First Time on the Last Night

So I’ve been home from my work retreat/workshop in Birmingham for a couple of nights now, but I wanted some time so I could write about the last night there without rushing…

We had finished our final day of workshops late on the Thursday afternoon. Afterwards we all went back to our rooms to shower etc before meeting in the hotel bar for drinks in the evening. It was a lot of fun and I think every one of us had a little too much to drink by the end of the night.

Midnight seemed to creep up really quickly and I still fancied a few more drinks, so before the bar closed I ordered a bottle of white wine to take back to my room with me. We all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I was a little gutted that I hadn’t been able to hook up on the final night but I thought it would have looked kind of rude to the rest of the group if I had just left them all.

So I had ready decided on an evening of self love… When I got back to my room I poured myself a glass of my wine and put some music on.

I got changed in to a super sexy night gown that I had bought. It’s sheer so very see through but the ruffles up the neckline and shoulders just about hide my tits. As I lay down and started to stroke the material of the gown over my naked body I became really horny and I was cursing myself for finding myself alone. I started to play a little, stroking myself gently but it just wasn’t doing it for me!

My mind kept wandering to who I could call. There was Kelly from the other night but I wasn’t sure if she was even still at the hotel, and to be honest it was cock I was craving. There was my “boss” but, as good and as hot as it is sometimes, I felt like I needed something a little more than “wham bam thank you Ma’am” so I pretty instantly decided against him. Then I thought of Elijah. A good fuck and knows exactly what I like… Unfortunately since the incident in the elevator were I had wanked him off, he had been all over me like a rash. His neediness had been a big turn off! Then I thought a little more. In truth I had known all along what I had wanted, and the booze mixed with pure horniess gave me all the ammunition I needed…

I found his number on my phone and text him. “Hi hun, fancy a drink?” Short, sweet and to the point. I received an immediate reply. “Sure, but isn’t the bar closed?” I typed back straight away “It is but I have a bottle here I could bring to your room if you like?” It was all set. He gave me his room number, so I put a black thong on under my gown, grabbed the bottle and left the room… The looks I was getting as I walked down the corridor in my skimpy gown didn’t bother me – I was a woman on a mission. A hot, sexy mission!

I got to his room and knocked on the door. The door opened and his eyes lit up as he checked me out and saw what I was wearing. “Hi Robbie” I said as I walked in to his room, the door slamming behind me.

I grabbed 2 mugs from the side (classy as always) and poured us each some wine. I then walked over and sat on the sofa at the end of the room. I patted the seat next to me as an invite and he walked over and sat next to me. We chatted a fair bit but his eyes were glued to me. Every time I tried to flirt with him he just became embarrassed and couldn’t hold himself together… I know I said I’d never sleep with him but fuck I wanted to. I couldn’t help it. I had been having super kinky dreams about him ever since I found out he was a virgin! I wanted to conquer the intern! He’s super cute in every sense of the word…

He was still no better at maintaining eye contact despite him spending a fair bit of time with me recently – his eyes constantly drifted towards my tits, and to be honest I thought it was cute and a turn on.

Then a few minutes later some words came out of my mouth and I’m not even sure where they came from, they certainly weren’t planned! I looked at him and mid conversation when he was telling me about something I blurted out “Have you ever kissed a married woman?” I shocked myself, but not as much as I shocked him! He went red again “Umm, ugh, no I haven’t” he answered. “My husband likes to share me” I whispered to him. I lent towards him and we kissed. Soft. Gentle. But really sexy. I put my hand on his lap and I felt his suit trousers move as his cock bulged under them. “You have now” I said before resuming the kissing. I ran my hand over his lap again and on to his crotch. I could tell he was rock fucking hard.

At that moment I didn’t care that he was only twenty or a virgin. I wanted his cuteness all over me. “I’m guessing you’ve never seen a naked, married woman then?” I asked him smiling. “No, no I haven’t” he said barely able to contain his excitement. I thought for a second, “Have you ever seen any naked woman in real life?” I asked. He looked embarrassed “No I’ve not. Not really” he said quietly. “Someone so handsome shouldn’t be a virgin” I said. “Would you like to hun?” He looked confused “Would I like to what?” He was tripping over all of his words. I smiled again “Would you like to see a naked woman, right here, right now, right in front of you?” It didn’t even take him a second to reply “YES!” I smiled at his eagerness, but again I just found it so cute.

I kissed him before standing up in front of him. I slowly turned around undoing the belt on my nightgown as I moved. When I had my back to him I let the gown fall off me and on to the floor. I knew he would be staring at my tiny thong so I made sure I took my time taking it off, bending slightly as I did to give him a good view of my ass and pussy. I was completely naked and I really slowly turned around to show myself to him. “Oh my god!” He said as he saw me right there in front of him. “There you go, you’ve seen one now” I told him.

I looked at him, and checked that bulge again, still twitching under his trousers. “Stand up please” I said to him. As he stood I walked over to him. Pressing my body against his and feeling his firmness. I kissed him again and got a thrill knowing that this was the first time a naked woman had been rubbing up against him. I unbuttoned his shirt as we kissed and pulled it off over his shoulders. I ran my hands over all of his chest, feeling every inch of him…

“Why don’t you take your trousers and boxers off” I whispered to him. I could feel his eyes on me, and couldn’t wait to see him naked. As he was fumbling around getting his shoes and clothes off I started running my hands over his body again.

When he was naked we kissed again. He was still staring at my tits. I smiled. “You can touch them if you want” I told him. He nervously lifted his hands up and placed them over my breasts. Rubbing them, caressing them…

I reached down to touch his cock and I was a little surprised. “You’re soft” I said to him, a little puzzled given his previous, erect state… “I’m sorry I’m really, really nervous” he said looking disappointed with himself. “That’s ok hun, just try and relax” I whispered remembering what it’s like to be with a virgin.

I kissed him again and slowly reached out my hand and gently took hold of his flaccid penis and THROB it sprang to life – as fucking hard as hard can be! “You have a really lovely dick” I told him as I stroked him as slow and gentle as I could. This sounds strange but it’s like I could tell it was virgin cock. So hard, yet smooth. Untouched…

I pulled him close, put my hand on his, lifted it and placed it back on my breast. I started stroking him ever so slightly harder and he started moaning “ahhhh ugh, huh” it was really sexy to be honest. I kissed him again before whispering in to his ear “I mean it, you have a REALLY lovely dick” before biting his ear lobe softly…

“Why don’t you sit back down” I said to him. He was so nervous he was shaking. “Just relax” I told him, trying to put him at ease. He sat back down on the sofa and his hard boner was pointing in the air. I moved over to him. “This is just sex, do you understand?”, “Yes, yes” he replied with as much enthusiasm as I think I’ve ever heard.

I slowly sat on top of him and reached in front to take hold his cock. “Are you ready?” I asked him. “Yes, yes please” – so fucking cute!

I lifted myself up slightly and as slow as I possibly could I sat back down on his cock. He felt good filling my tight cunt. When he was completely inside me I just sat there for a few moments, letting him feel it, experience it. I stared to very slowly go up and down his hard shaft “Fuck, you feel so good Robbie” I told him “You’re not a virgin anymore” I said with a smile. He smiled back then I offered him an instruction: “Put your hands on my butt Robbie” He reached around me and placed his hands on my ass. “Squeeze it Robbie” I told him. “Mmm that’s it, that feels so good!” I started riding him a little faster, still pretty slow but I was definitely getting faster – and he felt great. I was fucking soaked. “Mmm can you feel how wet you make me Robbie? Ahhhh, Ahhh fuck yes” I cried out. “This is amazing” he said to me. I went a little faster again. “Ah fuck Robbie, you feel so fucking good” I told him. I was preparing myself to ride him hard when he “Ahhhhhhhh FUCK!” and I felt his cum shoot inside my pussy, with so much fucking pressure!

I smiled. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened…” he said. I smiled again. “Sshhh it’s ok Robbie” I said to him, still sitting on him. I learnt forward and kissed him again. “You were amazing” he told me. “Ahh thank you hun” I replied. His hands were still on my ass, like he never wanted me to move again! I lent forward and kissed him again, and then – and then – I felt his cock harden inside me. It was super fucking sexy! “Oh my” I said to him with a little giggle. “You want to go again?” I asked. “I’d love to, but we don’t have to if you don’t…” I cut him off. “Sshhhh” I said as I started to rock backwards and forwards on his erection…

I knew this time I didn’t have any time to waste. “You can suck on my nipples if you’d like” He looked like all of his Christmases had come at once when he placed his mouth over my hard nipple and started to suck on it! “Ahhh fuck yes that feels so good.” I started to ride him hard, I wanted to cum and knew I was close. His tongue on my nipples was really hot, and his hands that were still on my ass were driving me wild as he started to grab at me a little! I rode up and down his long shaft as hard as I possibly could. “You’re going to make me cum Robbie” I declared. “Really?” He asked, but I didn’t have time to amuse him. I kept riding him hard, slapping down on to his lap until “Ahh fuck yes ahhhhhhh” I came, and as I slapped down onto his lap again and clenched my pussy as I orgasmed, I felt his spunk fill my pussy for the second time…

Afterwards he was still super nervous and pretty awkward but I knew he had had the time of his life… “Just sex remember” I told him firmly. “Of course, you were amazing” he replied… If there was a review system in place I’m sure he’d have given me 5 stars…

I put my gown and panties back on, kissed him and left the room… The worst part here is as I walked out of his door Elijah saw me leaving. He looked utterly shocked! But fuck it, it was worth it it!

And now I’ve fucked a twenty year old, part of me thinks, why not again…

So now I guess this has become ‘The Story of… The Intern’.

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