently with my finger tips…

Soon after we lent towards each other and kissed. A long, passionate kiss that instantly soaked my panties…

“I really want to fuck you” I whispered to her.
“Mmm I want that too” she replied “But I can’t. Not now anyway.”

“That’s a shame” I said moving my hand very slightly up her inner thigh.
“I’d love to, I really fucking want you. But my boyfriend will be up in our room now waiting for me.”

I thought for a second before smiling. I lent towards and whispered in her ear “Maybe I could fuck both of you?”

“Fuck I would love that. But he’d never go for it” she said looking really disappointed. “He gets so over jealous, and he’s as vanilla as it comes. It’s hell!” She continued “Besides I’m not sure I’d want to share you.”

We snogged again, this time our hands were on each others hips.

“How about we swap numbers and see if we can hook up during the week?”

“Sure” I said handing her my phone to put her number in. She handed me hers and I put my number in.

We finished our wine and she stood up to leave “Fuck, I don’t want to but I really have to go.”

We kissed again. Another long, sexy kiss that left me drenched, and then she walked away…

I went back to my room and I’d been in there less than ten minutes when I got a text from her “I have to see you this week! Xxxx” accompanied with a fucking hot photo of her big, sexy tits!

I immediately pulled off my dress and dropped my panties. I lay on the bed and propped the phone up on a pillow so I could see the photo. I reached to my right and pulled out a illuminous purple dildo that I had bought with me (I never travel alone). “Thank fuck I bought you” I said aloud as I grabbed it.

I spread my legs and started teasing my clit and opening with it. Staring at her perfect tits. I was soaked and the big dildo slipped inside me easily. Filling my pussy and making me gasp for air!

Once it was completely inside me I started to rub my clit with my hand while my other grabbed at my tits and played with my nipples. I was looking at the photo imagining what I wanted to do with her, and to her! God I wanted to feel those tits and grab that perfect ass!

My fingers started rubbing myself off faster and faster and within minutes I had a huge fucking orgasm that literally took my breath away!

Fuck I really hope I get to see her again…

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