The Nude Massage…

I arrived at this beautiful spa hotel on the English Coast early yesterday afternoon.
I had decided to treat myself to a break away as I had the time booked off work but unfortunately Wes was unable to get the same time off… It’s 5 star and pure luxury!

After I had checked in I went to the bar for a light lunch and glass of wine. Whilst in there I was flicking through their leaflets and decided to book myself in for a nude, full body massage.

When it was time for my appointment, I followed their instructions and got naked, slipping in to one of their beautiful complimentary gowns. I got to the studio and knocked on the door.

An older woman let me in. “I’ll leave the room now, if you’d like to take your gown off and lie on your chest, when I get back in we’ll get started.”

As she exited the room I took my gown off and lay on my chest upon the bench.
She came back in, oiled her hands up and poured some drops on to my back. As her hands started to massage me it felt like absolute joy. So relaxing, so wonderful. My shoulders, my neck, my arms, my back and even my butt!

When her hands squeezed and massaged my butt is definitely when it felt more sexual for me. I mean I’m sure it didn’t for her, she was a true professional but it was turning me on!

After she had finished with my back she asked me to roll over on to my back. I did and as she placed some drops of oil on to my chest I knew I could be in trouble! As she began to rub it in to me I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. By the time she was massaging the top of my thighs I wanted her there and then! I wanted to just scream “fuck me please!” I was praying she would just slide a finger inside me. I knew the slightest touch would bring me to orgasm! But alas, as I said, she was a professional and she finished her job… I put my gown back on, thanked her and headed back to my room.

I lay on the bed knowing I’d have to get myself off. I video called my husband and he too was in his hotel room.
“Hi baby” he answered with. I told him what had happened before opening my gown and showing him my naked body.
“Fuck you look hot” he told me.
“Baby, I’m so horny. I want you. Show me your dick please?”
He pulled his trousers and boxers down, lay himself of on his bed and showed me his hard cock. His wonderful cock!
“Mmmm fuck, that looks so good baby” I told him as I started to run a hand over my body, which was still slippy from the oils.
“Stroke it for me please baby” I begged.
He took hold of his beautiful cock and started masturbating.
I started to play with my clit. Leaning my phone down on a pillow so I could grab at my tits too.
“You wanted her didn’t you?” He asked me stroking his member.
“Yes. So much. I wanted her to make me cum baby” I told him as I was moaning…

I looked at Wes wanking himself and as I continued to rub my clit, I could no longer hold it in “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” I screamed loudly with a massive orgasm, which took Wes over the edge! I watched as he came hard all over his gorgeous body…

I’ll definitely be having another massage…

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