Photo of the Day – Caught

You caught me!
You wandered in to my room causally, like you’ve done so many times before, but this time it was different…

You caught me, lay naked on top of my bed sheets. My nipples erect, a red glow on my neck and a glistening pussy. You can tell I’ve been playing with myself. You can tell I have just cum.

You pretend you’re embarrassed. But I can see the bulge in your trousers. You want me. I fucking know it. I want you too…

I still haven’t caught my breath yet but I smile and reach out my hand. You know what I want. You unbutton your trousers and pull out your glorious cock. I want it. I need it. Come see how wet I am.

Lie on top of me and show me how you fuck. How good you are. How hard you are. How you can make me cum so much harder than I can make myself cum! Come and show me. Prove it. Fuck me with that glorious cock of yours.

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