Oh Captain!

Yesterday and more specifically last night was soooooooo hot!

Earlier in the day I had noticed a really beautiful outside bar on the edge of the harbour which I had made a mental note of to head to later for some drinks.

I arrived at the bar at 7.30. It was a little overcast but really muggy so I wore some tiny denim booty shorts and a tight fitting gold, crop top along with my signature high heels. When I got there I found a table near the bar and ordered myself a bottle of white wine. I was sat there drinking it watching all of the boats arrive and it honestly felt like paradise!

I’d been there an hour or so and was already on my second bottle of wine – I was feeling really relaxed and settled. I noticed a man get off a yacht and walk to the bar to order a drink. I definitely checked him out and he noticed! But he was kind enough not to say anything and he sat at the bar and drank his beer.

About half an hour later he approached me. “Excuse me Miss, I can’t help but notice you’re drinking alone and wondered if perhaps I could join you?” I smiled “Of course that would be great” I decided not to correct him and tell him it was actually ‘Mrs’. “In that case then I’ll have a bottle of champagne and two glasses please” he said to the barman.

He came and sat by me and poured us both a drink. He introduced himself. He was in his mid to late 50s, had lovely grey hair, a nice slim body and smelt fucking wonderful. He was a real silver fox! He was really wonderful. Charming, but in a fun, old school way. He’d look at me and say “You are so damn beautiful, so damn sexy.” I would always answer him “Thank you Captain.” He couldn’t take his eyes off me, and I couldn’t take mine off him. It’s not often I fall for older men, but fuck! He was so fucking sexy.”

After an hour or so of chit chat and light, playful flirting I asked him “Do you sleep on your yacht?” “I do, there’s a beautiful master bedroom downstairs.” I bit my bottom lip and looked at him. “Oh wow, that sounds lovely. I’d love to see it.” He absolutely knew I wanted him! “Well I could get us another bottle of champagne and we could head over there so I could show it you” he said to me. “Sounds perfect Captain.”

He ordered another bottle and settled up the bill. He grabbed two glasses along with the bottle and we walked over to his yacht. He helped me aboard and unlocked it, showing me the inside. It really was beautiful. Luxurious. “I’d love to see this master bedroom” I told him. “Of course, follow me” he replied, walking down some narrow stairs. The room was wonderful. So spacious. A window where you could just see under the water and mahogany wood covering the walls. He poured us a drink. We chinked our glasses and took a sip. I was fucking melting and wanted him so much. I lent and kissed him and it was perfect; slow and sexy.

I walked away from him slightly and over to the stereo. He walked to the bed and sat on the edge. I could feel his eyes on me at all times. I really slowly took my top off revealing my tiny, white bra. “Can I put some music on please?” I asked him. “You can do the hell what you want” he replied. I smiled and turned my back on him to look at his CD’s. I settled for an Aretha Franklin album and put the CD on. “Why don’t you take your clothes off?” I asked quietly. Once the music started I turned back around to him and there he was, sat on the bed naked. His body perfectly covered in a light sprinkling of grey hair. His dick looked nice as well. I was so fucking turned on by him! Everything about him was driving me wild!

I turned back around and started jiggling my booty in time with the music. I undid the button and zipper and really slowly peeled myself out of my booty shorts exposing my white, cotton panties. As my shorts fell to the floor I bent right over to show him my ass. Slowly and in time with the music I turned back around towards him, running my hands all over myself and “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” Talk about a grower! He was sat there holding one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen! And that’s not even an exaggeration. I was shocked. “Of fuck, you’re massive” I said to him. He just laughed. He knew… I moved a little closer to him and slowly removed my bra, finally releasing my tits and erect nipples. “Wow” he said reaching out to touch me…

I moved close to him. He looked up at me from the bed, put his arms around me and pulled me close – reaching up to take my nipples in his mouth. “I want you so bad” I whispered to him. I bent down and lent forward a little, reaching out for his gigantic cock. I smiled at him as I grabbed it with a firm grip… I reached to my bag and pulled a condom out “Umm I don’t think this is going to work for you” I said to him squeezing his cock. “Don’t worry I have some.” He reached back to a drawer and pulled a XL condom out. I ripped it open in my mouth and using both hands I slowly rolled it onto his magnificent cock. “Fuck” I said again as I looked at it…

I knelt up over him on the edge of the bed, pressing my tits in to his face. I reached down and took hold of his massive cock and placed it by my pussy. I slipped the tip of him inside me which instantly stretched my soaked pussy. I started to lower myself on to him, slowly and carefully taking him bit by bit. I didn’t think it was going to end. “Fuck you’re massive Captain” I told him as I lowered myself on to the final part of his dick. “Ahhh fuck” I moaned. He felt incredible, filling my pussy. I looked down at him and we started kissing as I gently rode him; up and down on his beast. He placed his hands on my booty and stroked it as I rode him. We were kissing frantically. I gently bit his bottom lip “I’m going to cum” I whispered to him. I sat up on his cock then slammed myself back down just as my orgasm crept over me “ahhhh, ahhh fuck yes Captain” I screamed as I came…

I sat still on him and we kissed again. “Lie down” he said to me. I climbed off him and lay on his luxurious bed. He lay on top of me and kissed me, before slowly lowering himself kissing my tits, my stomach, my thighs and my pubes on his way down. He reached up cupped both my tits then placed his head between my thighs and started to lick me out. And, oh fuck, could this man eat pussy! “That feels incredible” I told him as I fidgeted around the bed. As he was licking me out I actually thought to myself “This is the best pussy licking I have ever had’. It genuinely was as well! Within seconds I came all over him. “Fuck. Where did you learn how to do that?” is all I could say. He laughed, and as he was coming back up the bed to me I smiled and said “Would you mind doing that again please?” He laughed, “My pleasure Miss” and went back down on me, making me cum again almost instantly…

I felt incredible, and he moved back up the bed, kissing my body all over before reaching my lips and snogging me again. His cock entered me without effort and he started to fuck me with looooooong, slow strokes as I gently scratched his back and bit his neck. This was fucking glorious! He started to fuck me a little harder, but there was still a really sexy gentleness to it. His cock was one of the best I had ever felt and I came hard again. He looked me in the eye, kissed me and said “Can I fuck you from behind please Alice?” He really was so fucking sweet! “Of course Captain, I’d love that!”

As he pulled out of me I rolled over onto my fours, sticking my booty out towards him. He placed his hands on my thighs and his cock found my pussy without help, slipping inside me. Oh, fuck, he felt even bigger like this! He started to fuck me and I knew from his moaning he was close to cumming, I too was close but I was desperately trying to hold back, but alas as he fucked me with his massive cock I came again… “Come back on top of me” he asked. He lay on the bed and I climbed on top of him, easing his cock inside me. “This what you want Captain?” I asked looking at him. He held on to me firmly as I rocked up and down on his boner. “Yes, yes it is Alice!” He cried out.

I put my hands on his chest and rode him hard until I saw his body and face tense up. I knew it was time. I pulled away from him and went down the bed a little. I took hold of his cock with both hands, pulled his condom off and took him in my mouth – or at least, as much as I could of him. Once again his body tensed up and as I squeezed his balls I felt his cum fill my mouth. I didn’t think he was going to stop cumming! I swallowed every last drop and then licked his penis clean. When I was done I lay on top of him and we kissed again…

I ended up staying there the night. We fucked two more times and then I slept to the sound of the ocean and the gentle rock of the boat.

This morning I took his number and kissed him goodbye before walking back to my hotel to write this.

Dick Rating: 10/10

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