Photo of the Day: Last Night

I’m hungover. But what a crazy night! A night that ended up with me in your bed. A night of hot, dirty fucking where we both came and came and came.

Now I’m exhausted. Exhausted and hungover. But I need you to please me. Pull back the covers, take a look at my naked body and play with my tits while you massage my pussy.

Mmm that’s it. Squeeze my tits. You found out last night how much I love that. How wet it makes me… I know it makes you hard too, and I’ll deal with that later, but for now I need you to keep feeling me up…

Make me cum again, just like you did last night…

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Last Night

  1. Alice…..your writing is so amazing. You know how to distill the extraneous parts away to leave us with lyrical simplicity. The photo, of course, is beautiful…funny how in this post, a photo is worth a thousand words…boils down to a minute read.

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