Another Saturday – Another Party

We were both buzzing for our second invite only party, post restrictions! It was at a really exclusive, very nice, large house. The dress code was underwear only, which honestly just excited me even more!

Once we got there we went into a large room that had been set aside as changing rooms. I wore a brand new black lingerie set; a push up bra, a tiny thong, finished off with some black stockings and leopard print high heels. Wes had bought himself a new pair of white Calvin Kleins and he looked fucking amazing!

Once dressed we went in to the main room, said hello to a few people and had some drinks. I was already getting frisky and I kept on touching my husband up, playing with his perfect bulge. But I definitely had my eye on more than a few guys that were there!

When Wes left to have his fun, I walked over to two guys who were drinking wine and chatting to each other. The one had been giving me they eye since I had arrived and I was definitely interested. The guy on the left was wearing a pair of black boxers and the guy on the right – the one who had been looking at me – was wearing a lovely pair of Tommy Hilfiger, black briefs that hugged his package perfectly!

I was talking and flirting to them both for a while. They were both hot and really interesting. I did drop the hint of a threesome but I got the impression that it wasn’t something they were keen on. James (the guy in the Tommy briefs) put his hand on my waist – just flirting. I looked at him, smiled to let him know it was okay, put my hand on top of his and gently moved it down on to my booty. “That’s a great ass you have there” he told me. “Why thank you – that’s a lovely bulge” I replied nodding towards his package.

He smiled. “Want to go find a room?”
“Yeah that would be great” I took him by the hand. I gave the other guy (I can’t remember his name) a peck on the cheek and whispered to him “I’ll be back for you later.”

With James’s hand in mine I slowly walked up the huge staircase. I could feel his eyes on my butt. My stomach filled with butterflies!

We walked down the landing until we saw a bedroom door that was marked as vacant. I flipped the sign and then wandered in. It was a really beautiful room with a large bed in the middle, and really nicely lit.

I got up on to the bed and knelt up. He walked over to me and also knelt on the bed facing me. “Hi” I said smirking. “Hi” he replied before leaning and kissing me. It was such a sexy kiss as well; slow, lingering and seductive. I reached around myself and pinged my bra strap. It fell off and my tits pinged out. He didn’t hesitate in cupping them and stroking them, all whilst kissing me. I reached slightly in front of me and ran my hand down the waistband of his briefs and grabbed onto his dick. He was rock hard and I started to stroke him underneath his briefs, but fuck I was desperate to see it!

Our kissing was becoming harder and faster and his cock was throbbing in my hand. I pulled away slightly, bent right down, so my ass was in the air, and pulled his briefs down until his cock sprang out at me. Fuck me, did it look good too. Long, nice and wide and extra veiny – just how I like them! “Why hello big boy” I said as I put it in my mouth. “Ahh fuck” he gasped as I started to suck on his dick as I massaged his balls with my hand. He was so turned on his cock was literally shaking in my mouth and his balls had become extra tight. I slowed down as I didn’t want him to cum – yet…

I knelt back up and we started kissing again – my hand gently stroking his hard dick. As we kissed he lent on me so I gradually went backwards until I was lay down on my back. He followed me and was lay on top of me, his big cock pressing against my panties. I could feel myself gushing. So close, yet so far away! He knelt up and put both his hands on my panties, peeling them off in one swoop. Without hesitation he put his head between my thighs and started licking me out “Ahhhh fuck yes!” The relief and excitement was intense and instant! His tongue worked away at my clit as I grabbed and played with my own tits. I wrapped my legs around his head and the sensation of my stockings on his stubble threw me over the edge and I came hard – and very fucking loudly!

As I came I had pushed his head into my soaked pussy and when he looked up at me I could see his face was covered in my juices. “Come fuck me” I whispered to him. He lay on top of me and started kissing me again. I really fucking love it when a guy kisses me after going down on me! As we kissed, our hands were all over each other and his cock was pressing against my pussy. I wanted him so fucking much!

With the slightest movement of my hips his cock slid inside me “Ahhh fuck” I said quietly as I gasped for breath. His cock felt fucking amazing. He started to fuck me – gently at first but harder once I had asked him. “Harder baby, please.” I begged. As he fucked me he started licking my tits and biting my nipples gently, breaking away occasionally to kiss me. My hands were feeling him up – he had a really fucking lovely figure – nice and muscular. I came really quickly and I could see he was ready to burst. His moans were getting louder and more frequent and he was fucking me as hard as he could – his lovely cock sliding in and out my soaked cunt fast and hard…

“Where do you want me to cum?”
“All over me please”

This seemed to spur him on even more and after a few hard thrusts he pulled out, knelt up slightly, stroked his long cock and jizzed all over me; my pussy, my tits, and a bit even landing on my chin.

We kissed and lay there for a little while. After about ten minutes I put my underwear on and headed back downstairs to get a drink. I couldn’t see Wes anywhere so presumed (rightly) that he was still having some fun somewhere. As I drank my glass of champagne I noticed the guy from earlier (I still can’t remember his name). Deciding I wanted to keep my promise to him I waked over to him.

“Hi, remember me?” I asked.
“Fuck yes” he replied.

Within a couple of minutes we were making out on the public sofa, and it wasn’t long before I was riding his dick in front of around 8-10 people in the “watching seats”.

Fuck, it felt amazing being back at one of our parties and I already can’t wait for the next one!

That night Wes and I stayed in a really luxurious hotel and had our own drinks and fun when we got there! What a weekend it was!

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